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Personal best's GOALS by October, 2011 (56 years old in May, 2011)
100 meter 11.9 seconds           200 meter-  23.9 seconds          400 meter-  53.9 seconds
800 meter- 1:59 minutes          1 mile-        4:48 minutes
Standing broad jump- 9 feet   Standing vertical jump- 33 inches   Soft ball throw-  200 feet

2005 Utah Summer Games-  First place in 57.01 seconds  (17th best time in America in 2005 for 50-54 years age group)
Running for personal bests at age 56 in the mile, 400 & 200 meter dashes

Jan. 1, 2006 to Jan. 14, 2012 (at the very bottom). I'll be adding entries to this 1 to 3 times per week)

Goals for 2006 and beyond include:

1- Remaining in health- and hopefully (eventually) to make a world master's record in at least one of following (100, 200, 400 meter dashes or 800 meters or the mile).
Effectively reach out to others with information on happiness and health etc. through personal interaction, lectures, my homepage and this blog.
There is some more detailed information on my happiness website (www.allabouthappiness.com )
 which discuss more specific and generally applicable ways of achieving overall happiness (especially when combined with good health)..
This blog will record my training and also contain some useful information under "Health and Diet".
This blog is updated about once a week (currently until Jan., 2012).

HEALTH AND DIET: (10 entries copied from my blog from Jan. 1, 2006 to 2010)
I should begin by telling you that I've kept myself in exceptionally good health and that I've been at my same 18 year old weight since I was 27. Although I didn't have the best eating habits when I was a child through about age 26, since then I've consistently done a 2-3 times per week, 1 hour plus exercise regiment (for almost 30 years as of August, 2011). During these past 30 years, I've also consistently tried to eat good foods and listen more and more to my body. So rather surprisingly, I actually weigh a few pounds less than I did when I was 18-19 years old at 6' 2'', 170-172 pounds. Now, my slightly lesser average weight of 167 pounds fluxes between about 164 to 170 (lower in the summer and higher in the winter). This slightly lower weight is probably due to my doing less weight training than when I was 18, and I actually have a little less body fat now too.
Since 27 years old, I have always thought of myself as being 60% of my physical age (which at 56 now makes me 33 years old). This really does seem to be quite accurate in my case as my strength and speed really haven't seemed to change that much in the past 29 years (and even jumping is about the same as I can still dunk a softball without doing any additional jump excercises and even a basketball given several weeks of jump training). If you just think of wild animals in nature-- middle aged deer, tigers, birds etc. still stay about the same weight and are still about as fast as the younger animals (although maybe expending a little less wasted energy).
I have found myself to be more and more competitive within my age group as the years go by (and with very minimal training before events). Keeping your body consistently at it's best weight and shape through good health habits pays great benefits, both immediately, and years/decades in the future. It's the ONE decision/effort in your life that you'll always be glad you did!
In the next 9 entries, I will give you a great deal of details into the "secrets" I've learned over the years for maintaining a 60% of my age body and my 18 year old weight. Just knowing some of these truths will begin to effect a real paradygm shift and change in your habits, ways of looking at food, excercise methods and your body in general.
Please go to my website at  www.allabouthappiness.com  to read these other 9 entries (and any new ones) under "Health & Diet". 
You will also gain some valuable insights into how to increase your personal happiness from the other pages. Just email me for the password on the password protected pages at japanus@msn.com  

Running and excercise blog Jan. 2006 to 2011 (present) Scroll down

Jan.2nd, 2006  I began my running year with a mile at 8.7 mph pace, about a 7 minute mile pace (my mile began at a 7.5 mile per hour (mph) pace (8 minute mile pace) which I did a few times in December.
Jan. 3rd, 4th and 6th I continued running mostly on the tread mill. I usually ran around 1.5 miles and increased my speed up to 9.4 mph pace.

Jan. 7th I ran at a 10 mph pace (6 minute mile pace) for 1.2 miles.
(I rested for a couple of days to allow my foot injury to get better)

Jan. 10th, I ran a 10 mph pace again and ran a full 1.5 miles again too (very exhausting and yes, painful).
Jan. 12th, because of a slight continued foot injury, I had to run a 9.4 mile pace today. I stuck at this 9.4 mile pace for 15 minutes (2.32 miles). It became quite exhausting/painful from a little past the 1 mile mark but I hung in to make up for the lower speed and to feel I was progressing and to make it an effective work out.

Jan. 13th-14th, I Took off 2 days to finally heal my foot injury:

Jan. 15th, I ran 1.5 miles again on the treadmill at 10 mph pace (6 minute mile pace).
Jan. 16th, I ran 1.2 miles on the treadmill at 10 mph pace.

Jan. 17th, I ran on the track. 2 easy 100 meter dashes and a 400 meter at 70 seconds.

Jan. 19th, I ran 1.65 miles on the treadmill at 10 mph. I almost quit at 1.5 miles but I hate not having actual improvement so I pushed to add the extra .15 miles.

Jan. 20th, Friday, I ran 2 easy 100 meter dashes and a 400 meter at 69 seconds. Then after about a 6 minute rest I ran close to my limit on the 800 meter at about 2:38 seconds. It was rather disappointing that I couldn't do any better than that. It was rather cold and I felt it somewhat in my lungs.

Jan. 22nd, I ran six 70- 100 meter dashes at a fairly easy pace with 2-5 minutes in between ( I ran them on the grassy soccer field as I waited for my 14 year old daughter to finish her soccer lesson).

Jan. 23rd, Monday, I ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill at a higher 10.5 mile per hour pace (about 5:48 minute mile pace). It was very tiring and I strongly wanted to stop for most of the last .7 miles. I did feel good that I had definitely made some good measurable improvement with the .5 mph increase in speed for the same 1.5 miles.

Jan. 24th, I went to the track again and ran 2 easy 100 meter dashes and a 70 second 400 meter dash (about 5 minutes between each). I then rested for 8 minutes and ran my hardest on the 800 meter (1/2 mile). My time was 2:34 seconds. It was even colder today and my lungs stung. I felt some irritation in them for about 7 hours afterwards until shortly before going to sleep at 11 PM. 

Jan. 25th: Today is my 4th day of training without taking a day off. I did my full weight and exercise training but wasn't sure how much running I should do. However, I still felt fairly good but I decided to stay at the 6 minute mile pace. I was able to run a full 2 miles and it didn't become that painful until after 1.2 miles. I really did have to push for the last 1/2 mile but it was nice adding the extra .35 miles to my former best of 1.65 miles on Jan. 19th.
I will try and run an actual track mile this Friday or Monday of next week.

Note: At the very beginning of my training center work outs (2-3 times a week) I always do about 15 minutes on the stationary bike at 80-85 revolutions per minute at level 7 and for the last 5 minutes at level 9. I also do 2 sprints at 172- 182 per minute for about 10 seconds.
After that I do some mild weight training (bench press, military press, leg ups, legs back, and shoulder dumbbell's). These are interspersed with other exercises such as toe ups, squats, squat thrusts, jumping jacks, back arches, stomach exercises, leg ups, push ups, pull ups and some self defense movements etc.
I then do minor stretching and at the end of my workout I warm up on the tread mill for about 1/2 mile and then finally do my serious treadmill running as explained above in my daily entries.
When I go to the track, I just walk a little and do a few hundred quick leg ups with a little running and then begin my actual track running (usually 100, 400 and 800 meters).

Jan. 26th-  Although I felt very good yesterday and had plenty of energy even after I played tennis in the morning, I had decided beforehand to take off the day and not do any training. By the evening I was feeling particularly good and energetic so I went out for a short walk. I was very tempted to do some running but I successfully refrained myself and just walked.
I must discipline my self to rest too. This is something I haven't been good at over the years which has always lead to me training without enough recovery period which always eventually ends up in injuries.

Today, January 27th I did my usual exercise and weight training routine at Gold's gym. After I finished, I stretched for 5 minutes and then ran on the tread mill.
I ran 1.1 miles on the treadmill at 11 miles per hour pace, my fastest yet. It became quite difficult and uncomfortable at around .7 miles but I pushed it through to 1.1 miles (my goal for today had been 1.2 miles at this pace). I was actually quite pleased because I realize that I had ran over a mile at a sub 5 and 1/2 minute pace (actually 5:27 minute mile pace). This means I have cut over 1 and 1/2 minutes off my mile since I ran a 7 minute mile pace on January 2nd (1 and 1/2 minutes in only 25 days!) 
Now I only need to cut off about another 1 minute and I'll have the master's world record for 50-54 years olds at 4:25 minutes. Obviously, this next minute will be much more difficult. However, instead of just 3 and 1/2 weeks, I now still have over 4 months to do this to make my world record goal by the end of May.
One more thing I have to verify is if I can run this same pace on the actual track as opposed to the treadmill running machine. A lot of people say it is more difficult for them to run on a treadmill than the track and that it is much more boring. However it seems to me that it might be more difficult on the track because the track isn't moving like the treadmill is. There is nothing to get bored about because the time goes quite quickly and the pain seems to set in about 2/3rds way through. Anyway, I'll find out what my actual track mile time is on Monday of next week.
Tomorrow Jan

Jan. 28th- After playing an hour of tennis I went over and ran on the Snow Canyon track. I ran two 100 meter dashes at a fairly good pace and then two 400 meters with 5 minute rest between.
I ran my first 400 in 70 seconds which seemed quite easy. Then I ran the second in 65 seconds which was fairly tiring but I felt I could do another. However, since we were going up to Brian Head for skiing today, I decided to stop after the 2nd 400.

Jan. 30th- (Saturday and Sunday we went skiing and so I had all of Sunday off from running at least). Today, Monday, I did my usual weight and exercise routine and then ran on the treadmill. I didn't want to get as tired as I had on Friday when I ran at 11 mph for 1.1 miles so I just ran until it started to get quite intense at .9 miles (at 11 mph pace). After 8 minutes I ran at a 12 mph pace (5 minute mile pace) for .52 miles. It was hard but not as hard as it was last Friday. I still felt pretty good so I decided to go to the track and run some more. First I jogged a little and did an easy 100 meter dash. Then I decided to run the mile at a fairly easy pace just to get some actual track mileage in (this is the longest I've ran on the track for a long time). I passed the finish line feeling that I could have continued the pace quite a while longer. My time wa 6:27 minutes. I will probably try and run a fairly good mile time on the track this Friday.

Jan. 31st- I went to the track again. The wind was blowing hard and I felt a little something in my right knee so I was just going to walk around and maybe do a slow jog and call it a day. As I kept walking and then jogging with the wind to my back, I began feeling better and better and my knee didn't seem like anything more than just a little superficial irritation. So I decided to use the wind to my advantage and ended up running 5 fast paced 100 meter dashes with the wind at my back. This should get my legs used to running faster than usual. 
Then I ran a 400 meter dash at 65 seconds despite the strong wind and ran another one with a high school track athlete who was also running several 400 meters. He ran our target time of 65 seconds and I was right behind him. I guess I got a little too motivated and tried to run another 400 with him about 5 minutes later- However, at about the 250 meter mark I could tell my legs were too tired so I stopped. Anyway, I did get in a good workout and I feel fine now- about 3 hours later (actually, Kaori and I have been walking all around the area calling out and looking for our lost cockatiel). A 10 year old called us and said that he had seen our bird after school yesterday. This gave us some hope. An older gentlemen in that general area showed us around and allowed us to walk back through the common areas looking for our bird too.

FEB.1st, 2006-
Today I did my usual lighter Wednesday exercise workout at the gym (very little upper body workout). Then I ran on the treadmill. My goal today was to run at a 10 mph (6 minute mile pace) for as long as possible with the eventual goal of running at least a 5k (3.2 miles) at this pace. Then I will consider it just jogging pace as I don't plan on running more than about 2-3 miles for endurance as that should be plenty for the mile let alone the 400 and 800 meter races. I believe in running less miles and more intense shorter workouts to get the legs used to a faster pace and to insure effective stimulation.
I ran for 2.33 miles at 6 minute mile pace. It tired me out but I was soon refreshed enough that I went to the track and ran another mile at a pace I felt was easy, 6:09 minutes. This gave me some actual ground running workout and confidence that I could at least run a mile about 20-30 seconds faster than this if I were pushing it. More and more now as the weather gets better and my legs get stronger I will be doing most of my running on the track. Although I feel I could run again tomorrow, I will rest and train again on Friday.

Health and diet- (Feb. 2)

I think it might be helpful for many of you if I discussed a little about "diets" and listening to our bodies.

First of all, let me say, that although I may spent time with things that were a waste of time, the one wise decision I made at age 27 was to make my health my number one priority (you only get "one car" in this life-- you can't "trade it in"). I am 6' 2'', aprox. 170 pounds, and I have kept this same 18 year old weight since I was 27 years old and thourally committed to making health my number one priority NO MATTER WHAT (work included). As the years go by, it becomes more and more obvious that this was the wisest decision I ever made!

Many experts claim that we naturally gain weight little by little as we age after about our twenties. I and a number of other health conscious people are proving this to be false. If we listen to our body's signal about when we're actually hungry and when we're full our body will naturally keep us at about our same, best weight (animals in nature don't gain more weight just because they get older).
Of course, this is much more true when the food we are eating is healthy- and the closer to organic the better because non-organic food has many chemical additives and even pesticides on the vegetables etc. that dull our body's signals and functions. Especially this is true with almost all processed foods, many of which not only have unhealthy chemicals in them but actually have additives that unnaturally INCREASE ones appetite. So I strongly recommend that you at least get yourself on a level playing field by eating foods that don't have these unnatural and harmful even appetite inducing chemicals in them.
So many people "live to eat, rather than eating to live". I too, enjoy eating and infact I never feel like I'm am sacrificing. I always eat until I'm full and always go away feeling completely satisfied. I never think about food until I'm hungry and I never think about it after I'm full. This is the way it is in nature with animals too. They don't obsess and think about food when their not hungry and after they're full.
My body has learned to feel completely satisfied when it gets to a certain fullness, but I thourally enjoy my food when I'm eating it; infact I probably can taste and enjoy subtle differences and flavors much more than the average person. I can also get the full enjoyment and taste sensation and satisfaction out of much less salad dressing, lesser sweets etc.
Concerning diets, noone ever loses weight permanently when they're on a "diet". As long as they feel they are on a diet they will feel they are sacrificing and at some point they will tire and give up. Then they usually not only gain back the original weight but add a little on top of that as well. A person MUST change their way of thinking about food. They must rewire their software. More on this later.
For now I'll just give you a few little helps in starting to eat less food until your mind and body are trained to where it becomes automatic and natural.
Of course, you can drink more water during your meal to feel fullness, but  I believe the better way (and better for the digestive juices to not get too diluted) is to eat a lot of filling and low calorie vegetables at first. Then you can go to your main course and eat until your full. Also, eating with smaller plates and even smaller eating utensils can be very helpful. That way you eat smaller portions but can feel that you are eating a lot more especially since you can even go back for a small second and still be eating less than you normally would have (of course, you can also just choose to put smaller portions on a large plate too if that works for you).
Also strategically placing just small amounts of butter or small amounts of salad dressings etc. on your foods is helpful. Your taste buds can only taste so much of these richer dressings etc. at one time anyway- and so about 1/2 or even 1/4 of your usual amount can still actually give you the same taste sensation. THINK before you take your portions and don't do things so automatically. "If you do the same things you will get the same results". On deserts you obviously will want to take even smaller portions with a small fork or spoon. Then really savor every bite. Tell yourself you can go back for seconds- which you may do, but you may also choose not too. Try to never feel like you are really sacrificing. Enjoy the process of really making your body healthy and sensitizing your dulled body signals. Think how happy your body and you will be. More in the weeks to come. 

FEB. 3rd- I was quite surprised to find out that my 57.06 seconds 400 meter time in the Utah Summer Games this past June was good enough to put me in the top 25 times for 2005 in the USA Master's rankings in the 400 meter dash (my time actually ranks me number 17- see www.masters rankings.com ).  My 25.6 second hand timed 200 meter dash at last summer's Mesquite Summer games also placed me in the top 25 times for 2005. (These were the only 2 races I ran last year).
I rested yesterday and went to the training center today. After my usual exercise I warmed up a little on the treadmill and then I went out and ran on the Snow Canyon track. Today I ran the 800 meter (1/2 mile) in 2:26 minutes which gave me confidence that I should be able to run the mile on the track fairly close to my treadmill mile of 5:27. Also I think I'll be running the 800 meter under 2:18 within a couple of weeks because it really wasn't that difficult (this would be within the top 25  800 meter times for 2005). The typical yearly top 25 times for these races seem very easy to me as are the "American standards" for each distance which are usually around about the 20th to 25th place times. When I say easy, I of course, realize that these times would be impossible for someone who hadn't done some fairly serious training. However, with the condition I usually keep myself in all the time anyway, it seems it should only take me about 6 or 7 weeks from starting my running to qualify for the American Standard and top 20 or so in all of the races (400 meters, 800 meters, 1,500 meters and the mile...200 meters too). I'm in my 5th week of training now since I began somewhat in earnest on January 2nd. We'll soon see whether my feeling/estimate on reaching these times is accurate or not (I'm 32 days - 4 and 1/2 weeks into my running today).

Today, about 15 minutes after running the 800 meter at 2:26, I decided to run a 400 meter which I ran in 62 seconds. I  felt like I maybe could have ran a slow mile after resting but decided to call it a day. I may time myself in the mile tomorrow and then run another slower mile or 2 mile after that.

FEB. 4th-  Today I ran a mile with the intent of just getting a little more confidence on my actual track mile time by pushing it down 20 or 30 seconds faster than the easy 6:09 I did Feb. 1st but still not run my hardest- and then I planned on running some more mileage after that. Since I had already ran yesterday too, I knew I wouldn't be completely fresh but still should be able to run at least a 5:49 or a little better and then run about a 7 minute mile pace for 2 miles or so after for a little endurance and just getting my legs used to solid ground running.
As it turned out, it was a little colder than I had wanted (the air still seems to hurt my lungs a little when I push and it's under about 60 degrees). Today was around 55 degrees when I ran. Anyway, I ran a 5:36 mile (the last 400 meters was in 78 seconds which showed I had plenty left and could have ran a faster overall time).  My legs felt fine but the cold did kind of irritate my lungs again so I decided not to do anymore distance work after. However, I did run two fair paced 100 meter dashes (I always just build up and run into them). This hardly even winds me and so it seemed fine.
It's now 2 hours after I ran and I have plenty of energy and my lungs seem fine too, but just to be safe I'll hold off and run refreshed on Monday. Probably run 6 minute mile pace for 15 minutes or longer (2 and 1/2 miles) to try and feel more and more that a 6 minute mile  pace is just a jogging pace OR since I should be fresh on Monday, I may try the mile again to get it down to at least below the 5:27 I've been running on the treadmill. We'll see how it goes. I kind of play my training schedule by ear to some extent and usually have at least 1 or 2 other alternate plans.
Oh, this is non-running, non-health or diet but I'll mention it for fun anyway-- today I was asked by my daughter, Shanon's city league basketball coach if I could finish coaching the last 3 games as he had to be out of town on an extended trip. This will be my first experience coaching basketball (or anything for that matter) but it should be interesting. I'd like to get some practices in for the kids so I can have them work on a few things I think will make a significant difference in their game. So far our team has lost 4 out of the 5 games played and the one they won was by forfeit (although they actually might have beat that particular team anyway). So it would be kind of fun to get them to win at least 1 of these last 3 games- although I guess the most important thing is that they enjoy it and improve some of their skills and team work. We'll work on that at our practice next week (so far they haven't had any practices together- and it may be more difficult than I'm thinking to actually get them all to come.?). We shall see.

FEB. 6th- Today I ran on the treadmill at Gold's gym again. Instead of doing my whole exercise workout first I just did 15 minutes of warm up on the stationary bicycle, stretch and a little more warm up. Then I ran at full speed (12 mph- 5 minute mile pace) for as far as I could. I made it to .75 miles this time. Just another .25 miles and I'll have ran a 5 minute mile. This gave me confidence that I should be able to do that within 3 if not 2 weeks from now. After resting for 15 minutes I ran 1.85 miles at 10 mph (6 minute mile pace). Although I didn't run as far at this pace, it was about the same difficulty it had been when I pushed and ran 2.33 miles on Feb. 1st. However, I chose not to push quite that hard as the .75 miles had been just a little bit harsh on my lungs- but they're fine. I felt quite good about the 6 minute pace because after about 1/2 mile my legs were feeling kind of sluggish and tired from the tough 12 mph run. However, after about a mile they kind of settled in and got used to the pace which indicates that it isn't a fast pace for my legs and that they can actually relax enough at that pace to work out the tired feeling. It's getting closer to becoming my quick jogging pace.
After that, I finished my usual workout. It's now 9 PM and I feel fine. I'll be running on the track tomorrow. Probably some sprints and 3 or 4- 400 meter dashes. If I feel good enough, I hope to run one of them hard and break the 60 second mark.

HEALTH and DIET- (Feb. 6) 
I realized today that there are probably a lot of things that I probably take for granted with my normal health state that may not be normal for others. For example, most people think that one bowel movement per day is normal (I used to believe that too and occasionally even went 2 days). However, for the last number of years with all of the vegetables, fruits and grains we eat, 2 bowel movements in the morning are the norm and sometimes an additional one later in the day. This is the way the body was designed to function. Also, I remember a number of years ago, back in my late teens and early twenties when I wasn't that health conscious, I used to always get very tired after meals and other times during the day. Since my late twenties and increasingly through my 30's until now, I seldom ever get tired during the day at all. My energy level is almost constantly at a good level. I haven't had a flue or fever for many years now and it's been several years since I had a real cold (I occasionally start to get a cold, maybe once or twice a year, but it doesn't catch, and at very worst only last a day or two).
I hear that many people can't sleep more than 4- 6 hours a night. I always try to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep- and often 8 to 8.5 hours when I have time. Some experts say about 8 and 1/2 hours of sleep a night is ideal (I know when I don't have any deadlines, my body usually sleeps for about 8.5 hours). Like many of you, I can get by on 7 hours for quite a long while and even 6 hours for a few days when necessary- maybe I could even force my body to get used to that, but it's not natural for a healthy person that's sensitive to their bodily signals and needs- and there is probably some damage to the body.
Anyway, maybe you can compare yourself to the above to see which areas you might need improvement in. More later.

FEB. 8th- 
As mentioned above, I had planned on running yesterday but I became a little too busy and by the time I got out to the track it was 5:45 PM and starting to get cool. I wasn't going to have enough time to warm up sufficiently either. So I just ended up walking, jogging and finally doing some rather slow 80 meter or so runs.
Today, I went to the track again and ran 6 minute mile pace for 1 and 1/2 miles. It felt ok and I could have pushed a little longer but that was the longest I've ran on the ground/track (non treadmill) and I could tell it was tiring me a little more than the treadmill. I rested about 12 minutes and then ran 800 meters in 2:24. It felt fairly smooth and wasn't really my hardest (my lungs felt ok too). I feel fairly confident that if I ran it just after warm up in a fresh condition and pushed hard, that I could run a 2:19. I will try and do that within a week. About 10 minutes later I decided to run a 400 meter. I ran it in 62.5 seconds.
Note, I held the first practice for my daughter's girls city league basketball team yesterday but the reality of getting at least 6 of the girls to practice was much different than I expected- only 2 showed up, and one was my daughter Shanon. We had our first game with me as the coach tonight and we lost again as usual and any positives from suggestions I gave them were probably more than reversed by basic things I forgot to tell them- such as only telling them to stay on their man and forgetting to assign them actual positions).
I offered to hold another practice for the kids this Saturday at 3 PM but I told them I would only do it if I could get a commitment from at least 6 of them. Seven said they would come. We'll see. 
I had thought that coaching would be somewhat similar to business consulting or counseling where you basically just point out the problems and give solutions on how to improve etc. It doesn't really work out like that. Just trying to remember everyones names and the substitutions etc. is difficult especially when at the same time your trying to get them to implement your advise and also trying to figure out how to direct them as they're playing as well. Experience is usually the best teacher. So I assume I'll do somewhat better next week. Business consulting and just giving advise is much easier.

FEB. 10th-  Today I warmed up and stretched at home and then went out to Snow Canyon's track to run about 1:30 PM. I had thought about trying for my best time in the 800 meter today, but I didn't feel quite that energetic and up about it. So I decided to do the same workout I did on Wednesday. I actually ran just a little more (1.6 miles) at the 6 minute pace to make me feel like I had done a little more and I think it might have felt a little easier.. or at least I chose to think so. Then I rested about the same 12 minutes or so, as before and ran the 800 meter. It was just the same at 2:24. My legs felt a little sluggish, so I waited about 18 minutes until I ran the 400 meter. I ran it in 63 seconds, slightly slower than on Wednesday. I was a little disappointed about todays performance but for some reason, my energy level just wasn't quite as high as Wednesday. 
Afterwards, at home, I did my regular workout minus a couple of machines and weights I usually do because Gold's Gym was arbitrarily closed (the doors were chained and a sign said 'Closed until further notice'. Pretty poor business practice!).
Interestingly, towards the end of my workout my energy level seemed a little higher and my legs started feeling more relaxed. I then took Shanon to practice basketball at the park for about 30 minutes. Sometimes, oftentimes? my body seems to kick into geer after I've exercised and or ran for quite a while. It seems I often do my best after a very long and somewhat hard warm up... and I know I run better later in the afternoon or evening- especially is this true of my sprinting. 

FEB. 11th-  Today I didn't get to track until 5:15. I warmed up a little (I had also just finished coaching and playing a little basketball with the 8th and 9th grade girls I'm coaching- so I was somewhat warmed up). I found that the muscles and jumping in basketball are somewhat different than running and I felt a little tight so I stretched a little again (I had done my usual stretching just before going to basketball).
Then I ran a 80% 100 meter dash and a few minutes later I ran a slow and easy 400 meters at 72 seconds. After about a 6 minute rest I ran a hard 400 meter but only ran 62.5 seconds again (a little disappointing). I think I need to start wearing spikes- in fact, spikes should lower each lap I do from 1-2 seconds. 
After a 6 minute rest I ran the 400 meters again at 70.5 seconds. Then after 3 minutes rest I ran a 100 meter at about 90% effort. I'm looking forward to having people to run with/against with the high school track team. That should bring me a little more energy and adrenalin that I feel I need now.

Note: Whereas at the last basketball practice I held for Shanon's team only 2 came when 7 said they wanted to, this time all 7 of the 7 came who gave me a commitment. I think it helped that I called everyone back and left a message that I would be having a former high school basketball star who had been offered a full right scholarship to UNLV helping us. She helped a lot and we were able to have a very productive and enjoyable hour practice. I think the practice made up for my lack of experience and less than sterling performance in my debut as coach last Wednesday (they all seemed appreciative or at least satisfied). Hope our games on Wednesday and Thursday night go well. At least I feel like the girls really learned something today. So win or lose, hopefully they'll be able to use some of it in the games.

-    As usual, I rested yesterday, Sunday, after my 2 days of workout on Friday and Saturday (basically, I try to run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).
Today, Monday, I ran on the track again and I got permission from the track coach to run with the team. They did some weight training which I didn't participate in (although I did my own later in the evening). They just ran some easy running form drills back and forth several times (about 20-30 meters) and then they ran 2- 800 meters. I just ran the first in slow jogging time of 2:58 and then tried to keep up with them on the 2nd one which I ran in 2:29. This was good enough for 5th and I actually had been boxed in for a while which lost me a few seconds because over 15 kids ran at once. However, I assume that maybe half of them were short distance runners, so 5th doesn't mean much- not that I'm really running for places anyway. I just want to get my times down, but running with others does add a little bit of the competitiveness which is good for motivation.
I also ran a two 100 meter dashes and a slow mile (6:05) by myself.
I'm not sure if I'll be running with them 3 days (Mon. Wed. & Fri.) or 4 days a week (Mon. Tue. Wed. & Fri.). Probably try every day this week just so I can be more sure where I'm at and what kind of workouts they're doing etc.

FEB. 14th &15th-   On Tues. the 14th, I got a little busy last minute and decided to just do a little easy distance running. I started out running on our own treadmill but it broke after just a quarter of a mile. So I ran 4 times around our condominium complex which is about .55 miles a round. I ran the aprox. 2.2 miles in 13:55 minutes. I could have ran another 1/2 mile or so but that seemed about right.

On Feb.15th (Wed.) I ran over at the high school track again. I was going to run with the students but they were only running 6 laps (1 and 1/2 miles) which is basically what I did yesterday and I wanted to do some more speed type work. So I ran 2- 100 meter dashes, 1- 200 meter and 3- 400 meters (71 seconds, 65 seconds and 71 seconds). There was quite a wind today and it definitely seemed to make at least a 2 second difference. I noticed this especially on the 65 second 400 meters that I was trying to run in at least 62.5 seconds like I had before. Although energy wise, I felt about as good as before, I really feel like it was the wind coming down the last 150 meters or so that slowed me down. That really makes me wonder if I couldn't have cut a couple seconds off my 57:06 time in the Utah Summer Games which really had a strong wind down the back stretch. One might think that it would equal out with the wind being in your favor the first half and against you the last half, but maybe because of the way it messes up your rhythm, timing and makes the always difficult last 100 meters that much worse, it seems to worsen the overall time.
Note: I coached Shanon's basketball team last night and we were able to incorporate the zone defense we worked on in practice. We did very well with those who came to practice and knew the zone (we were only down by about 2 points for the first 10 minutes or so with those players in) however we kind of lost ground with the man to man and our typical poor passing later on and we lost 34 to 19. However, the good news is- we lost by about 35-40? points to this team last time and only actually made 8 points plus a 2 point give me for a violation. So we drastically improved. I think with another practice and everyone implementing what we learned that we might have made it a pretty close game. Our last game of the season will be tomorrow night with a team that only beat us by about 14 points before. So I think we have a pretty good chance. Also the fact that several of our players (including Shanon) actually made the Junior High basketballs 8th grade teams border league should give the kids a little more of a sense of responsibility/confidence in really wanting to win this last game. We'll see.

FEB. 17th & 18th-  
I rested on Feb. 16th (Thursday as usual). Note: Also on Thursday night, our girls basketball team lost again by 15 points but I found out that this team had also been a team that had beat us by over 30 points before not just 15 as I had supposed. So we did do a lot better. On top of that we didn't have our main scorer who recently had been scoring well over 1/2 our points. And we actually kept them to just 4 points for about the first 10 minutes where we were ahead 8 to 4 when we had our team out that had practiced and used our zone defense. Things kind of fell apart with the other players and the man to man (also I should have called some time outs...lack of experience). Anyway, all and all, despite considerable mistakes, we definitely made a lot of improvement these past 2 games and thus ends my first short coaching experience.
On Friday the 17th I went to the track to run with the High school team but today they just went out and apparently did some running on the road and a grassy area. I want to stick more to the track and shorter workouts. So I ran by myself. I should mention that I got to the track a little late and thinking I needed to run with them soon, I started my running warm ups without the usual 1 lap jog and stretching. My right thigh felt quite tight and maybe even a slight bit pulled after running a little so I held back a little on what I planned to do. Even so, I ran 2 miles in 12:21 minutes and ran an easy 100 meter and 2- 400 meters at 71 seconds and 69 seconds with just a 3 minute rest between. That evening I had planned on doing the super drills tennis but I ended up passing to make sure my thigh muscle was fully recovered from what seemed to be a slight pull.
Today, Saturday, Feb. 18th, I played some tennis for a little over an hour and then just did a mile run on the tread mill at 6 minute pace (I passed on my usual exercise/weight training workout because of my leg and fatigue). My leg feels pretty much ok but my body overall seems to have a little remaining fatigue so even the 1 mile seemed rather difficult. I'll be sure to get to sleep rather early tonight and get at least 9 hours of sleep too.

FEB. 20th & 21st-   
Yesterday, Monday, the 20th was President's day so I didn't go to the track to run with the high school team. I ran on the treadmill and did my usual exercise and weight training routine.
I felt very good before trying to run at the highest speed of 12 mph (5 minute mile speed) and I really thought I might get close to running a whole mile at that pace because over a week ago I had ran .75 miles at that pace and my legs felt even perkier and of course an additional week of training under my belt. However, when I actually ran it I was only able to run .7 miles. I ran 1.1 miles at 6 minute pace about 15 minutes later and that was rather difficult too. I'm not really sure why I didn't run better- maybe it was because I've been used to running later in the day- but I still wouldn't have thought it would make that much difference.
Today, Tuesday, the 21st, I went to run with the team but the best runners were doing a weight training routine and the one good one that was there had already ran a 6 AM workout and was just going to jog a few miles. Anyway, I warmed up fairly well and tried to run my best at the 800 meters and was extremely disappointed to find my time at only 75 seconds after the first lap and it didn't feel like I was going to be able to run the 2nd lap much faster. With this realization and wondering why!? I felt mentally very heavy and the running became very difficult towards the last 150 meters to where I just stopped in the middle of the run- very rare and uncharacteristic of me but I was just so disappointed and felt so tired and was really wondering if I was actually any good at the middle distances. I decided/concluded again, that maybe the middle distances weren't my best races and frankly, I really do like the shorter sprints more and my limited training and experience with the shorter sprints has shown me that my legs respond very well to that type of training (at least for as long as I'm able to avoid injuries). When I was 41 years old, I did get my 400 meter time down to 54.2 seconds after just about 6 weeks of serious training and even more unusually, just a week before I was actually able to run a 37.5 second 300 meters in a seriously timed personal session with the track coach (this was after just 5 weeks of training which should have equated to at least 2 seconds faster on my 400 meter time at that track meet). Soon after that I injured my legs which has always been the case for the past 20 some odd years (I've never gotten past about 6 weeks of serious training without injurying myself so I've never really known what I was capable and that is why I'm trying to be so careful this time). I also ran a 6.3 second 50 meter dash from a standing start and with a pulled thigh muscle in a casual track meet with a runners club in Tokyo. I took first place and I was at least several years older than all of the other runners at 41 years old of age. So I do feel that my legs are more fast twitch than endurance slow twitch muscles.
Anyway, today, I ended up running an additional 400 meters at a very slow 79 seconds and then I ran about 5- 100 meter sprints at a fairly good pace. I really do seem to be better at the shorter distances and they are so much more enjoyable. I guess what I'm going to do now for my motivation is to work on my sprints while continue to do some base endurance running which I had been missing in my training before and which should now be giving me a good base as I do the shorter distances. Maybe now I won't get so many injuries if I continue to run 2-3 miles a few times a week. 
Like before, I do think that just getting my legs used to the quicker running will automatically increase my times in the longer distances as well because my legs will be used to the faster running and the slower running just won't take as much effort and will seem relatively easy. I know from my experience back when I was 41 that increasing speed even without any endurance training automatically seems to increase the longer times. When I was 41 I practiced for a while with the Weber State University team and only worked on my 400 meter run. One easy day after we had done a little jogging I just decided to try an 800 meter to see what my time was. I was surprised that I was able to run it at 2:10 even in practice which was also the best time I had ran when I was in my early 30's running earnestly with another runner after having worked out several weeks for the middle distances. That same week I also ran the 1,500 meters in 4:30.
Anyway, I think I will go back to working on my speed and first try and get my 200 meter and 400 meter times down as low as possible and then go on to the longer distances.

FEB. 22nd-   Today I did the super drills tennis for 1 hour (fairly intensive) and then went to the training center and did a light workout and ran 1.7 miles at 6 minute pace. That's it....I'll rest tomorrow and hope for a more inspiring and impressive workout on Friday.

FEB. 25th-   
On Feb. 23rd, I did rest from running but I played tennis for 1 and 1/2 hours, half the time with someone a lot better than me, so I did a lot of darting and running around and with my overly wide tennis shoes I ended up getting a very large blood blister covering the bottom of my large toe. So with that and my knee also feeling just a little iffy, I opted out of any training on Friday.
Saturday, Feb. 25th I ran a 800 meters in 2:21 seconds and about 10 minutes later I ran a 400 meter, with a high school runner, in 61.5 seconds. My feet did hurt somewhat- especially since I was using my lighter shoes which I haven't used for 2 years and they are definitely too small. I plan to replace these shoes and also get some new spiked shoes as the ones I have now are also too small (I used to always buy them small as I thought the snug fit helped, but it seems to hurt my feet more now than before).
After running we trained at the Results training center. I did my usual routine.
Note: My 14 year old daughter Shanon also started running today in preparation for the track season and to generally get in better shape for basketball and tennis etc. She ran a 400 meter in 79 seconds and a 14.4 second 100 meter dash.

FEB. 27th-   
Today, I ran with the high school track team. I ran 3- 400 meters (70 seconds, 67 and 66 and only about 4 minutes apart). I also ran 2- 200 meters (didn't time but probably under 30 seconds). My legs felt quite tight on the last 2- 200s and I wondered if maybe I was getting a little shinsplints and slightly pulled muscle but after I did a light work out at the Green Valley Tennis' gym and some more leg exercises, my legs started feeling more loose and they now feel fine. Today, I started doing a little bit of jumping too (I also called some speed and jumping coaches). I think improving my jumping can also improve my running.
At any rate, I would really like to be able to stuff a basketball two handed rather than only being able to maybe 1 handedly stuff a tennis or softball on a good day now. (Now on an average day I can do a standing vertical jump and touch the rim or on a good day a couple inches higher. I reach about 8 feet, so my vertical is 24-26 inches at this time- goal would be to do 30-32 inches where I could do a stationary standing vertical jump and stuff a volley ball or basketball if I can hold on to it with one hand- and easily do a 2 handed dunk with a running jump). 3 years ago on my best day, I was able to jump about 5-6 inches over the rim standing vertical and that same day I dunked the basketball from a shot above the rim from our Japanese friends' kids-about 10 inches above the rim. It sure was fun and felt good.
(Interestingly, my best jump ever was back when I was in my early 40's when I ran and jumped a full foot above the rim and stuffed a volley ball a couple of times because it's hard for me to palm a basketball. This was better than I had ever done even when I was young.)

FEB. 28th-  
Today I decided to just run on the treadmill in order to be a little easy on my legs after yesterdays workout. I did feel a little bit a stiffness or pull? in my left calf and shin but I just ran a 6 minute mile pace and it seemed to be ok (I ran 2.1 miles at 10mph- 6 minute pace). As of this evening my legs felt pretty good so I think my judgment and that amount of running was ok.

MARCH 1st & 3rd-    
On March 1st, Wednesday, I ran 2 and 1/2- 400 meter dashes with the high school team (70 seconds and 67 seconds). I had felt fine except for what seemed to be a remaining slight pull in my left calf but all of the sudden my back tightened up on the 3rd 400 so I just decided to call it a day (may have been from all of the twisting and running in and out? as I was passing some of the large group we were running in).
I rested on Thursday.
March 3rd, Friday, I ran with the team again. I got there a little late and didn't really have enough time to warm up properly. Even so, I was disappointed with my mile time which was equivalent to about a 5:26 (actual time was 5:30 but I had to run with about 14 guys and girls and started the farthest out in the 7th lane and then actually had to run around a couple of groups of girls that I ended up lapping). Also I had to run the first lap faster than I wanted, 73 seconds in order to run in the first lane. I'm sure I would have ran at least a 5:26 or better if the conditions would have been more normal-even so, a disappointing time for me today. Anyway, it did wind me sufficiently and kind of irritated my lungs. They also ran the 100 meter dash about 10 minutes later and I ran with a group of 3 other guys. Although I still didn't feel completely recovered from the mile and I was the only one who didn't use starting blocks, I still ran fast and came in a close 2nd. It was unusually fast for me in an actual timed race as I have almost always felt tight when running 100 meter dashes in competition, usually held in the morning, except 9 years ago in the evening race I ran when I did a 50 meter dash from a standing start in a relatively easy 6.3 seconds).... Although the mile definitely tired me out it also must have loosened me up well- and although I wasn't explosive and initial was rather gradual, it really felt quite easy and rather smooth and I gained on and finally passed the 3rd and 4th place guys almost catching up with first place. (The reason my initial exceleration is comparatively slow is certainly because of the fact I always slowly run into my 100's in practice and haven't done any starts and quick exceleration practice at all this year). Another thing I noticed is I wasn't tired at all even at the end of the race and felt I could have continued that pace for another 20 or 30 meters. This tells me that I should be able to run it faster and that my distance work is maybe helping out a little too. It also gives me a little confidence that I may be able to carry out a pretty fast pace for the 200 meter.
Anyway, I was really looking forward to hearing my time when I heard the coach say they had not been able to time the race. So I don't know what my actual time was. The 3 guys I had ran the 100 meter dash with decided they would run it again after everyone else had ran the 400 meters as they wanted to be fresh. I decided to run the 400 meter dash and ran it in 61 seconds. Then I just told the coach that my legs were pretty well shot and that I would just guesstimate what my time might have been by placing myself right after the first place guys' time like I was when I ran with them at first (Actually their times may have been a little faster the first race we ran as they were all using starting blocks. For the second race the starting blocks had already been put away and they all ran from a standing start). Anyway, their times were: 1st- 11.8 seconds, 2nd- 12.2 and 3rd- 12.8 seconds. According to that my guesstimate that would have put me around a 11.9 or 12 seconds or possible even .2 or .3 seconds faster because this time they had run without the blocks.
Now, I must tell you that at the last minute as they were just ready to start, I got in the outer lane to just kind of run along with them and I missed the start by over a half a second and I could tell my legs were definitely not running very fast- as a result I came in at 13.2 seconds which of course is not at all close to what I must have run the first 100. So I'm going to just stick with my first guesstimate for now and then prove it later when we do 100's again. I really do enjoy these shorter races better and I think I can run it even a lot faster than I did today. The mile really was quite miserable for me today and I'm thinking more and more of concentrating on the faster races including the 100 meter dash....this should also help me in my quest for the 400 meter record and I might seriously try for the 200 meter record too if my legs respond well to the speed training (it'd be fun to be kind of a Michael Johnson of the masters....dream on- but something to motivate me anyway).
If I want to be good in the 100 meter too, I will definitely have to start working with the starting blocks and explosive starts etc....not sure if I want to spend that much time there and I can probably get away with a little less of that with the 200 meter and even less with the 400 meter. We'll see how it goes.

MARCH 6th-    
I decided not to run on Saturday, March 4th because my lungs had been irritated more than I thought from running hard on Friday. I actually had some congestion down in my lungs like bronchitis and had to cough up flem Friday night and through Saturday- I even didn't feel to good Saturday morning and early afternoon. So I took a 2 hour nap continued eating good foods and had some garlic. By about 7 PM Saturday night I was completely over it and the flem color had become clear again and all coughing stopped. It just further convinced me that I'm going to concentrate more on the short distances until my legs get faster and strong enough that the longer distances truly seem like a jog. It also showed me again that I am capable of pushing too far and that I need to listen more to pain.
Sunday, I felt great and I went to the training center (Golds Gym was reopened) and did a full workout and even a little more than I usually do. My legs felt great and I had a very good energy level.
March 6th, Monday, I ran with the high school track team again. I ran 3- 400 meters, a 200 meter and 2 laps sprinting on the 100 meter straightaways. I also ran a couple more 100 meters. I felt fairly quick and I easily passed up a high school guy I kind of ran with for a few straightaways. He seemed fairly quick but I really don't know because we weren't timing it. It was rather enjoyable and I feel great now too. However, I'll probably just run 2-3 miles tomorrow on the treadmill at around a 6 minute pace so I can be fairly fresh for the workout with the team on Wednesday. Also, we finally got our jumping machine set up in the house and we'll start using it to help on speed and starts.

A little anecdote: Because my 14 year old daughter had been talking about wanting to cut down on food and lose a little weight although she really doesn't need to, I recommended that she just cut out deserts until she was fully grown (another 6 months or so- at 15 years?). She already does much better than most teenagers. (This recommendation also has to do with the fact that we've always taught her that the healthier you can eat while your body is being formed during adolescents, the better body/car you will have for the rest of your life).
Anyway, I had forgotten about it and she mentioned that she wanted to buy some Krispy Kreme donuts (a dozen variety pack because it had a couple of the types she wanted). I kind of reluctantly bought it and then started looking forward to trying 1 or 2 of them (we usually end up throwing away about 1/2 of the sweets we buy anyway- sometimes it's just nice to buy some sweets and feel satisfied and then just throw the rest away). However, as we walked to the car, Shanon remembered her apparent commitment on cutting out almost all sweets until 15 and asked me if I would just throw them away. My first reaction was no, we just bought them. Then she said "I'll pay you $10 to just throw them away". I then told her I thought that was good that she now didn't want to eat them and I had a good idea to just give a couple to Shanon's grandparents and I'd eat 2 and then Shanon would only have to pay $5 as the dozen donuts only cost $7.43. However, Shanon insisted I just throw them away as she knew it would bother her knowing everyone was eating them. I then said, OK, good idea and I guess it would be better not to give out unnecessary sweets to our loved ones anyway. We agreed and I threw them away and Shanon paid the $10- so I told her for fun I'd use the extra $2.57 to pay her or someone else in the family not to eat sweets when they were eating more than they really wanted to.
In the above type of situation, most people would think "what a waste" and would certainly eat a few donuts themselves and give the rest to others- which is fine I guess. But it is an equally good or better option to just throw them away if you decide you can do with out--- and why give unnecessary sweets to your loved ones that they would be better off without. I think one of the biggest contributors to peoples' eating too much is the mentality that they have to eat everything on their plates- many of us can remember how we were scolded when we didn't eat everything on our plates......"think of the starving people in --------- and how much they would love to have that food, don't waste it!" type of ingrained thinking.
Things should always be looked at logically and decided by what is MOST important. Although it is usually a good thing not to waste or throw away something you just bought, your health is always more important! AND money should be used wisely and creatively to better your situation or your health. In this case Shanon decided that her health and her goal was more important than $10.

MARCH 7th-   Today I just ran on the treadmill at the Gym. As usual, I rode the stationary bicycle for about 15 minutes to warm up, stretched and ran about 1/2 mile at various paces on the treadmill to finish warm up. Then I ran at 6 minute mile pace and it definitely felt like a jogging pace. At the 2 mile mark I felt like I could still run another 2 miles and it really didn't start to feel uncomfortable until about 2.9 miles. I stopped at 3.35 miles but I could have probably pushed for about another 1/2 mile if I had too.
So apparently, I've finally gotten to where 10mph pace is a jogging pace for me. Even without much distance work lately, apparently the speed workouts have been working in further strengthening my legs and making the 6 minute mile pace seem quite slow and easy.

MARCH 8th-      Today I went over to the college track and warmed up, stretched and ran 6- 100 meters at full speed on the last 80 meters. I also ran the steps and jumped the double steps. Later, I did my 400 squats, 20 squat thrusts, 40 jumping jacks, 400 toe ups with 2 legs and 110 with each leg separately, 60 straddle forward squats and ran a few shuttle runs and line drills on the tennis court after hitting some balls with Shanon. We also dropped into the basketball court for 30 minutes where I checked my jumping and without to much strain I standing vertical jumped about 2 inches above the rim which is about a 26 inch jump for me. With proper jumping form a person should be able to running jump about an additional 6 inches above their standing vertical jump which would allow me to dunk a volley ball and be a vertical jump of about 32 inches (often times when people speak of their vertical jump it is this running vertical jump they're referring to). 

MARCH 10th-    
Yesterday, Thursday, I rested as usual.
Today Friday, it was snowing outside so I did my full workout at Gold's gym. I did my light weight and exercise routine and did a whole series of jumps and short sprints up and down the hall. It was nice because there were only 3 people there with the snow outside and the power outage so I kind of used the hall as my own personal track. My energy level was very good again and what really amazed me was the spring and quickness in my legs that didn't diminish but seemed to increase as I kept doing more and more jumps and sprints. I did lots of short sprints, bounding and hops and jumps (some very big jumps all the way up and down the aprox. 30 meter hall in through the aerobics studio). I just didn't get tired and it seemed like I could keep going on and on and it was so enjoyable- like my legs were made for jumping and sprinting (it actually felt relaxing and very enjoyable). I finally had to stop myself figuring it must be taking quite a strain on my legs- and my thigh muscle started to feel a little strain. I finished with a 6 minute mile on the tread mill.

MARCH 13th-      
On Saturday, March 11th I just played a little basketball, 1 hour of tennis and then did some jogging on the treadmill. I had wanted to do more running but my thigh muscle felt a little pulled from Friday.
March 12th, Sunday, as usual I rested.
March 13th, today, I played some basketball and felt a pull in my thigh muscle again and realized it probably really was a pulled muscle from Fridays vigorous jumping, bounding and sprinting workout. Even so, I was able to standing vertical jump about 3 inches above the rim today. After that I tried to do some sprints at the college track but I could feel the thigh muscle again so I stopped the sprinting and just did a little low speed short distance. Then I tried some leg drills, bounds etc. and ran and jumped the full stadium stairs (6 fast runs up-4 single steps, 2 double steps and 3 full increment jump up). Surprisingly, these type of leg exercises didn't really seem to bother the pulled muscle. Nevertheless, I was quite disappointed that I actully have a slightly pulled muscle. I think it will be very difficult for me to hold off running etc. more than a few days so I'm really hoping it isn't too bad and will heal quickly....but I had thought it would have been healed by today too....
I did a few more bounds and then did my full weight training excercise routine.

MARCH 20th-      For those of you who may have been following somewhat regularly, I'm really sorry I haven't written for a whole week now. Which also makes me want to request if there are some of you following this regularly, I'd really appreciate it if you could occasionally leave a comment of encouragement? or whatever (you can request your comments not to be posted if you prefer) so that I'll know who's been following on a regular basis and maybe get some feedback on how to improve this and whether this blog is even helpful/interesting to anyone or not).
It's been spring break this past week and we were out of town Tuesday and Wednesday at Brian Head ski resort and because of pulling my back muscle from a ski fall there I haven't been able to train and I hadn't gotten around to posting anything. So basically, I haven't done any real training since my last weeks Monday posting except for some foolish training I did on Wednesday evening after my ski accident which made my back injury even worse. On top of that, I went to a chiropracter on Saturday to get my back put "back in" and probably because of the tightness and the pulled muscles, it seems that his trying to force my back in actually irritated and pulled the muscles even more (I should say that this was one of my few negative experiences with a chiropracter- usually my visits in past years have been quite helpful and immediately alleviated the problem which had been my back going out slightly).
So anyway, it has been quite disappointing but I think I'm within a few days of resuming my training now although I'm sure I'll have to start out somewhat slow and this will have put me 2-3 weeks behind schedule. This has got me thinking about sticking more with just running as I've now slightly injured or reinjured myself in skiing and basketball which might have been avoided if I just concentrated on my running....but it's so hard not to enjoy basketball, skiing and tennis....

MARCH 23rd-     
Yesterday my back seemed quite a bit better so I eased into a little stretching and some very light leg excercises. Today, March 23rd, I decided to try and do my full usual excercize/weight training routine at about 50-70%. I ended up doing it around 70-80% and I think I got through without further irritating the injury. I, ofcourse, couldn't really do much running- especially sprints, but I did run about 3/4 mile at various warm up speeds on the tread mill and then ran about 10 minutes at 7:00 minute mile pace. I may jog a little more tomorrow and then do an 80-90% workout with a little easy sprinting and stairs on Saturday- maybe. Anyway, it sure feels good to be able to actually do something after having a difficult time even walking normally up until just a few days ago. I seem to heal fairly quickly if I just give myself rest and not try and excercise while I'm still injured especially during the initial stages like I did last Wednesday.... Actually after further analyzation, I think the real problem was that, that night I warmed up my back and tried to force it back into place using 2 taped together balls and continued try it even though it hurt to do so. I just kept thinking that my lower back muscles were hurting because my spine was out of place and just needed to be put in, but now I think it was just pulled muscles that were hurting and I was further pulling them. Oh well, another learning experience.

I quess I should tell you that although I didn't excercise for over a week and obviously wasn't burning nearly as many calories as I usually do, I didn't gain any body fat (just a little water weight which quickly came off when I excercised). Usually people will feel like they want to eat as much as they did when they were excercising or even if they hold back they feel like they are sacrificing because they're thinking they want to eat as much as they usually do. I never think about that...there are plenty of other things to think about and why torture yourself. Just think about and thourally enjoy eating when you're actually eating. 
During this past week, as always, I just ate when I was hungry and stopped when my body told me enough. I never felt like I was sacrificing. This is very natural for me, but I just realized that my staying the same even with a large change in the amount of calories I was burning is probably not so natural with most people and that this might be insightful to many people who eat more by their thinking then by really listening to their body. I also do not gain weight even when I've been on weeklong cruizes with all of the food that's available- most people say they gained 3-5 pounds. (However, I must admit that on cruizes, with the great and variety of foods they have, I do continue to excercise in the on board gym so I can continue to eat as much as I usually do).

In order to be able to feel and be able to trust your bodies signals, you must first get it sensitized to where it really knows when it's hungry and when it's full. This is done by more and more stopping the thinking of "I want to eat" or because it's noon or I want to/have to eat all of this etc. Instead one must more carefully feel and respond to their bodies signal that it's truly hungry or that it's full (knowing when you're full is the most important which can save you even if you started eating when you weren't really that hungry).
You should also make sure that the majority of foods you're eating are not processed or junk foods because that kind of food masks your bodies signals and can actually makes you feel hungrier than you are. Good foods are natural or much closer to the natural state (not processed and the closer to raw and fresh, the better- and should have a lot of nutrition (vitamins, minerals etc. as in vegetables and whole grains etc.) in them that allow your body to function properly and send you the proper signals. These type of foods actually allow your body to burn more calories too. Obviously, you should also try and excercise if you can too- especially building up muscles which will be burning more than average calories for you even while your asleep.

MARCH 25th-    I rested yesterday and worked out again today. First I worked out at the Gold's gym which is under new management and seems to be quite a bit better. I did the stationary bicycle for 15 minutes, stretched and then went over and ran at Dixie college track. I did the usual warm up runs and leg ups and then tried to do some sprints but my back still felt a little tight so I kept it to about 75% speed. I ran the stairs 4 times (3 one steps and 1 two steps) and did the double stair jumps to the top. I also did a series of 2 leg and 1 leg jumps on the field. Then I tried a few more sprints up to almost 80% (about 6 total around 70 meters each).
Then I went back to the gym and finished my full workout and ran 1.5 miles at 6 minute pace.
I do have a little tightness in my back but is doesn't hurt and I think it's mostly healed. Hopefully after tomorrow (Sunday's rest) I'll be able to do a 90% or better workout on Monday. Actually even today, my excercise and weight training was around 95%. I just need to get my sprints and full jumping back.

MARCH 27th-     Today I went to the college track first, stretched and  ran (six 70-80 meters at 75-85% speed- back was still just slightly tight). I also ran 4 single stairs, 2 double stairs and double legged jump up the stairs. I finished with more jumps up and down the track (about 30 meters up and back of double legged and 20 meters each of single legged jumps). Then I went to Gold's gym and did a full workout at about 95% of usual. I finished with 1.8 miles at 6 minute pace on the tread.

MARCH 29th-     T
oday I went over to the start of a jump, speed and power class at Snow Canyon middle school at 3 PM. I was able to get the instructor to teach it by getting the word out to the 8th grade girls basketball team of which my daughter is a member. However, only her and another teammate along with me and an older friend runner actually showed up today (a few were sick and 2 other said they'd start next time). Hopefully we'll have at least about 10 (his minimum requirement for continued teaching) by next Monday. Anyway, we did some speed and jumping excercizes. The training would be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until about the end of school on May 24th. Hopefully this will help increase speed and leg strength and ofcourse increase my verticle jump for basketball and help on sprint starts too.
I did a very minimal excercize at Gold's gym and ran 1.2 miles at 6 minute pace.

MARCH 31st-    Today, I went to the Snow Canyon middle school track. I ran a few small stairs at the middle school track and ran 4 sprints (3 of them at about 90%). The wind quickly became very strong and a cold storm moved in, so I stopped at that and because it seemed that if I pushed anymore I might aggravate my back or hamstring especially in the cold and windy weather and it also seemed that I might have done a little too much in the jumping, speed class Wednesday as my thigh muscled seemed a lilttle tenuous. Then I finished my excercize training at the Results training center and ran 1.3 miles at 6 minute mile pace on the treadmill.

APRIL 3rd-    I decided not to do any running on Saturday because my hamstring muscle still seemed maybe a little pulled. I took off Sunday too as usual. Then today, Monday, I did most of my usual work out at Gold's gym but kind of held off on the arm excercizes because I still have this lingering problem with my right wrist when I try to do pushups and I'd like to get it better once and for all if it wasn't permanently damaged several months ago when I mowed the whole lawn with the gas powered weed cutter. After excercizing I ran 2.1 miles at 6 minute pace. Then I went and did the jump, speed training at the middle school.
It's really frustrating that I'm still not back to the 3.3 miles (at 6 minute pace) that I was able to do almost 4 weeks ago on March 7th before I pulled my hamstring muscle and hurt my back....And I'm still probably at least week or so away before I can get my sprinting speed back. So it appears it will probably end up having cost me about 5 weeks of training! Injuries sure do mess training up.
I've got to remember to take care of the injury at first and not reinjure it before it's fully better- very difficult to hold back and wait. I've got to be more patient and not let it bother me so much to be getting behind in training because it ultimately puts me behind a lot more when I don't wait for full recovery!

APRIL 4th & 5th-    
On Tuesday the 4th I just did a little stationary bicycle, stretched and ran 2.25 miles at 10 mph (6 min. pace) on the treadmill.
On the 5th I did the sprint running warmups and ran three 80-100 meter sprints at about 90% and jogged 2 laps at 95 seconds per lap. I then did most of the speed & jump training at the Snow Canyon middle school gym. However, my left calf seemed a little tight as my right leg hamstring still did too, so I didn't do the big jumps or single left leg and twist type jumps. Later, I went to Results and ran 2.1 miles at 10 mph on the tread mill. I didn't do some of my usual Wednesday excercises.

APRIL 8th-    I rested Thursday as usual but also decided to hold off training on Friday too because of the last remnants of my pulled thigh muscle and to be careful with my left calf muscle too (I just did the tread mill for less than a mile at just walking to 7.5 mph speed for warmup).
Today, Saturday the 8th, I did my full excercize- weight training and ran 2.15 miles at 10 mph on the tread mill. I think my legs are better but to make sure, I'm not going to do any sprinting today and I'll rest again tomorrow in preparation for a full excercize and running routine on Monday. 

APRIL 11th-   
I decided not to excercize or run on Monday to make sure my leg pulls were completely recovered. Today, Tuesday, the 11th, I did my full excercize routine at Gold's gym and decided to just run on the treadmill. Franktly, the last few days I had really started having some doubts as I seem to be getting a lot of nit picky injuries and looking back over my running entries I realized that I hadn't made any improvement since March 7th, 5 weeks ago when I ran 3.35 miles at 10 mph- 6 minute pace. In fact I had'nt even equaled that tread mill performance yet and I know I'm not up to the sprinting level I was since I haven't been able to do it 100% since March 3rd either.
Anyway, I figured that my world record goals were way behind and the disappointment over the lack of improvement and inability to do anything about it because of the injuries really had me wondering if I was just wasting my time. I've never had a problem with not working out hard, my problem has always been doing too much and being impatient (not wanting to miss a workout even when I've been injured and therefore starting to workout before I'm completely healed). I just wonder if I'm capable of holding back enough when it's necessary in order to not overdo it and then to be able to hold back if I do get an injury until I'm healed. Maybe I can't??
However, after todays run on the treadmill which I'll tell you about afterwards, even in my excitement, I was able to refrain from running any more or going out to do sprints- and I also realized that I had held off working out yesterday when I felt more or less recovered which seems to have been a smart decision and different from what I usually do. So all that is positive; but the most positive thing today is what I accomplished. Although I felt quite lethargic and unmotivated at first, I kept running at various speeds on the tread mill, a total of 1.7 miles, until I finally started feeling a lot more energy. I then had to decide to just trying to beat my record of 3.35 miles at 6 minute pace or try and make some other record that would motivate me.
I chose to try and run as far as I could at 12 mph (5 minute mile pace) and to see if I could finally run that pace for a whole mile (my record set back at around the middle of February had been for .75 miles, and .7 miles on Feb. 20th which was the best I could do as both times the fast pace had not only pushed my current cardio-lung capacity but also wore out my legs to the  point where I just couldn't reasonably push any farther without repercussions in my legs later. 
Today, however, I was able to just keep going and went the entire mile (1.03 miles from startup). On top of that, my legs weren't as tired as they had been with my 2 previous trys in February.
This definetly was good for my motivation- and it renewed my confidence that I can further significantly decrease my mile time. Also, it's got me thinking again about doing a lot more 800 meter and mile running and being more careful on sprint type workouts to avoid injuries. Probably the best thing I can do to prevent injuries now is to avoid doing other sports and maybe even the jumping training- also being more careful when doing the faster sprint type training.

APRIL 13th-    
Today, Thursday, I did just my excercize routine for my legs and no weight training which is fairly typicial for my middle of the week routine. As usual I did my 15 minute stationary bicycle warm up routine (about 90 revolutions per minute at level 10 out of 25 for the first 10 minutes and 13 out of 25 for the last 3-5 minutes on the Results machines. On the Gold's bicycles, I usually the first 10 minutes at 6 or 7 level and last 3-5 minutes at 8-9 level which is probably somewhat higher than the Results machines. Also, I always do at least two 12-15 seconds sprints at 178 to 192 revolutions per minute. My record is 212-214 revolutions per minute when I was 41 years old).
Then after stretching I warmed up further on the treadmill and then ran 1/2 mile at 12 mph. I quickly drove over to Snow Canyon High School's track and did my sprint warmups and 2 - 100 meter meter sprints which I ran into with the last 50 meters being about full speed. Then I ran a 70 second 400 meter and after a 9 minute rest, I ran 600 meters at 5 minute mile pace. I had wanted to run further but my legs weren't used to running on the track yet.

APRIL 15th-   
We went up to Zions for a family reunion from Thursday evening, so I ran again on Saturday when we got back. I did basically the same as on Thursday. I added 1 more 100 meter sprint and I ran the 400 meter dash at 69 seconds and ran an 800 meter 9 minutes later at about 2:38 (2 minutes 38 seconds). So it seems my legs still aren't used to running on the track yet. I hope to get my 800 meters down to about a 2:25 by Wednesday of next week and then, with the extra day of rest and the actual track meet incentive, try and run about a 2:19 to 2:16 (2:16 is the difficult American Standard for 50-54 year olds) on Saturday at the Mesquite Senior Games. My lungs are obviously more than capable as was evidenced by the 5 minute mile (2- 2:30 minutes 800 meters ran in succession) that I ran on the tread mill on April 11th. My legs muscles just need to get used to the track as compared to the treadmill. This shouldn't take much time as my legs are already actually running at that speed. From what I know from the American Standards times and my past 800 meter and 1 mile times, a 5 minute mile should equate to about a 2:16 minute 800 meter for me.

APRIL 17th-    
Today my thigh muscle felt tight and I wasn't sure if it was slightly pulled again or just stiff from the sprints and high leg ups etc. I did on the 15th- I had felt something yesterday too. Anyway, I just did the 15 minutes of bicycling, stretched and warmed up further on the treadmill. Then I just ran 2.1 miles at 10 mph. I was feeling even more stiff later today and I think that's just what it is- stiffness. So I think I should be able to work out on the track tomorrow.

APRIL 18th-  
Today, Tuesday, I planned to workout around 11 AM to get ready for the morning race I have on Saturday but I just couldn't get motivated and decide to take a nap. I really was questioning this whole record thing and whether the time and effort was worth it and whether I could really do it without injury. After a long 2 hour nap I tried to motivate myself to get warmed up and over to the track to workout with the high school track team but I again just didn't feel like going and decided to take some more time. Finally I headed out to work out after 4 PM. This was the most un-motivated and lazy I've ever experienced as far as I can remember- very uncharactaristic of me- but understandable considering the fact that I've been planning on eventually making a world record since I was 26 years old but have always just come to the conclusion that the timing wasn't right yet etc.
Anyway, I did my usual excercize-weight training routine but without the weights or any arms workout. After warming up on the treadmill for about 1 mile at various speeds, I quickly drove over to the Snow Canyon track and did my sprint warm up routine and ran 2- 100 meter dashes. I then ran a 400 meter in 74 seconds very easily and 9 minutes later ran an 800 meter in 2:27 minutes. It was relatively easy and although it wasn't the 2:25 I thought I'd run, I still think I'll be able to run a 2:19 or better this Saturday at the Mesquite Senior games. Then my right calf felt tight or pulled and I was ready to stop the workout but I gave it a few more minutes and it felt ok. So I then ran another 400 meters in 66 seconds. It felt quite easy and I began to feel more positive about things. I wanted to run more but I restrained myself to be safe.

APRIL 19th-  
Today, I just did a very light workout. I did the stationary bicycle for 15 minutes, stretched and ran about 1 mile at speeds from 8-10 mph. After a 5 minute rest I ran 800 meters at 12 mph (2:30 minutes- on the treadmill).
This will be my last workout until after the track meet on Saturday- except for walking and maybe a little minor jogging. It's been a while, so I will try and write something more on "Health and Diet" in the next day or two.

Concerning the importance of taking care of the body: It always amazes me how most people make their body/health a 2nd, 3rd or even lesser priority in their heirarchy of effort and values (surveys show that a full 2/3rds of all American adults now are overweight! and most of those are probably out of shape cardiovascularly etc. too). Yes, health is a value. What people spend their time and effort on is what they value.
Most people claim to value family and health but few actually back up their words with sufficient time and efforts. Most people's real value often seems to be making money and maybe watching TV or other supposedly enjoyable activities. Enjoyable activities are appropriate when we've taken care of our other higher priority values. Making money is certainly important in allowing us to take care of our self and families. However, with honest evaluation, many people would see that making money has become an obsession and the motivation for making it and often making more than is even needed, has gone far beyond just trying to provide for the family.
Now, back to the body/health as a lesser priority in most peoples lives... Consider the amount of time and effort most people put into making their dream homes/retirement. Compare this with the time and effort they put into making their dream bodies (at least for their age). Which is more important? having a dream home (often times more expensive than can really be had without a lot of stress) or having a body that is very healthy and in shape? Which do you think most effects a person's happiness and well being? How many wealthy and even super wealthy people are there who have houses/finances far beyond their needs but poor health. How much of ones wealth would a billionaire give to reverse sugar diabeties, chronic arthritis, cancer or other dehabilitating health conditions? (I do know, from a well known lecturer, of a wealthy Japanese business man who totally devoted himself to making money- some questionably, and amassed a huge amount. He was still only in his 50's and on his death bed with cancer when he told this well known lecturer and purported healer that he would give him all of the money and stock certificates he had underneath his bed if he could restore his health. There was over $25,000,000 worth! The lecturer analyzed his condition and said "you have used your superior intellect and spent great effort in amassing an amazing amount of money, unfortunately you haven't used any of this intellect and effort to take care of your health. There is nothing I can do for you now!" 
As obvious as this is, people continually strive for wealth at the expense of their health. You only get one body/car in this life! Once you've ruined your health you can't trade your body in for a new model. You're stuck with it! and no amount of money is going to replace it. Your health/body is the one area you don't want to gamble on!
It's the one investment you can be sure will pay you great returns and the one investment you know you will be glad you kept investing in (with time, effort and money). No one has ever regretted spending effort on taking care of their health, but many have regretted time and effort spent on other areas and investments.
This in a "NO BRAINER"!!
Your body/health has got to be your number 1 priority every day! The older you get the happier you'll be that you made it your number 1 priority/value.
Having read this I hope that some will at least raise their body/health priority up from where it is now.
I quarantee you won't regret it. I also quarantee you will regret it if you don't prioritize your health.
If you're not doing it, immediately start to eat better and excercize regularly AND don't forget to try and get sufficient sleep and reduce stress where possible. Don't just resolve to do it. Do it! and Do it NOW! "The weak indulge in resolutions while the strong act!"
Have a good day. 

APRIL 22nd-   Today I ran in the Mesquite Senior Games Track meet. I decided to run without spikes, although they usually reduce ones time by about 1-2 seconds per lap, because I haven't been practicing with them and I didn't want to put too much strain on my recently healed muscle pulls. I warmed up well and was feeling quite good at the time the race was supposed to start but everything was going very slow and it ended up being more than an hour later than scheduled.
I kind of warmed up again and still felt pretty good. I ran the first lap of my 800 meters in about 70 seconds and then picked it up a little more in the last lap and came in at 2:18.54 seconds (just about 2 more seconds for the American Standard of Excellence at 2:16). I decided to run the 400 meter dash shortly after, also without spikes, just so I could feel like I'd had done an all around work out today. I ran it in 60 seconds flat. Not real fast, but it felt quite easy and if I had had more competition, spikes and had been completely fresh, I'm sure I could have cut off another 3 seconds or so.
I left the meet and realized later that I hadn't paid my extra $5 for the 400 meter dash which I entered at the last minute, so I went back and paid it. They were about to start a soft ball throw, so just for fun I decided to enter it. I remembered that I had thrown the softball 189 feet in 8th or 9th? grade in a competition for 3rd place and I was curious to see how far I could throw it now not having thrown for many years. My first throw was my best at 174 feet as my arm kind of hurt on the rest of the throws. I found out I was competing against a bunch of soft ball players and former javelin throwers and some of them were really into it. I was in first place until the 4th and final throw when one of the soft ball players in the 50-54 year old group who usually wins and had really been practicing for this threw his personal best (actually I had been encouraging him to really go for his personal record as he had only been several feet behind me and I told him my arm was hurting and I might not do the last throw and that it really wasn't that important for me to win the gold in this event...and I had already beat him and everyone else easily in the 400 meter dash and he had been very nice and complimentary towards me). He told me after that my encouragement and the competition had really helped. I just thought it was kind of fun and interesting to see how far I could throw. It actually got me a little interested in practicing a little before the next Nevada Senior games in October when everyone will be back. I think with just a little practice (basically, just playing catch ball now and then) I could beat my 189 feet mark and maybe go over 200 feet which apparently would be quite a feat for my age group....but I quess that is probably getting side tracked, but the comraderie there in the soft ball throw really was rather unique and fun. It was also the most participated in event.
My legs and everything feel fine, so I should be doing my full workouts again from Monday and probably start running with the High school track team again for motivation. Have a good (and healthy) day! 

APRIL 24th-  
Today I did my full excercize and weight training routine along with all of the hundreds of toe ups, 15 minute bicycle etc. I decided not to run on the track today to make sure that my calf muscles were ok (probaby just stiffness but I wanted to take it easy on the treadmill without sprints to be sure). I gradually worked up to a 12 mph pace on the tread mill and ran 12 mph for .6 miles, rested 5 minutes and ran another .5 miles at the same pace. I had thought I could do a little more on the first run but I quess doing the full workout routine first does tire my legs. My legs do feel fine now and I don't seem to have any more pulls at all. My throwing arm seems fine too.

APRIL 25th-  
Today I just warmed up and stretched at the training center (15 minute bicycling at higher intensity then usual and about 1 mile on the treadmill from 8 mph to 11mph).
Then I went to the high school track about 12:30 PM where they had a grade school track meet. I waited for a while until it finished and then ran 1 and 1/2 miles in 8:23 minutes. 7 minutes later I ran an 800 meter in 2:32 minutes. I was going to run another but that felt about right and I want to get in a more intense workout tomorrow and with some speed work too.

APRIL 26th-  
I went to Rezults and did a quick 6 minute warm up on the bike and stretched and then went over to the high school track and warmed up some more with easy leg drills. Then I ran a couple of semi-sprints around 80 meters at about 80-90%. Soon after I ran a 400 in 69 seconds. After about 5 minutes rest I ran with Snow Canyon's best 400 meter guy for a 400 and 300 meter with 5 minutes rest in between. He had ran at least a few seconds faster than I did, but I ran the 600 in 62.5 seconds and the 300 meters in 43.5 seconds. The 400 felt fairly easy and didn't tire me out much but the 300's faster pace tired my legs out pretty good and so I decided just to warm down with jogging and not run anymore. I came home and did my usual 400 squats and 400 toe ups and 100 each leg toe ups along with 60 deep knee strides, 20 jumping jacks and my 80 (back excercize) leg ups and 400 on the back- bicycle stride movements (stomach/leg excercises) to complete my Wednesday routine. I felt good several minutes after and kind of wanted to do some more running but I thought it was a good place to stop.
I'll rest tomorrow and probably do another shorter distance workout and time my 400 meters on Friday. I want to break 60 seconds without spikes and without any competition to give me confidence that I can already at least equal my 57 second competition time of last year). Then I'll probably do at least 10-12 minutes of jogging at 6 minute mile pace. 

APRIL 28th-  
Today I warmed up as usual and ran at the high school track (no one was there today because the team had a track meet). It was extremely windy (20-30 plus mph winds) so I ran three 80-100 meter dashes with the wind behind me at a very fast pace but it was easy and it should help my legs to run faster. However, I wasn't able to do the 400 meter at full speed with the wind so I just decide to do 3- 400 meters with just 4 and 5 minutes rest between. The first one was about 69 seconds, 2nd was 67 seconds and the 3rd was just barely 70 seconds with a particularly strong wind. I then debated doing another 400 but decided to run a 120 meters with a back wind and quickly turned around and ran 80 meters into the wind (200 meters total) with the last 80 meter for the anearobic effect. 
Afterwards I finished up my usual full work out at the gym. I also ran over 1 and 1/2 miles at various speeds between 8.1 to 11.2 mph. on the treadmill. My legs feel fine and I'll try and do more distance work tomorrow.

APRIL 29th-  
Today, Saturday, I just did my 15 minute bicycle routine, stretched, ran at various speeds between 8-11 mph on the tread mill for further warm up and then ran 2.1 miles at 10mph. I only got about 6 hours of sleep last night because of an early morning appointment (daughter's dance performance) so I just stopped at that.

MAY 1st-  
Today, Monday, I ran with the high school team and did some running on my own too. I ran 4- 400's (73, 69, 70 and 67 seconds), 2- 300's (44 and 46 seconds) and 2- 80-100 meter sprints. I considered jogging/running a couple of miles but decided to hold back and try and be fairly fresh tomorrow.
I finished by doing my regular excercize/weight training at Gold's gym. My legs and everything feel fine.

MAY 2nd-  
I did 6 minutes bicycle warm up, stretched and did 1 mile treadmill warm up (walk and 8.2 to 11.2 mph running). Then I ran 2.3 miles at 10 mph, rested 7 minutes and ran 1/2 mile at 12 mph. I stretched 1 more time after I got home.

MAY 3rd-  
Today there was a big brush fire near the high school track and the smoke was so bad that the track practice and a soccer game were both canceled. So I went back to the training center and ran 3-  half miles/800 meters at 12 mph (8 minutes rest after the first one and just 4 minutes rest after the 2nd- the last one was actually .55 miles to show myself that I could go further even though it was ofcoarse, the most difficult of the 3 half miles).

MAY 5th-  
Today was very windy and I wasn't sure if I was just stiff or had a slight strain in my left hamstring muscle so I gradually worked into a couple of 100 meters and I ran up and down the 180 plus meter straightaway (to avoid the curves) for 2- 360 meter dashes in about 60 and 57 seconds. I didn't do my other excercises.

MAY 8th-  
I ran again today at the high school after another rest- 3 days (I wanted to make sure the hamstring muscle was ok). My hamstring seemed to be fine today but I still did a fairly easy workout of just 3- 400 meters at about 69 seconds each. I also did just a little 80% sprinting for about 70 meters and I didn't do my usual excercize and weight routine to be sure I was completely recovered and to give all of my muscles a periodic longer rest.
These little nit picky injuries are really a bother, and although small and seemingly almost ignorable at first, they can effectively waste about a week of training by having to miss 2 or 3 days of training, starting to fast, and slightly reinjuring, then resting another day or two and then taking a few more days to get back to the same level of training like this time. I didn't mention it but on the last 1/4 of the 360 meter dash I ran on May 5th, I felt something in the hamstring but still pushed it to the end. So I need to make sure the injury is completely better before training that hard again. More importantly, I have to avoid some of the faster sprint type training which I enjoy so much and feels so good until I develop an even stronger base of distance running. I think I'm going to add a few miles of jogging almost daily to my other training to make sure I have a better base.

MARCH 9th-   Today my leg and everything else felt fine and I did my full excercize and weight training routine with all of the leg squats etc. I did the 15 minutes stationary bicycle and warmed up for a mile and then ran 3 miles on the treadmill at 10 mph. This 6 minute pace feels pretty much like jogging pace again now. I'm quite certain as I was several weeks ago when I ran 3.3 miles at 10 mph that I could not only run an 18 minute 45 second 5 kilo race, but that I could probably run a sub 18 minute one in an actual race with competition. My best 5 K race was at at about 32 years old when I ran 17 minutes 35 seconds. 
I think I've mentioned some of my best times before but- I'll mention all of them again because I would like to beat these times soon.

50 meters- 6.3 seconds (standing start) at 44? years old (a rare evening track meet- I've been very tight in morning sprints)

100 meters- 12.5 seconds at 44 years old (probably about 11.9 seconds 2 months ago in practice as explained in March 1st & 3rd entry above).
200 meters- 24.4 seconds at 41 years old

400 meters- 54.2 seconds at 41 years old

800 meters- 2 minutes 10 seconds at 32 years old (same time in practice at 41 years old)

1500 meters- 4 minutes 30 seconds at 32 years old (equivalent to about a 4 minute 49 second mile- but my best timed mile in an actual track meet was 5 minutes 9 seconds at 17 years old (same time in practice at 28 years old). 2 weeks ago I ran a 5 minute mile on the treadmill.

In order to even have a chance at running 1 or more world records at the Utah Summer games on June 23rd and 24th, I will need to be able to break most of the above personal records (especially the 400 meters thru the mile) before the end of May.
I have no injuries whatsoever now (not even small ones) so hopefully I can train in a careful but diligent manner and avoid injuries and make some of these goals. We'll see.

MAY 10th-   Even though I seem to be free of injuries, I did notice just a little tightness or maybe it was tiredness in my left hamstring muscle area. So I decided to just run on the treadmill. I did a vigorous 15 minute bicycle ride for 5 miles at 95-100 rpms with 2 times at about 175 for 10 seconds each, stretched and warmed up some more with a mile on the treadmill. I then treadmill-ran 1/4 mile at 12 mph rested 3 minutes and ran 2- 1/2 miles at 12 mph with a 7 minute rest in between. When I got home I jogged a slow 1 kilometer and stretched again. All of my muscles feel fine. However as usual, I'll rest tomorrow since I've been training for 3 days straight, and I'll run fairly hard on Friday with the high school team.

MAY 12th-  
Today I went to the high school track but the team wasn't there. I did my warm up before and then ran a 400 meters in 74 seconds and an 800 meters in 2 minutes 27 seconds and another 400 under 65 seconds. I decided to just do that much today and do my full excercise/weight routine including some stairs and some jumps to strengthen and give more quickness to my legs. I did the full routine and I feel good.

MAY 13th--   Did bicycle, stretched and another warm up on treadmill for about a mile. Then I ran 1 mile at 11 mph (treadmill). I went back home and ran another mile in our complex at about a 7 minute pace.

MAY 15th-    Today I ran with a high schooler at Snow Canyon. I did the stationary bicycle for 7 minutes and stretched at the gym first and then jogged a lap and did the preliminary leg drills with the high school track team. Then I ran a 300 meters, then I ran a 200 meter and another 300 meter and then most of a 200 meter with just 2-3 minutes rest between. I ran with a student who had qualified for the state track meet in the 4 x 400 meters and the 800 meters. He ran at a fast pace and I was just a second or so behind. However on the last 200 meters my legs were very tired and I stopped at the 150 meter mark. We probably were running about a 25 seconds pace on the 200 and at least 41-42 or better on the 300's. I warmed down with a 1/2 mile jog. I also did my full workout at the gym. 

MAY 16TH-  
Today I ran 2 miles in the morning at about 7 minuter per mile pace around our complex 4 times (a little over 1/2 mile each round). Then at 4 PM in the afternoon I went to Resultz and warmed up on the bicycle, stretched, did a 1 mile warm up (walk, 8.2- 11 mph intermittent run) on the treadmill and then after a 3 minute rest I ran 10 minutes at 10 mph (6 minute mile pace). I'm going to try and run in the morning besides my afternoon workouts at least 2 or 3 times a week to build up more endurance and to  avoid injuries by getting more of a base.

MAY 17th-   Today I did 15 minutes on the bike (usual 4-5 miles plus at between 90-100 rpm and 2 times at 170-180 rpm bursts), stretched, did another warm up mile (various speeds) on the treadmill, then I went to the Snow Canyon track and did the sprint warm ups, a 100 meter dash and 4- 400 meters (1st- 70 seconds, 2nd thru 4th at about 67 seconds with just 4 minutes rest after the 2nd one). I could have done another one but I felt this was about right for my stage in training now. I'll eventually be working up to around 10- 400 meters with just 3 minutes or less rest and continue lowering the average times. 
After returning home, I did my leg excercises (squats, toes ups, deep strides, jumping jacks and squat thrusts). No injuries and I feel fine. 

MAY 19th-   Today I did my usual warm up and stretching at the gym and then ran at the track. I also did my usual running warm up drills and then ran most of a 400 meter at 70 second pace but slowed it down in the middle twice to be fresh for the next 400. Then I ran a 400 in just 60 seconds, rested for 10 minutes and ran another one in about 60.5 seconds. I rested for 5 minutes and ran another one in 66 seconds. My legs are finally about to the point (really kind of the beginning point where I don't have to baby them so much) where it feels like I'm about ready to be able to do some more serious type training and push the speed more- and finally start working out in spikes too. I went home and did a few more leg excercizes (squats, toe ups, squat thrusts etc.). 

MAY 20th-   Today I jogged 2 miles outside in the morning at 7 minute mile pace and stretched after. Then at 6 PM I rode the stationary bike for 4 miles, stretched, warmed up on the treadmill for 1.2 miles and then ran .3 miles and 2.1 miles at 6 minute miles pace.

MAY 22nd-    Today I warmed up as usual and timed myself on an 800 meter run. I ran just under 2 minutes 16 seconds- enough to qualify me for the American Standard of Excellence but actually rather disappointing because I hoped to at least get down in the low 2:10's. I ran the first part of the 800 a little too fast and really slowed down the last 1/3. I'll try and run a better one again next Monday and also start using spikes from Wednesday this week so I can use them when I time myself next week. I'd really like to break my personal best of 2:10 to give me some confidence that I can break the world record at the Utah Summer Games. Without doing at least that well by the end of this month it will be very difficult for a possibility of the world record at 1:58.6 minutes even though I usually run several seconds faster in actual meets and spikes should cut off 2 or 3 seconds too.
After resting about 12 minutes I ran a 400 meters in 61 seconds. I then went to the training center and finished my usual Monday workout. 

MAY 23rd-   
Today, Tuesday, I ran twice as per schedule I began last week. I ran the same 2 miles in the morning but this time at a faster pace of 6:38 mile pace (2 laps around our complex is a about 70- 100 meters over 1 mile, so I take 10 seconds off each 2 laps time for the mile- I ran the 4 laps in 13:36). I do almost no warmup for this slower pace of jogging- just a couple hundred meters of paced up jogging just before doing the 2 miles.
Then I did 15 minutes on the stationary bicycle, stretching, .75 miles warm up on the treadmill and then ran another 2.3 miles at 6 minute per mile pace on the treadmill.
I have no muscle pulls or injuries; however I am surprised that for the last couple of weeks I have been feeling some stiffness/muscle soreness in my calve muscles? ever so slightly sometimes during the day and a little when I first start working out. I had heard of muscle soreness, but I had never experienced this in my whole life before. I, of-course, had had stiffness for a day or two after a new or especially hard workout, but it had always gone away quickly and didn't come back when doing the same type of excercises. This stiffness/muscle soreness seems to be there almost everytime I work out- at least until I get warmed up pretty good and then during the harder part of my workout. It's not really sore to the point that it bothers me, it's just seems strange to me that I feel anything at all. Whenever I had had any soreness type feeling while doing a workout before, it would have been from an actual slightly pulled muscle, but this isn't the case now, it just get's a little sore sometime for some reason.? I wonder if this is a general thing for everyone and just part of getting older?? Does anyone have any information about this??

MAY 24th-   
Today, Wednesday, I did my usual warm up and then ran at the high school track. After my initial stop and go 400 meters at about 70 second pace (while running) I waited a few minutes and then ran my next 400 meters in 59.5 seconds. It was actually fairly easy and smooth. I then waited about 5 minutes and ran the next 400 in 61.5 seconds. My legs were pretty tired by then but after another 7 minutes rest I put on the spikes for the first time in a long while and ran the last 400 in 63 seconds. When I got home I did a few more leg excercizes, about 1/2 the usual number because I was in a hurry for an appointment. My calf muscles still fill a little stiff? sore?, but I have no pulls or injuries and really feel good. If I can just continue to avoid injury, I feel like I will be able to run my personal best in at least the 800 meters by the end of this month as I recently planned.

MAY 26th-   
Today, Friday, I warmed up as usual and ran at the track. I ran a warm up 400 meter-walk and run and then tried to run a 600 meter at 60 second per lap speed. However, at the 200 meter mark I realized I hadn't started my timer and although I started it from there, I didn't have the motivation to push for the last about 150 meters. Gaging from the last 200 meters in 28 seconds, I probably ran the 400 around 59 seconds. I rested for about 10 minutes and ran a 300 meter in 42 seconds. Then after 5 minutes I ran a 400 in 64.5 seconds. I also ran 2- 100 meter dashes fairly fast and ran some stairs. At home I finished my leg excercizes and stomach and back excercises, but I didn't go to the gym and didn't do much on arm excercises. My spiked shoes are too small, so I'll be buying some new ones tomorrow. Along with the small shoes, I started my workout too late tonight and was in a hurry to get it over and so my motivation was a little lacking.

MAY 27th-  
Today, Saturday, I felt somewhat tired this morning. I slept 7 hours and 40 minutes from 1:35 AM to 9:15 AM. I usually sleep from about 11:00PM or 12:00 for about 8 to 8 and 1/2 hours. On weekends I usually go to sleep about 30 minutes to an hour later. Anyway, I didn't run and ended up taking a 1 and 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon. Then I felt fully rested and went to the gym at about 4:30 PM. There, I did the stationary bicycle for 5 miles (average 90-95 rpm) and then warmed up further on the treadmill 1.1 miles (walking and 8.2 -10.4 mph) but no stretching. Then I ran 3.5 miles at 10 mph (6 minute mile pace).

MAY 30th-  
I rested Sunday as usual and again on Monday (except for a stretching and a little bicycle and treadmill warm up). I decided I wanted to get some more rest and kind of see where I was. So today, Monday, I did my usual warm up and ran the 400 meter dash today but could only pull out about 59 seconds. I was quite disappointed and decided to just run a 100 dash at about 80% and run again tomorrow. I didn't do my usual training center workout either.

May 31ST-  
As with yesterday, I was having a hard time getting myself up for todays run mentally. I'm really starting to think I'm not going to be able to make a world record in any of the events on June 23rd and 24th and I beginning to wonder if all this time is really worth it. I will always spend the time to keep my self in good shape, but the training now is starting to go a little beyond just that and it takes more time, is more specific and I've had to refrain from playing tennis and basketball too. Anyway, I ran the 200 meter dash but only got a time of 26 seconds (I didn't feel like I was running very hard but I couldn't seem to get my legs to go much faster- it could be these new spikes as I'm not at all used to them yet). I rested about 8 minutes and ran a 60.5 second 400 meter dash. I was discouraged but decided to finish my usual training center training. I decided to work out more now for speed and jumping as I want to get back into tennis and basketball too. So I added some stairs and some jump drills. Maybe this will help on the running too and at least I can make my personal best times or beyond??
JUNE 2nd-  
Today, Friday, I did my full training center workout and had a real abundance of energy. In fact it was difficult to even tire my legs out on some of my leg routines like the 400 toe ups I usually do. I did an extra 50 or so and still wasn't tired and so I added weight to tire my calves out. Also during the first 100 (I usually actually jump with my legs straight using just my toes/calves), I was jumping/springing up almost twice as high as I usually do (well, at least 50% higher- probably 13-15 inches or so) and I did almost 150 before going to just the remaining toe ups. From 250-320 I jumped again using a lever above me to help me jump even higher and I was probably jumping up between 20-24 inches with a little pull up with my arms but using only my calve muscles. This high energy continued throughout my excercize routine and I did about 10-20% more on the repetitions of all of my excercizes and or increase in actual weights.
Afterwards, I ran some sprints at the high school track (2- 100 meter dashes and 2- 200 meter dashes). The blister on my left heal wasn't healed yet from using my new spikes but I still ran quite fast although somewhat cautiously. I also did some full jumps with 2 legs and then with each single leg (about 30-40 each). Then I ran the stairs (2 sets of 3 times each- but the high school stairs are very short- 3 times equals about 1 of the college stadium stairs).

JUNE 4th-   I didn't do my long distance fast jogging yesterday as usual because of the blister, but I ran at the track today. It was 103 degrees (about the same as Friday) but I seemed to feel it more and only ran 1 and 1/2 miles at 6:20 second pace. Later in the evening, I practiced basketball for about 30 minutes. My legs felt quite good and I had good quickness.

JUNE 5th-   Today, Monday, I did my full training center workout again at Gold's gym. Then I ran at the track (2- 100 meter dashes and 2- 200 meter dashes). I also did the same jumping routine and stairs. Today, I didn't have the energy that I had Friday, but I was still able to do almost as much as I had done on Friday but it was a little more difficult and required me to push more. 

JUNE 7th-  
Today, I again did my full training center routine- and I did it all before running. Then I ran 2- 100 meters and 2- 200 meters at the track along with the stairs and jumps. It was a good workout.

June 8th-  I played basketball from about 10 to 11 PM at the nearby outdoor park court. We played full court, for about an hour. I had plenty of energy and was moving quickly, actually too quickly- as I stopped quickly and my feet slipped out with the dirt on the cement court and fell pretty hard but I got up quickly with no problem except a scrape on my elbow. I also got a couple more blisters and my back was a little tight from not being use to that kind of intensive movements etc. It was a fairly good anerobic workout and I felt fine soon after resting that night.

JUNE 11th-  
I took it easy the past 2 days and just enjoyed playing a little tennis and played some low key basketball a couple times (mostly just shooting and a little one on one). Today, I did my full training center workout and then ran my recent, usual 2- 100's and 2- 200 meter dashes. I also did the stairs and some jumps.

JUNE 13th-  
I played some tennis yesterday but basically took it easy. Today, Tuesday, I bicycled for 16 minutes at usual fast pace, stetched and ran about a mile on the treadmill at about 6 minute mile pace.
Then I did my usual sprint drills and ran 2- 100's and 1- 200 meters. Then did the jumps, stairs, some squats and toe ups.

JUNE 15th-  
I just went directly to the track today and warmed up with some sprint drills and almost no stretching. I still ran pretty well in my 2- 100's and 2-200's but when I tried the spikes they didn't seem to help and in fact felt a little awkward. These spikes just don't seem nearly as good as the shoes I used to have...maybe the actual spikes are different than the ones I used before too. I may just run without spikes on race day rather than with these unfamiliar spikes and also I did feel a little strain in my hams and thigh. Finished with my usual jumps and stairs.

JUNE 17th-  
Today, Saturday, I did most of my full workout at the training center. Then I did my recent usual at the track with the 2- 100's and 2- 200's. I also tried a few starts, but without actual blocks. I pretty much have now decided that I'll run at the Utah games without spikes- especially since I have had a sore right thigh muscle for several days now and I will be running at least 2 or more races and want to avoid injury and run with shoes that I'm familiar with- although good spikes would really be an advantage.

JUNE 19th-  
(I must apologize for not updating this running blog until today, June 27th).
Today, Monday, June 19th, I ended up not running until about 8 PM. I really should have been doing my running earlier in the day like the actual races will be. I've become extremely busy the past 10 days since I re-read some articles on the internet about synthetic vitamins and their danger to the body. I've been calling my family and some friends to get them to stop taking synthetic vitamins (I read that about 60% of all Americans are taking vitamins and most of them are the synthetic made kind) and to recommend that they take whole food vitamins like the ones that we've been taking for years.
I continued to be busy talking with people about vitamins, health, and planning a possible health seminar along with some real estate business etc. from Tuesday until Friday last week, the day of the Utah Summer Games. Unfortunately, I did absolutely no stretching or even light training up until the meet and I definetly felt quite tight and not even in as good a shape as I was last year.
Anyway, the disappointing results are in my next entry dated June 23rd. Sorry for the let down, but I am now getting my time a little more balanced with the time spent for business. I will continue working out and run in the Huntsman Senior Games in October, which is a much bigger, high profile event that attracts more top runners. (I have decided to change the title at the top of this blog to an easier (but still normally unattainable) goal of basically- running for a personal best at age 51 and MAYBE an eventual world record.

JUNE 23rd-   I arrived at the Summer Games late and just barely had enough time to get slightly warmed up. It really showed as I ran the slowest 100 meter I've ever ran at just 13.1 seconds (I did a standing start because I haven't practiced my starts at all and I didn't want to injure myself not being fully warmed up and not used to doing any quick starts). Even so, I took 2nd place- way ahead of the 3rd through 6th place runners.
Later, I ran the 400 meter without any spikes because the spikes I had were really sticking in the track and seemed to be slowing me down in the 100 meter dash. Although I took the gold (1st place), it was a very slow 59.7 seconds. I really had kind of lost my motivation today and so I didn't run anymore races.

JUNE 25th-   After analyzing my situation further, I've come to realize that a big factor in my poor training for the past few weeks had been a lack of motivation because of always just training by myself. As disciplined as I am, I must admit that I was not pushing myself and getting the extra energy/adrenaline burst that I always do when I'm running with someone. I've got to find myself a running partner or coach.
For now, I will probably just do my regular training center routine and maybe 3- 100's (which I can actually enjoy because they aren't painful) and maybe 1- 200 meter dash (3 times a week). Then I will supplement it with what I really enjoy (basketball and tennis) a few times a week. I will also try to at least jog twice a week for 1-2 miles. I continue to be quite busy with working towards the resale of a couple of our properties and quite busy getting the word out to everyone we know about the dangers of synthetic vitamins.

After telling people about the dangers of SYNTHETIC vitamins (which also apparently includes increased cancer rates, enlarged arterial walls etc.) I then recommend that everyone try and eat as big a variety of vegetables and fruits as possible in order to get as many vitamins and minerals as they can (also to try and eat mostly organic like we do, to avoid the pesticides etc. that they put on the crops and hormones etc. in milk and meat too). We then tell them to not take any vitamins at all if their only choice is synthetic ones, but if they do take vitamins, they should take the whole food ones. Like I always say, "You only get one body (no trade-ins) in this life so you better take very good care of it!!- AND, what good does it do to have a Million dollar house when you have a 25 cent body". In this life, health has got to be number one or you've really got your priorities messed up!!! That's why, I always eat as much variety and organic food as possible, and excercise regularly- along with usually taking a whole food vitamin/mineral supplement 2 to 3 times a week to make up for the lack of minerals and vitamins in our foods from the depleted soil. Also I should mention that I don't think it is wise to take any supplements other than actual food, every day because there may be a tendency for the body to rely on that supplement and utilize the vitamins, minerals etc. more easily than regular food to where it might become a little lazy when digesting regular food. I don't know this for sure, but I recall reading an article to that effect several years ago and decided to error on the conservative side. For any other types of medications etc. I think it's fairly well proven that if you keep taking it for a while your body will start to depend on it (like high blood pressure medications etc.). Your body can then go to the point of almost no return where you have to take that medication for the rest of your life because the body loses the ability to perform that function that the medication is now doing.

JUNE 27th-   
Today, Tuesday, I was very busy again, but I finally got out to at least do a track work out at 9:10 PM. I didn't stretch but I did some sprint warm up drills and a lap around the track. Then I ran 3- 100 meter dashes and a couple of sprint starts to 40-50 meters. After that I did my jumps, 2 stairs, toe ups and 1/2 my usual squats (200). I felt better and better as I warmed up- and I definetly am faster in the evening. Yesterday, I played tennis for an hour too.

JULY 5th-   
We've been on vacation from June 29th through July 4th and I really didn't do any excercize except a lot of walking and a little 20 minute workout in the pool doing running and jumping.
Today about 6:30 PM I did my usual workout at Gold's gym (actually because of a time constraint I only did about 80- 90% of the repetitions on most excercizes). Then I ran 3- 100 meter dashes, 3 starts- 30-50 meters, jumping, and 2 sets of 3X on the short stairs. Also did my usual 400 squats when I got home (actually about 330). Even with the week rest I really don't feel like I lost much. I'll try to work out regularly from now until the Huntsman Senior games in October.

JULY 7th-  
Did my usual training routine at the gym and ran 3- 100's and 3 starts (30-50 meters) along with sprint drills, jumps and stairs. Plan to increase running workout to include 200's and or 400's from next week.

HEALTH & DIET: (July 7th)  
TIP- Always remember that just forcefully suppressing your desires and refraining from overeating and eating bad foods etc. is a difficult and usually losing battle. You must SUBSTITUTE a superior activity for the one you're trying to remove. For example- when your about to indulge in your bad habit, pull out some reading material (magazine, book etc.) that your excited to check out) a game (cards, video, celphone activity), call someone, go for a brisk walk, work on a fun project, accomplish something you've been wanting to do, etc. etc. Just train yourself to first, do something different than the bad habit when the urge first comes- you can even tell yourself that you can still endulge afterwards- then, maybe you will but maybe you won't- and even if you do, it may be less endulgence than you would have.
ALSO, remember to compliment yourself and enjoy even small accomplishments as you slowly but surely develop positive habits and ways of thinking (more about this in the next HEALTH & DIET).

Health and Diet tip:
(this entry is copied in from March 2008-- this is the last of the Health and Diet tips on this blog-- if I add more I will inform at the beginning of the blog).

Over the past few years I've been surprised to have a couple of comments on my skin being relatively smooth and healthy looking for my age. Actually, I haven't been as good as I might have in staying out of the sun- and I've had some pretty good sunburns. However, at least the last several years, I've tried to build up before spending longer times in the sun. So my skin isn't as good as it might have been, but I quess it is better than average.
The thing I believe has really helped (despite the sun exposure) is NOT using any skin care products, including lotion. In fact I rarely even use soap. I just wash well with water (except for washing my hair with a quality shampoo every 2-3 days). Keeping chemicals off the skin is probably the best thing you can do to keep the skin looking young and naturally moisturized etc. So try and avoid lotions and even sunscreen which they're now finding don't seem to help in preventing skin cancer over those who don't use it- probably because of the chemicals in the sunscreen. If you must use soap, it's probably better not to overly scrub because this can mess up the natural balance of helpful skin culture bacteria. 
Also, don't become extreme in avoiding the sun completely. You actually do need a little sun exposure for vitamin D and even to help in bone density maintenance. At very least, do as some doctors are now recommending, and get some direct sun on your legs.

JULY 10th-  
I ran about 1/2 mile at 10,000 ft. plus altitude on Saturday night along with a lot of walking over the weekend. Today, July 10th I did my training at the gym but I didn't do any of the arm excercises because I hurt my wrist a little over the weekend in hauling lumber, cutting trees and tennis etc. I did my sprint warm up drills and ran 4- 100 meter dashes and 3- 50- 80 meter dash starts. Then I did my jump excercises and stairs.

JULY 21st-   Sorry I haven't written for a while. I've been extremely busy as I've gotten back into buying and selling real estate again. Despite the 14 hour days, I have still been training at least 2 times a week and playing tennis 2-3 times/week for about 45 minutes on our condo association court.
During my main workouts I've done basically the same as before although my repetitions have been a little less to save on time (2 or 3- 100 meter sprints instead of 4 etc.).
So basically I'm just trying to maintain somewhat for now and I hope to get back to better training after our Australia trip in August for my older daughters wedding (return on August 11th). 

JULY 24th & 27th-  
I just did basically the same routine as on the 21st (above). I've also continued
playing tennis a couple of times a week for 45 minutes or so each time. We'll be leaving soon to Australia for our oldest daughter's wedding on August 5th. So I may not be putting in any more entries until we get back on August 10th.

AUGUST 11th-   
Today I did my first real workout since July 29th when I did my basic routine but only spent about 70% time/repetitions for each as I was in a real hurry then too. I did do a partial workout at the hotel in Sydney on August 6th and we walked quite a bit and even jogged part way to a couple of places when we were in a hurry, but basically I've done nothing/very little for the past 2 weeks. 
Anyway, I did do about 70% of my usual routine today and felt fairly good except that I had a little pain in my right knee which held me back from doing some of my jump type excercises and even my toe ups.

AUGUST 14th-  
Today, Monday, I did my full routine (about 90% of usual on the weights, floor, and jumping excercizes etc.). I also did my usual two 100 meter dashes and a 200 meter along with the 2 sets of stairs. I'm starting to feel pretty close to normal (hope to do about a 100% work out next time or the time after).

AUGUST 19th-   
Today, Saturday, it has been another 5 days since I've worked out. Even though I'm very busy, I've got a life time commitment to working out as part of my work and just part of living. So I will now get back to at least 2 times a week and 3 times a week when I can. However, I only did about 80% of my usual routine.

AUGUST 23rd-   Today, Wednesay morning, I did my full routine and ran my usual two- 100 meter dashes and one- 200 meter, jumps, stairs and 400 squats.

AUGUST 25th-   
Today, Friday, I did most of my training center workout except for a few of the arm and leg excercises because Gold's gym is closing the Bluff Street center and opening a new one one over by the Mall and they've started taking over some of the equipment. I went to run at the track but Snow Canyon High had a football game there. So I ended up just running 2 half bake 80-100 meter runs in front
of our house. I didn't do any stairs or jumps.

AUGUST 29th-  
Today, Tuesday morning, I got in most of my full training center work out except the 2 leg machines that they had removed. I ran at the track and did all of my usual routine. I realized that the time to register for the Huntsman Senior Games was almost over, so I registered today. $89 just for registration and another $20 for the 4 events I registered for (100, 200, 400 and 800 meters). I may only run 2 or 3 of those. Probably not the 800 for sure because I just haven't been doing any type of endurance training whatsoever. In fact running the 400 meters may be quite iffy too unless I start running more than just one 200 meter twice a week like I've been doing. I keep being quite busy, but I will really try to at least run 3 times a week instead of just 2 AND I'll try and increase my workout running volume. There are only 40 more days now until the Huntsman Games.

SEPT. 1st-  
Today, Friday, I ran in the morning and did my full usual routine and added 2 crouching starts to start more serious preparation for the 100 and 200 meter dashes.

SEPT. 4th-  
Today, Monday, I again, ran in the morning, and did my full routine with the 2 crouching starts.

SEPT. 7th-  
Thursday A.M., I again did my full routine with 2 crouching starts. Felt a little faster and more energy today.

SEPT. 9th-   
Saturday, A.M., I did the full routine again which now always includes the 2 crouching starts. This is the first time I've worked out 3 times in a week for quite a while. Huntsman Senior Games are in exactly 1 month from today.

SEPT. 12th-  Today, Tuesday afternoon, I finished the rest of my running workout. Monday, Sept. 11th, I did my training at the training center but didn't run because I was really feeling energyless. So I did my running today with the usual workout.

SEPT. 14th-   Today, Thursday afternoon, I did my usual training center routine and ended up just running a couple of 100 meters in front of our house because the track wasn't open because of a football game. 

SEPT. 18th-   Today, Monday noon, I did usual training and running. However, I added a slow 400 meter run (79 seconds). I was going to work out on Saturday, and then again on Sunday, but I just had too many things going on. I really have to start working out more as I'm really just barely maintaining at mostly 2 times a week- need to do 3, preferably 4 runs a week to do any good at all at the upcoming meet. 

SEPT. 20th-   Today, Wed. morning, I did usual training (except arm excercizes- to give my right elbow and wrist a complete chance to heal) and running. I skipped the 400 meters but did 3- 100 meters, and the 200.  

SEPT. 22nd-   Today, Friday, morning, I did my training (except arm excercizes again), and my usual running routine- 3- 100 meters (1 from crouching start) and the 200 meters. Note: I haven't ran or even jogged any distance at all (not even for warm up). Sept. 23rd, Saturday, I jogged to 1/2 miles inside our condo roads at very slow paces of about 4 minutes 20 seconds, and 3 minutes 25 seconds. I really should run/jog at least 1-2 miles 3 times a week to build a little better base for my legs, and to keep them more limber and to avoid injuries (I do, at least, ride the stationary bicycle for 15 minutes before each workout for cardiovascular and warming up- usually about 4.5- 4.75 miles).

SEPT. 25th-  
Monday 6 PM, I did all my usual training except arm excercizes because I reinjured my right elbow because of not completely stopping tennis and playing tug and jerk the towel with our dog (he's become quite strong and quick). I did all my running plus a a slow 73 second 400 meter (2- 100's, a 200, 2 starts to 50 meters, and the 400 meter- plus jumps, stairs and squats etc.).

SEPT. 27 & 30th-  
On the 27th evening, I just did all of my leg training (no arm workout) and then ran the usual at the track (still slowly working on the corners and so just ran the 400 in 71 seconds). Friday night I ran 2- 1/2 miles plus around our complex at 3 minutes 45 seconds, 90 second rest and then 3 minutes 16 seconds).
On Saturday the 30th from 1:30 PMdid leg training and just a little arm excercises to slowly get my right arm back to normal. Then did my track work out with my lightest, thinnest shoes. Ran faster on everything (400 meters was 69 seconds). I'm trying to get more walking in now and more of a base with a little jogging.

OCT. 2nd and 4th-  
I did my usual training today, and just a few light arm excercises that didn't bother my elbow. Did my usual running. Ran 3- 100 meters and 2 starts along with the 200. Still finished with just a slow 69 second 400. 
Oct. 4th, I didn't have time for anything but the bicycle for warm up and then ran at the track with usual running. However, I didn't do the stairs or my squats or toe ups.

OCT. 6th-  
I was up at the Utah state tennis championships with our daughter so I just ran a little in the park where they held a practice (2- 100's and 1- 200 meter). I will pretty much take it easy from now until the first event (200 meters) on Tuesday, Oct. 10th). I won't run the scheduled 800 meters because I've only ran a total of about four 400 meters and I'm not even in shape for that event yet. I'll mainly concentrate on the 100 and 200 meters, but unfortunately, I haven't even practiced with my spikes even one time- and I haven't ran a single curve for the 200 either (I've always just ran about 140 meters straight down the side of the track, quickly turned around and ran 60 meters back- that's what I've been calling my 200 meter practices).

OCT. 10th & 11th-   
Tuesday and Wednesday I ran at the Huntsman Senior Games. As I suspected, I didn't run fast because of a lack of training and no training with spikes (I make excuses to convince myself that it was just a lack of training that caused me to do poorly and to further motivate myself to train better and more effectively next time...the day I say "I just am not fast enough, would be the day that I had given up and lost confidence that I really couldn't run any faster no matter how much I had trained. I still absolutely do not feel that way, so I may still try and at least beat my own personal bests in another track meet within the next several months).
Anyway, I took 4th out of 10 runners in the 200 meter dash with a time of 26.4 seconds on Tuesday.
Wednesday, I took 4th out of 8 runners in the 100 meter dash in 13.2 seconds and 3rd place in the 400 meter dash in 58.7 seconds. (In particular, I arrived at the 100 meter dash just 4 minutes before they started it as they started 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. So I was definetly not warmed up yet). Disappointing times but I wasn't tired at all after running them, and I feel strong and ready to do even faster than that in my practices in the next week or two.

OCT. 14th & 15th-  
Today Saturday, I did my training at the new Gold's gym including some basketball by myself with a lot of running and quick moves etc. Then I did my usual running at the Pineview track, but only about 70%. I just did my training at Results training center. 
Sunday, the 15th I just warmed up a lap on the track and ran with Shanon for an easy 6 minute 24 second mile.

OCT. 16th & 17th-   
Monday, the 16th, I just did my usual training center routine with no running because my knee felt a little strained.
Tuesday, the 17th, I did all of my usual running except no 400 meters.

OCT. 20th & 21-   
Friday afternoon, I did my full routine as usual (both training center and track).
Saturday, I ran on the tread mill for 1.2 miles at 6 minute pace. I was happy for even that because I haven't ran more than a 400 meter distance for several months. So it was good to know I'm still in semi-reasonable aerobic condition. 

OCT. 23rd & 24th-   
Monday, I just did a little running in the park. Tuesday, I did my full routine at the training center and track (but no 400 meters because of my knee feeling a little pain).

OCT. 25th & 27th & 28th-   
Wednesday, I ran on the treadmill for 1.5 miles at 6 minute mile pace.
Friday, I did my usual training center routine minus most arm excercizes because of my right elbow (on going nagging injury that keeps getting reinjured since I badly injured it in my training for kick boxing almost 2 years ago). Today at the track my legs were particularly springy. I received a lot of stares and one school official preparing for the football game and another former athlete commented "You are good, really good! (same comment twice), then they said looking at each other, "I want to take lessons from him!" It made me feel motivated. I had just jumped 40 continuous 2 footed jumps over 72 meters. Then I was further motivated, and did my best left foot only jumps, 40 jumps, over a total distance of 75 meters. My right foot only jump, 40 times covered about 70 meters which was my best to date since I have been careful because of something a little uncomfortable with my right knee.
Saturday, I felt kind of stiff, but I ended up running 4 dashes (about 60-70 meters each) in the park, trying to out run our dog, Jade, and the other 2 dogs he plays with. I ran 5 or 6 sprints on Wednesday too.

OCT. 30th-   Today, Monday, I did usual training center routine and most of track routine except 400 meters (2- 100 meters, 3- sprint starts, and a 200 meter, with 3 jumps of 40 each and 2 sets of 3 step runs). Then I ran a 6 minute treadmill mile at home (I bought us 2 treadmill machines last week). One goes up to 12 mph, while the cheapest one just goes to 10 mph.

NOV. 1st, 3rd, & 4th-   Wednesday, I did a minimal training center workout only because the right side of my lower back was very tight and stiff. This is apparently from my bed which is indented in the middle (recently I've been waking up with very tight lower back muscles). 
On Friday, I did most of my training center workout, but again I didn't run because of my back which tightens up even more when I try to run. 
On Saturday, my back felt a little better. I ran 1.8 miles on the treadmill at 6 minute mile pace.
Nov. 6th-  
Today I played basketball for about an hour and felt quite tired after, so I just did a light training center routine. Didn't have enough energy to do the running and started feeling not only tired but like I was coming down with something. Sure enough, by evening it was fairly certain that I had caught a cold (it's been a long time and it rather caught me by surprise). So I basically took it easy for the next couple of days. I was almost completely over it, I thought by Tuesday night (the headache, stuffiness, and kind of chills and just plain body feeling drained of energy seemed to be about over). However, the flem, etc. continued till Thursday when I completely had it knocked by evening. 

Nov. 10th-   
Today, I did my full workout at the training center with alot of energy, and then ran 3- 1/2 miles on the tread mill (first 7.5 to 10mph, 2nd- 12 mph, 3rd- 10mph). I feel just fine now too.

NOV. !3th & 15th-  
Monday, the 13th I did my usual training at the center but just ran two 1/2 miles on the tread mill at various speeds.
On Wednesday, the 15th, I did my usual training center routine without much of the arm training and without the 2 leg curls and just a little less overall (I usually do this lighter workout on Wednesdays). Then I warmed up for 1/2 mile on the tread mill, and then ran a 6 minute mile (I was short on time today).

NOV. 18th & 20th-   
Saturday, I did training center routine and just ran 1/2 mile (8-10mph warmup) and 1.3 miles at 10mph on my treadmill (we recently bought two treadmills- one goes to 10mph, the other goes to 12mph).
Monday, the 20th, I again trained at the center, and ran on the treadmill (1/2 mile warm up and just 1 mile at 6 minute pace). I also did a few short 50 meter run into sprints with our dog at the park.

NOV. 23rd-  
I did do minor running on the treadmill on the 21st and 22nd (two 1/2 miles each day at 8-10mph the first one, and 10 mph on the 2nd). I also did about 6-  40-50 meter slow to fairly fast sprints with our dog at the park on both days. Then today, the 23rd, I did my usual training center routine and then warmed up for 1/2 mile and ran 1.85 miles at 6 minute pace on the tread mill. It was fairly easy and I could have pushed another 1/2 mile or so if I had really needed to.

NOV. 27TH-   
Today, Monday, I did my usual training center routine and warmed up for 1/2 mile at 8-10mph. Then I ran 1 mile at 10 mph. Over the weekend, I just relaxed, enjoyed family, and walked about 2 miles each day.

NOV.  30th-   Today, Thursday, I did usual training routine and ran 1.8 miles at 6 minute mile pace on my treadmill. I've had a bit of a cold since Monday afternoon.

DEC. 4th & 7th-    The cold I had was more serious than I had thought and was going down into my chest/lungs. My dad and others I talked with had had it for 3 weeks and longer so I decided to not work out the past week. I feel fine today, Monday, but I decided to forgo doing much running to avoid irritating my lungs and just ran 1/2 mile on the treadmill. I did my full training center routine. Tuesday, I ran a several short sprints with my dog in the park.
I waited until Thursday to do my full training center routine, but although I felt over the cold, I wanted to be careful with my lungs and just ran 1/2 mile on the treadmill.

DEC. 9th & 12th   
Saturday, I did my full training center routine and also ran 1.3 miles at 6 minute mile pace on our treadmill.
Today, Tuesday the 12th, I did same as above and 1.4 miles, 6 minute pace on our treadmill.

DEC. 14th-  
Today, Thursday, I did most of the training center routine except a couple of arm excercises. Also, I didn't do my usual 400 squats. I just did 1/2 mile on the treadmill because my left calf was a little bit sore.

DEC. 16th, 18th, 20th &21st   The 16th, Saturday, I just ran 1.8 miles on our treadmill at 6 minute pace after my usual 1/2 mile warm run at between 8-10mph.
The 18th, Monday, I did my usual training center routine minus part of the arm excercizes because of my left shoulder. Then I ran 2.1 miles at 6 minute pace on our treadmill with the usual warm up run.
The 20th, Wednesday, I did warm up run and just ran 1.3 miles at 6 minute mile pace.
21st, Thursday, I ran 2.3 miles at 6 minute pace on my treadmill and usual 1/2 mile running warmup. The 6 minute pace is starting to feel a little more like jogging pace but I won't be there until I can run over 3 miles at that pace without having to push it very much. I hope to be there within the next couple of weeks by just doing the treadmill about 4 times a week.

DEC. 23rd & 26th-  
Today, the 23rd, Saturday, I did most of my usual training center routine except a couple of arm excercises, and then ran 1.25 miles and 11mph (5 minute 35 second mile pace).
On Tuesday, the 26th, Tuesday, I did my usual training center routine, again minus a couple of arm excerciase because I want my shoulder to heal a little more. Then I ran .75 miles at 11 mph pace on the training center machine and ran 1.3 miles at 10mph pace on my own treadmill. I also warmed up for .5 miles from 9 to 11 mph (the 11mph pace felt harder than when I did it on Saturday- I'm not sure why, except that maybe I waited too long too train and was already somewhat hungry and I pushed my warm up at a faster pace and with no walking to start it up).

DEC. 27th, 29th & 30th-   
Thursday, I ran 1.75 miles at 6 minute mile pace on my treadmill.
Friday, Dec. 29th, Friday, I ran a 400 meter at the track in 72 seconds, then I warmed up 1/2 mile on my treadmill, and ran 2.1 miles at 6 minute mile pace.
Today, Saturday, the 30th, I did my usual training center routine and then warmed up for 1/2 mile 9-11mph. Then I ran at 11mph pace (aprox. 5 minute 35 second per mile pace) for .8 miles. It was quite difficult from about .65 miles.
This will be my last workout of the year. I hope to run again on Jan. 1st or 2nd after a good rest and be able to run at 6 minute mile pace for about 3 miles or 11mph (5 minute 35 second mile pace) for 1.5 miles or more.

2007 (Compare 2007 progress with 2006 dates: Expect better progress in 2007!?)


JAN. 2, 2007-   
Well, I didn't run at 10mph or 11mph (5 minute 35 second mile pace). Instead, I decided to run as far as I could at 12mph (5 minute mile pace). The reason I did that, was because my 15 year old daughter ran a 6 minute mile on the treadmill 2 days ago, and I had promised to try and always run at least 1 minute below her best mile. So, anyway, I did the 15 minutes of bicycling, some other leg warm ups, and after warming up for 1/2 mile, and then another 1/4 mile up to 12mph pace on my treadmill, I set it at 12 mph and ran a full 1.02 miles. It was really tuff past .8 miles but I determined to hang in and do it. My legs were pretty exhausted and my lungs got a little too overworked (it took a few hours before they felt completely normal again). But I basically felt good soon after and finished up with the rest of my leg excercises. I feel completely good now and glad I was able to do it.
JAN. 3rd & 4th-  
Yesterday, Wednesday, I did a little different training at the college with more twist excercises, but I think I'll just stick with my usual routine again from Friday. 
Today, the 4th, I took it a little easy because I felt a little tightness in my left hamstring, probably from some of the lateral squats and weaving running-step moves I did yesterday. I warmed up for a mile at 6-9mph. Then I ran 6 minute mile pace for 1.2 miles, stopped to tie my shoe lace, and then ran another 1.2 miles at 9 mph pace. It felt ok just very light tightness in my left hamstring and at the end I felt something in my lower right knee so I stopped. It went away completely a few minutes after and must have just been something superficial which happens once every now and then (slight friction or something that comes but soon goes away).

JAN. 6th & 8th- 
Saturday, the 6th, I ran a 6 minute 10 second mile with my daughter at the High School track. It was quite easy. I then ran a 400 meter in 66 seconds which I pushed quite hard. I ran a couple of run into sprints. On the last one soon after the 400 meters, I felt some pain in my right knee (lower left side) so I stopped. It bothered me for the rest of the day and I can still feel it somewhat the next day but about 70% better.
Today, Monday, the 8th, I did some of my training center routine but only did a minimal amount of toe ups, jumps and squats because of my knee. However, I foolishly went to the track and did some running because it didn't seem to hurt. After a few laps of walking and jogging, I felt it again, and somehow it had irritated it enough that it seems to now be in the same condition it was initially last Saturday when I hurt it. It isn't so painful that it absolutely stops me from running but it is somehow irritated and I feel some pressure or slight irritation with each step. This is the first time I've had this type of slight knee problem and I'm not quite sure what to think of it (an outright sharp knee pain injury, or superficial pain that quickly goes away, have been the only type of knee issues I've had before- this seems to be more like something that occurs from overuse?...is this a part of the knees wearing down/aging that I don't want to admit?).

JAN. 13th-  
To make sure my left knee was completly healed, I didn't do anything but walking until today, Saturday. Today, I did all of my training center routine except my usual 400 squats- to take it easy on my knees. My right knee, just under the bottom of the knee cap, felt fine yesterday and again today, so I figured I could work out at at least 80% strength. After, I did my 1/2 mile warm up on the treadmill, and then ran 1.7 miles at a easy pace of 9 mph. Tomorrow and Monday, we'll be skiing up at BrianHead.

JAN. 16th-  
I skied at Brian Head on the 14th and 15th (did some pretty intense skiing too, with lots of quick turns and a fair amount of high energy free style, small mogul skiing right under the main lift). As usual, I skiied at least 10 runs in the period of 3-4 hours (about 1/2 of the runs being slower with Kaori and Shanon). Although the more intense skiing can be a little tiring, it is probably counterproductive to running because it uses different muscles. I was pleasantly surprised though, that I didn't really get stiff.
Then, today, Tuesday the 16th, I did my full training center routine close to 90% plus except on squats (just 250) and toe ups (didn't jump very high on the 150 out of 400 where I usually jump up as high as I can while keeping the knees straight- the same on 50 of the 100 one leg toe ups that I usually jump stiff legged on). I was still a little careful to make sure my left knee was ok. It seems fine but it may just be getting to where it can't quite stand the pounding I probably give it with the jumping and squats. So I may just permanently tone that down to lower impact.
I warmer up for .7 miles, and then ran 1.8 miles at 10 mph pace. I pushed fairly hard, but I could have ran another .3 miles or so if I really pushed.
JAN. 17th-  Warmed up for 1.1 miles on my treadmill, then ran 1.3 miles at 10 mph pace, walked for 45 seconds and then finished another mile at 8.7 mph (7 minute per mile pace). I did a little stretching afterwards.

Jan. 19th-  
Today, Friday, I was finally able to do a full routine and pretty well do my toe ups/toe jumps at close to 90% without worring about my knee. I warmed up for about a mile on my treadmill and then ran at 10 mph for 2.5 miles. This 6 minute pace is almost back to jogging pace for me now. I should be able to do a full 3.2 miles (over 5 kilos) at that pace next week. If the weather warms up a little, I will also start running the mile and some 400's on the track next week too. Skiing again this weekend.

Jan. 22nd & 23rd-  
Today, Monday, I did my full training center routine. Then I warmed up for 1 mile on the treadmill, and ran 2.85 miles at 10 mph. If I really had to, I could keep running this pace for another 1/2 mile but that would be pushing too hard.
Today, Tuesday, the 23rd, I warmed up and ran 1 mile at about 6:10 pace on the track, then I slowly ran into a 80 meter dash. I also ran 1 set of stairs, slowly, in about 60 seconds. I'm just getting used to running outside on the solid ground and still being a little careful with my knee.

Jan. 25th and 27th-   Today, Thursday, I did my full training center workout. Then I warmed up and ran 1 mile at 5:53 mile pace at the track. Then I ran a 400 meter at 70 seconds. After that I ran 1 set of stairs (3 times) in 49 seconds.
I was tempted to run yesterday but I've decided to try and run only about every other day except for maybe some walking or lite joggging in between.

Saturday, the 27th, I bicycled for 10 minutes, and did most of the other leg excercizes but only about 70% of the repetitions. After stretching a little I went to the track and did warm up running excercizes, an 80 meter dash and 1 lap at 82 seconds. Then I ran a mile in 5 minutes and 38 seconds. I pushed it pretty hard and my legs were quite tired the last 250 meters and it stung a little in my lungs. So I rested about 10 minutes, and then decided just to do a 100 meter dash and 1 and 1/2 sets of stairs (46 seconds on the 1st- my best for the 3 sets of up and down, is 39 seconds).
Jan. 29th & 31st-   
Today, Monday, I did my part of my training center routine before I ran at the track and the other part after so I wouldn't tire myself out too much before running. However, it didn't seem to make much difference. I could only run a 5:45 minute mile. After, I was able to run an additional 67 second 400 meter and 2 fairly fast 100 meter dashes. I also did two full 3 step cycles (41 and 43 seconds). At least my lungs didn't sting at all, so maybe I didn't quite push it as hard or I'm just getting in a little better shape. My knee seems completely better and I feel confident with it now.
      The 31st, Wednesday, it was windy and a little cold, so I just ran a 2:48 minute 800 meter, rested about 6 minutes, and ran a 71 second 400 meter, rested about 4 minutes ran 100 meter, 3 minute rest and another 100 meter, 2 minute rest and did a 42 second stairs, 90 second rest and another 42 second stairs. I still had plenty of energy, so I came home and ran 1.5 miles at 6 minute mile pace on my treadmill.

Feb. 4th-  
Today, Sunday, I did my full training center routine but took it easy on the track to play it safe with my right knee (ran a slow 6:37 minute mile and 68 second 400 meter and 1 set of stairs- 43 seconds). We went skiing on Monday.

Feb. 20th-  
I haven't done any running for 16 days, except 1 mile on the tread mill at just 7:40 pace a few days ago. I just started my training center routine again about 6 days ago, again on Friday, and today. I just wanted to be completely sure with my knee and I kind of wanted to just see what it would be like to not do anything for 10 days or so- I probably had a lack of motivation to for a number of reasons...
Anyway, today, I did do my full training center routine and was able to do it at close to 100%. I felt very good and recovered. I also ran on my treadmill and was surprised that I was still able to run at 10 mph pace (6 minute mile pace) for 2.1 miles- and it wasn't difficult. I could have probably ran another 1/2 mile or so but I didn't want to overdo it. Maybe sometimes, it's even good for the body to just take off for a week or so.

Feb. 23rd thru March 10th- 
I haven't made entries for a few weeks now, but I'll try and remember the best I can....
Friday, Feb. 23rd, I did my training and ran 2.3 miles on the treadmill at 10mph pace.
Continued to be very busy and did my next training on Tuesday, Feb. 27th. Full training, ran a couple of run into 100 meter dashes, a 200 meter, and a 400 meter at 70 seconds, did one set of steps. Then I ran just under a mile on the treadmill as I felt something in my right knee again.
March 3rd, Saturday, I did my full training routine and ran 2- 90% 100 meter dashes, 200 meters, then a 400 in 68 seconds, and stairs. I tried running the treadmill but I again, felt something is my right knee, so I stopped, it still bothered me for a few days. It seems like maybe the angle I'm running on or something is different with the treadmill as compared to the track, because the last 2 times, I've been fine after my track running, but something gets irritated when I do the tread mill running. So I quess I'll hold off on the treadmill for a while and see.
March 6th, Tuesday, I did full training and ran 3- 100 meters, a 200 meter, and a 400 in 65 seconds. Then I did some stairs and finished off with my usual squats. My knee feels fine.
March 8th, Thursday, full training, 2- 100 meters, 200 meters, and another 100 meters. I was going to run the 400, but I did feel a little something again in my right knee. After I ran the stairs but a little slower than usual.
March 10th, Saturday. Today I did just a little at the training center after my track workout.
I ran a couple of 100 meters, then I ran a mile with my daughter in about 6 minute 35 second pace, then I ran a 200 meters in about 28 seconds, followed by a set of 3 stairs (up and down) in a record pace of 38.2 seconds! My knee felt fine. It's hard to figure out what occasionally bothers it, but obviously it must just be something rather superficial because I'm doing alot harder using of my knees with these sprints etc. than with the slow jog pace that sometimes irritates it on the treadmill. Maybe there's just a tiny sharp edge or something that irritates at a certain angle or something?? Everything, including my whole body, feels great now and very rested too.

It's now been almost 4 week since my last entry. I've been as busy as I've ever been in my entire life with 16 hour days almost 7 days a week for the past few weeks. The first 2 weeks I was only able to get 1 rather short workout in per week. This past 2 weeks I've squeezed in 2 per week. Despite that, I seem to have maintained my conditioning fairly well as I ran a 63 second 400 meter in regular shoes 2 days ago which wasn't very difficult. Also, my knee seems completely better, and even my wrist which I thought I had permanently damaged about a year ago, seems to have gotten even better to where I can actually finally do some regular wrist type pushups on it again. So the physical rest may have even been somewhat good.
I will probably be able to do a full workout tomorrow, and then continue with 2-3 workouts per week. I finally finished 2 real estate purchases this week along with the sale of our Brian Head condo and sale of our almost new sports car as well. So I should be less busy now for a while except for the upcoming sale of our St. George house and the accompanying move to Beaver Dam, Arizona (just 30 miles south).
Interestingly, having been so busy I often didn't even have time to eat. I lost about 8 pounds and am down to a very low 162 pounds- but I feel fine and my strength doesn't seem to be any different.

APRIL 7TH & 11th-   
Saturday, and today Wednesday, I did my full workouts, but still just the minimal actual running. On the 7th I ran 2- 100's, a 400 (at 66 seconds) and on set of stairs. 
On the 11th, I ran 2- 100s, a 400 (65 seconds), a 200, and a set of stairs.
I just found out that the Mesquite Senior Games will be on May 12th. So I'll probably try and go to 3 workouts a week from next week.

APRIL 14TH & 16th-   
Saturday, I did my usual training center routine and ran at the track. I first did my usual warm up leg work, and then ran 100 meters, then 400 meters (at 64.5 seconds), and then another 100 and a 200. I finished with 1 set of stairs (3 times up and down as usual- today's time was a little slow at 43.5 seconds- my best is 38 seconds).
Today, (yet to be done, but necessary if I'm to start 3 workouts from this week- just so darn busy though!).
APRIL 17TH & 21st-  
I didn't make my goal of starting 3 workouts this week. Just got in 2 rather minimal ones.
On Wednesday the 17th, I did my usual training center routine and ran just 2- 100 meters and 1- 400 meter (65 seconds) and a set of stairs. 
On the 21st Saturday, I only did about 1/2 of my usual training center routine as I ran out of time. I ran 2- 100 meters and a slow 67 second 400 meter and stairs.

APRIL 26th-  
It's been another big gap in my training again (5 days) and I was planning on running 3-4 times a week for the upcoming track meet on May 12th. I'll be lucky to run under a 60 second 400 meter let alone under the 57 that I'd at least like to be at by May of the year. If I can't get down to around 55 seconds by the June, Utah Summer games, there is probably no way I would even have a chance of getting down anywhere near the 51.3 second world record this year for the 50-54 year old age group. And if I don't do it here at 52 years old (I turn 52 in May), then I'll probably just have to start working towards trying for a world record right after I turn 55 in the 55 to 59 year old group of about 53 seconds. I quess I'm really not that serious about it as is obvious with the little training I'm doing...mainly because work has become a lot bigger priority recently as I've recently decided to work for full financial independence within a year or two (3 at most just before I turn 55).
Anyway, I did my usual training center routine. Then I ran a 100, 400 (64.5 seconds), a 200, and stairs. I felt pretty good. So it seems that I don't lose much even when I have 4 or 5 days between work outs (last time there were 4 days at I seemed about the same too).

APRIL 30th, May 2nd & 4th-  
Well I finally did a 3 day workout week. I ran Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I even did a pool running workout today, Saturday. I ran at least 2- 100's each workout along with a 400 meter and a 200 meter dash. On Friday I ran a little extra. I also did my full training center workouts on Monday and Friday. I'd really like to get well below a 60 second on the track meet on the 12th. Then if possible, I'd like to get down to a sub 55 second by the Utah Summer games on June 20th. That would probably put me in the top 5 runners in the U.S. this year. My daughter is also motivated to cut a lot of time off her personal best at the Utah Summer games as well.

MAY 6th, 9th and 12th-  
On the 6th I did just my track workout. I remembered that we had dinner at my parents place and I hurriedly went to the track and didn't really have time to warm up and did my whole workout in about 20 minutes. I ran a 400 in 62 seconds, did 100, and ran about 250, then stairs. I pushed quite hard on all of them. Later, I noticed I had slightly pulled my left calf muscle, probably from not warming up sufficiently. I've got to plan better and discipline myself to always warm up or even just skip the workout if I don't have enough time.
On Wednesday, the 9th, I finally felt like my calf muscle was ok and I did most of my training center routine and a track workout (usual 100, 200 and 400 meters-about 65 seconds).
On Saturday, the 12th, I ran in the Mesquite Summer games. I had been told by the director the night before that the 400 would be around 10:30 AM. I arrived at 9:40 AM but they had already just ran the 400. The director said he was sorry for the mistaken information and that I could be timed with the next group. I only had about 15 minutes to warm up, and I pushed the warmup running too quickly and felt the often recurring pain in my knee (from an old injury about 12 years ago that I got from training on the heavy bag for a kick boxing match that was cancelled). Sometimes it goes away when I warm up more, so I kept trying to warm up, and it finally felt good when I was running straight but not on the curves. So to further warm up, I ran along the side on the 100 meter dash. I wasn't going to push it at all and started out easily from a standing start, but then my competitiveness kicked in a little and I wanted to try and catch up with the first place guy. I nearly caught him at the end with just about a couple hundredths of a second over his 13.33 seconds. It was a slow time, but I probably pushed to hard for warming up. I then tried running the curves, and although I felt something in my right knee again, I kept warming up until I didn't feel it much. I then asked them if they'd time me for the 400 and I ran it by myself without spikes, in 60.4 seconds.  It was slow, but I probably shouldn't even have ran it as I was worrying about my knee and it not only slowed me down but it agravated the condition more. It's now 2 days later on Monday, and I can still feel it a little when I walk, so I've been taking it easy. It should be fine in a couple more days, but again, I've got to discipline myself to just not run when I have even a slight injury. Training hard has never been my problem;- It's always been a problem of training too much when I shouldn't.
Well, either I learn that lesson and that patience or I'm never going to get close to the times I'm working for. 

MAY 18th-  
Today, Friday, I finally started my workouts again. It's been a 6 day lay off because of my knee. It felt fine today and I did about 80-90% of my usual training center routine. Then I ran a 100 and 250 meter, plus stairs at the track.

MAY 22nd & 26th-   
On the 22nd, Tuesday, I only had time to try and do a short track work out. I wasn't able to warm up much at all, and as soon as I started running the 100 meters, I felt something in my right knee again. So I stopped.
I've continued to at least go on a walk daily, and sometimes run just a little as I'm walking. Finally, Saturday the 26th, I was able to get in a full training center workout and ran on the track a little. My knee felt fine and it seemed like I hadn't really lost much. However, I only ended up having time to run 2- 100 meters, and a 250 meter- and 1 set of stairs.  

MAY 29th, JUNE 2nd & 6th-  
Tuesday, May 29th- I did my full training center routine and track (2- 100 meters & 1- 250 meters, and 1 set of stairs.
Saturday, June 2nd- I did the same training.
Wednesday, June 6th- Same training again. 
During the long breaks and also up until today, June 6th, I have had a lot of work, but I have been doing a fair amount of walking on my 15 acre land with the surveying and planning etc. and even a little jogging back and forth when possible (often in 100 degree plus heat).

JUNE 6th, 9th, 14th & 18th- 
I've just been too busy, and my motivation has been lacking a little because of how I always seem to get injuries when I train more intensely....I did the bare minimum on each of the last 4 workouts (most of my training center workout, but only 1 track workout- the rest were just running 1/2 mile in our condo complex and a little sprinting on the road). Even if I run on June 22nd at the Utah Summer games, it's doubtful that I could do any better then the 60 seconds I ran in the Mesquite games because I'm in about the same shape- and I still would only run in regular running shoes without spikes at this time. That basically adds close 1-2 seconds on to the time.

JUNE 25th-  
My knee was still bothering me a little (especially since I practiced basketball and did lifted a bunch of 80 lb. cement bags as well as a lot of other things I haven't done recently). So I decided to pass on the summer games.
It has been 1 full week since I trained, but today, Tuesday the 25th I did my full training center routine (mostly about 90% to 100%). I also ran two 100 meter dashes (somewhat slow) and ran a 250 meter, and 2 stair sets. I felt it a little in my knee when I first started running but I was able to control the angle on my knee and soon thru the warm up, I didn't feel anything.

JUNE 28th & JULY 1st-  
Thursday, June 28th, I did my full training (but light on the overhead lifting because of hurting my left shoulder muscle last time). Ran at the track (the usual- 2- 100 meters, 1 longer 300 meters, and 2 sets of stairs at 44 and 43 seconds). My knee felt fine although I could tell I needed to be carefull on keeping my legs straight forward with no angling to the right or left.
July 1st, I did my usual training and ran at the track 2- 100's, and 1- 275 meters (last 25 meters I stopped because of feeling a little something with my knee again- I also only did 1 set of stairs- I think I probably stopped in time because it's now Monday afternoon and my knee has felt fine all day).

JULY 5th, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 13, 26th-  I have been doing my training every 3rd day just to keep up my same level and trying to get everything healed too. I started taking a new product for nutrition, and another product for joints (knees etc.). It seems to be working very well. My knee feels great and even my elbow area joint is finally better from my softball throw injury over 1 year ago. Also, my right wrist injury that hasn't allowed me to do pushups for over a year is almost better (I can do about 15 pushups on it now- many more if I keep my wrist straight and do it on my knuckles).
Anyway, I've just basically been maintaining, but I hope to begin gradually increasing the level fairly soon as I feel confident that everything is completely healed and this product has done it's full benefit. I have actually increased the weights a little already.  

NOV. 16th-27th-  
I've been extremely busy with my property sales, but I've kept myself in fair shape with about 2 workouts a week. For the last 3 weeks before Nov. 16th I was only able to go to the training center about once a week but fortunately I didn't notice a decline in my body strength. However, since I haven't really done any aerobic workouts except the 15 minutes I do on the bike at the training center and a fast jog for about 300 meters during my walks (once or twice a week), I did lose some of my running conditioning.
On Nov. 16th, I decided to start gradually working towards running in some races in the spring. I went on a walk and fast jogged for 300 meters (about 60 seconds) which I haven't done for about 3 weeks. The next day I just walked, and on Nov. 18th Sunday, I did the mile plus walk and the slow 300 meters again in about 61 seconds.
Monday Nov. 19th, I went to the training center, did my full workout and then ran a 6 minute mile pace for 1.1 miles on the treadmill. It was rather exhausting, but I was ok with my lungs and basically ok with my legs too. However, I seemed to slightly irritate my right knee so I didn't do any more running for the next 4 days.
Nov. 23rd, Friday, I did my full walk and a little jogging.
Nov. 24th I did my full workout and did a little running on the treadmill. 8 mph for 1/2 mile and 10mph for 1/4th mile.
Nov. 25 I went for a nice walk with friend along the Virgin river and did about 5 semi sprints with our dog for about 50 to 100 meters each.
Nov. 27, Tuesday, I went to the training center, and did a full routine at full strength, and then ran 1.75 miles at 10mph (6 minute mile pace). It was rather easy and I could have gone farther, but I wanted to make sure my knee wasn't over used (the basic rest for the past several days gave me plenty of energy today). I will try and walk and jog 2 or 3 miles for most days from now on and periodically do some faster 300 to 800 meter running along with occasional treadmill running.

NOV. 29- DEC. 3rd-  
Thursday I walked twice during the day and ran a little on the morning walk (300 meters at 67 seconds). Felt something in my right knee, so I slowed at the end.
Nov. 30, Friday, I did my full training, and then started my running warmup (quick leg ups etc.). However, when I started to jog I could feel something in my LEFT knee (unusual) and I stopped.
Dec. 1, Saturday, I just walked twice during the day (about 1 and 1/4 miles each time).
Sunday, I walked and started running a little on the tread mill, but I felt rather tired so I only did about .75 miles (8-10mph).
Dec. 2nd, Sunday, I did full training again, but when I started running on the treadmill my legs were rather tired and I only walked and jogged about 1 mile.
Dec. 3, Monday, I did 2 mile plus walks.

DEC. 4- 9th-  
12/4, Tuesday, I felt quite rested today as I basically rested yesterday, and ran 2.1 miles on the treadmill at 6 minute mile pace (it was fairly easy).
Dec. 5, Wednesday, I just walked a few times during the day (about 1 mile to 1.5 miles each time).
Dec. 6, Thursday, I did my full training and ran a little over 1/2 mile (around our block), in 3 min. 9 seconds.
Dec. 7, Friday, I just walked a little and ended up working on our 2nd home.
Dec. 8, Saturday, I did a little more work on the home and came home and ran 1.85 miles at 6 minute mile pace on the treadmill. My back felt a little bit out, probably from the work on the home.
Dec. 9, My back still felt a little out of place and so I only road the bicycle at the training center (just 10 minutes). 

DEC. 10- 23rd-   12/10 Monday, I walked twice during the day (back still feels out).
12/11 Walked twice during the day and ran a little on the treadmill but only up to 8mph because of my back.
12/12 Wednesday, my back seems to be getting a little better, but now my right knee seems to have been compensating for the tightness of my back when I ran on the treadmill yesterday. So I just walked a little today and only did some minor training at the center. No jumping with my toe ups, and no leg machine excercises.
12/13 I walked 3 times during the day with just a slight bit of jogging. My back isn't quite as stiff but still not 100%.
12/14 Friday, Did a little work on the 2nd home in the mornng and came back and walked some more. I hurt my right arm breaking a board that my friend/martial arts teacher held (I hit it too hard and it broke with no resistance which surprised me and I hyperextended my arm which hurt my elbow). So I didn't run today and I had a little difficulty sleeping last night when even I moved my arm.
12/15 My back feels almost normal, my knee seems fine, and even my elbow/arm seems greatly improved except for the inner most part of the injury (maybe on the ligament). Later I walked and jogged about 1.5 miles on our treadmill (about 1/2 mile at 8 and 9mph).
12/16 Sunday, today I walked my aprox. 1.5 mile course. Then at about 2PM I walked and jogged a total of 3 miles on our treadmill- I rested in the middle for 4 minutes and ran 1.75 miles at 10mph/6 minute mile pace fairly easily. My back felt completely better today- no stiffness when I ran, and my knee was fine too. My elbow muscles feel fine (can raise my arm). However, still something slightly damaged in the ligaments.
12/17 Just walked for a couple of miles and did about 1/2 mile at 8-9mph on the treadmill.
12/18 I went to the training center, but only did 15 minutes on the bike and some toe ups, leg ups, leg machines and about .7 miles on the treadmill. I finished up some more excercises at home and did another mile walking on the tread mill with just a little jogging. My legs just didn't feel very perky like yesterday.
My back is completely better and my elbow is continuing to improve.
12/19 Wednesday, I ran 2.4 miles on my treadymill at 10mph pace.
12/21 Friday, I went to the training center and did almost all my excercizes about 85% on my legs and about 65% on my arms. Then I ran 1.8 miles at 10mph on my treadmill.
12/22 Just walking twice in the day and I slow and then quick jogged the 300 meter stretch on the road.
12/23 I walked and jogged just .7 miles on my treadmill in the morning before leaving to the annual Christmas party at my sister's.

12/25 Tuesday, I drove back from Ogden and arrived after 9 PM. Then about 10 PM I warmed up/walking and slight jogging for .4 miles, and then ran 2.5 miles at 10mph (6 minute mile pace).
12/26 I walked and slightly jogged my 1.5 mile? walking course in the morning. Then I felt tired and laid down for about 1 hour. After that, about 1 PM I did my full training center routine (except some of the arm excercizes). Then I ran 2 miles at 10mph on my treadmill.

12/27- 1/3 I basically took a vacation from excercising except my almost daily walks (1-3 times a day).
Jan. 5th and 8th, 2008
 I went to the training center and did all of my leg excercizes but just a little on the arm excercizes because of the tendon in my right arm not being completely healed. I also finished my floor excercizes and did some sprints after each training session.

JAN. 9- FEB. 18, 2008
Well, I obviously haven't written for a while. 
I really haven't done much in the past month, and I did have a little more irritation with my right knee.
I've basically continued walking a mile or two each day interspursed with a little jogging along the way (I've also recently been taking my dog out almost every evening for walks/partial runs, around our neighborhood). I've continued to do my training center routine, but it has been just twice a week or sometimes every 3 days.
My knee and arm seem to be fine now and so I'm starting to do an easy timed half mile every 3rd day (which is now usually just under 3 minutes) and I'm doing my full training routine now with arm excercises as well.

FEB. 19-25, 2008
I continue to do my daily morning walks (sometimes with a few hundred yards of jogging) and my evening walks with my dog (usually with a few short slow sprints). I've also trained at the training center every 3rd day. My last 2 sessions were close to 100% with almost all excercises (leg and arm- and full toe-up/jumping 3-400 times). I also added a set of 40 low level 220 pound leg presses. My 1/2 mile is now about 2:50 (which I do at the end of my training and run at about 85% of my maximum at this point).

FEB. 27 & 29
I did my full training routine Wed. 27th, and Friday, the 29th (as well as Monday, the 25th- so 3 training this week instead of my recent, usual twice a week). I ran the 1/2 mile in 2:42 on Wed. and 2:48 on Friday.

MARCH 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 15, 18th, 2008
I continued doing 3 workouts for the past 2 weeks. I've doing everything 100% including my arm excercises (my arms seem to be completely better now and I can throw too, and do 80 pound free weight over head presses 10 times with no pain, and 10+ full extension pull ups . My knee is good and I've been jumping about as high as I ever have on the 350-400 toe ups with stiff legged jumps (my whole head was above the bar several times = about 26 inches with basically straight legged continued jumps of over 50 at a time).
I also have continued to run the half mile (between 2:40- 2:50). I also usually run 1 or 2 80 meter sprints.

MARCH 19 THRU JUNE 21, 2008
Sorry I haven't written for 3 months now. 
I've been very busy and over in Tokyo during much of April and May.
Actually I hurt my back/neck while participating in some kick boxing, juijitsu lessons. So I'm just now getting back into some regular training. 
I basically started about 2 weeks ago, and I'm just up to jogging about 1.5 miles on the treadmill at about 7 minute pace, lightly running an 80 and 100 meters, along with all of my other usual excercizes (about 80%now). If I can even just get up to my normal maintenance level in the next few weeks, then I'll probably begin training for the World Huntsman Senior games in October.
I will try to make entries at least once or twice a week.

June 21, 2008
Health and Diet tip:
Over the past few years I've been surprised to have a couple of comments on my skin being relatively smooth and healthy looking for my age. Actually, I haven't been as good as I might have in staying out of the sun- and I've had some pretty good sunburns. However, at least the last several years, I've tried to build up before spending longer times in the sun. So my skin isn't as good as it might have been, but I quess it is better than average.
The thing I believe has really helped (despite the sun exposure) is NOT using any skin care products, including lotion. In fact I rarely even use soap. I just wash well with water (except for washing my hair with a quality shampoo every 2-3 days). Keeping chemicals off the skin is probably the best thing you can do to keep the skin looking young and naturally moisturized etc. So try and avoid lotions and even sunscreen which they're now finding don't seem to help in preventing skin cancer over those who don't use it- probably because of the chemicals in the sunscreen. If you must use soap, it's probably better not to overly scrub because this can mess up the natural balance of helpful skin culture bacteria. 
Also, don't become extreme in avoiding the sun completely. You actually do need a little sun exposure for vitamin D and even to help in bone density maintenance. At very least, do as some doctors are now recommending, and get some direct sun on your legs.

JULY 20 TO JULY 30, 2009
To those of you who have accessed my website for the past year, I'm sorry that I haven't added any new comments. In checking my statistics it appears that there are over 1,000 hits per month, so I will try and do at least a weekly update.

I finally decided to train for another competitive race 10 days ago on July 20th (I was going to just wait until just before my 55th birthday to start training because I will have a much bigger advantage being the youngest in the 55-59 year age group instead of being the oldest in the 50-54 year group like I am now). However, I decided to find out where I'm at now to better make a serious run at a good record right when I turn 55 next year.
I began what I'd call prepatory training to be able to actually train. This was just a mile walk with about 400 meter jog, rest and then a 320 meter run (all on the paved road not far from our home).
I've done this 5 times. My best time on the 320 meter run was 50.1 seconds, running with my younger brother 45 year old brother which really motivated me (probably equivalent to about a 65 second 400 meter). However, I tried running an actual 400 meter on the track on Sunday, July 26th and could only do it in 72 seconds as I was still a little stiff and maybe not fully warmed up.
I did my usual training center training again today (which I've been doing twice a week for the past year rather than 3 times a week like I'd done for over 25 years-  I seem to be able to maintain fairly well with just twice a week, or so I tell myself that as I really don't want to go 3 times a week). Anyway, after my usual workout of pullups, pushups, backups, toeups, leg presses, toe jumps etc. I ran a 400 meter dash in 65 seconds (also just before that I ran 1/2 mile on the treadmill at 8.7mph and did some leg warm ups on the track and a couple of semi sprints).
I'm preparing for the Huntsman International Senior games on October 3rd. It is a major event and the best I've ever placed is 3rd in the 400 meter at 57.01 seconds. To place 1st I would probably need to run between 55 and 56 seconds. That is my minimal goal, but I'd really like to at least break 55 seconds if not actually obtain my goal of 4 years ago of 53.8 seconds to break my personal best of 54.2 seconds set 13 years ago when I was 41. Well reality will tell soon. The best thing I can do is not get injured. Looking back through my entries, I always say that, but this time I'm going to even try and stop myself right in the middle of timing myself if necessary when I feel even the slightest pain (I hope I can do that as I always push to hard and feel like I must get more training in etc; but that is no good if I get injured, and there is no margin of error with so little time left before the track meet). 

AUGUST 2, 2009
This morning I walked and jogged a couple of laps on the track, did a few semi-sprints, and then timed a 400 meter again. It was just 66 seconds, which was a little disappointing. However, since I almost always run 2 or 3 seconds slower in the morning, it should be at least a 64 second time in the afternoon or evening.
AUGUST 4, 2009 I did my full training at training center, but after doing the bicycle and running about 1/2 mile on the tread mill, I went over to the track. I did some leg warm up routine and a few short sprints. Then I ran the 400 meter again. It was 4 p.m. and although I felt a little stiff, I ran it in 64.5 seconds
AUGUST 5th  Did my 3 times a week 1.5 mile walk including about 1/4 mile of jogging (which I started 2 weeks ago) and an aprox. 320 meter run at 50.1 seconds (actually probably about 49.5 as it took at least a 1/2 a second to stop my wrist watch timer after running past the goal line).
AUGUST 6  Same as August 4, but I did two 100 meter sprints and 2 stairs (43 seconds with 90 second rest and 45 seconds- this is 3 times up and down). My 400 meter time was 64 seconds, but I definitely could have ran faster if I would have warmed up a little more as I ran my fastest 100 meter after the 400 meter. My body just needs more warming up and now I'm almost in good enough shape to do sufficient warm up running to run my the timed portion better. I think I can finally start doing what I think is actual training within a week (I also feel I could already probably run the 400 meters in about 61 seconds with spikes, a 3 day rest and an actual race with it's added adrenalin).
AUGUST 9  I warmed up with some short sprints and timed myself on the 400 meters at the Weber State University track in Ogden. I think I must have done my start to quickly (as I've only been starting very slowly before) and I did something minor to my knee which I began to feel on the 2nd curve. However, I didn't completely quit as it didn't seem like anything serious at all (finished in 69 seconds). But I must stop with even the slightest strains to be able to proceed injury free. At least I was able to discipline myself to not run the next 2 days.
AUGUST 12  I did my 1.5 mile walk with jogging and 320 meter run (55 seconds).
AUGUST 13  I did my full training center routine. I warmed up and ran 3 fast 100 meter sprints and 2 stairs (45 and 43 seconds again). I decided to hold off on the 400 today because of the curves. Also, I began thinking again that I reallly do like the sprints better....

AUGUST 15  Slight warm up at track and then I ran 3 fast 100 meters and 2 stairs (42.5 and 42.8 seconds with 90 second rest).
AUGUST 17, Monday  I did my 1.5 mile walk this morning with 500 meter jog and 320 meter run (53 seconds). In the afternoon I did my usual training center routine but as usual, recently, I left for track in the middle right after doing the bicycle for 15 minutes and about .7 miles walk run on the tread mill. Recently, I do level 12 on the bike for the first 11 minutes (90-95 cycles per minute) with two 10 second bursts of 160-165 pace (my highest recently had been about 175-- but on an easier riding bike 13 years ago in Provo, I did 214 cycles per minute for about 10 seconds). Then the last 4
 minutes are at level 14 for 90-95 pace (total around 4.6 miles- my record is just over 5 miles in the 15 minutes). Anyway, I ran just two 80 meters at less than full speed because I felt something in my lower right back. So I ran the 400 meters (66.5 seconds but it was more tired than I would have liked). Then I did 2 stairs at 44.5 and 45.1 seconds).
AUGUST 19, I just did the 1.5 mile with jog and 320 meters (52 seconds). Also did track, 2 100 meters, and one almost 250 meter running back and forth on the straightaway. Then 2 steps (44 and 43 seconds).
AUGUST 20, Thursday  I did usual training center routine and went to the track but I still didn't think I should run the 400 meter curves (and also, I'm really wanting to do the 100 meter more and I enjoy it much more too). So I ran 2 100 meters and a back and forth 250 meter. I was quite tired and could only do the step in 46 and 45 seconds.
August 22 I ran 2 100's and they definitely felt faster than usual (there was also a big wind). Then the usual 250 meters. 2 stairs at 45 and 45 seconds. Then I ran .8 miles on the treadmill at 10 mph pace (and it was quite easy).
AUGUST 23  I did my 1.5 mile walk with 500 meter jog and 320 meter run (51 seconds).
AUGUST 24  Training center (with .7 miles jogging and running on treadmill- tried the 12mph setting briefly and realized how relatively out of shape I am compared to when I ran that 12mph setting for a mile 2 years ago). At the track I did 2 100 meters and a 400 meter in 63 seconds (a little faster than before but somewhat disappointing- although my legs were fairly worn out from yesterday's and 2 days before runs, and the full training center workout today before I ran--- I think with a couple days off I should be at about 60-61 seconds--- and realizing that I could definitely run it at least a 2 seconds faster with spikes and an actual race). 
AUGUST 25 I just walked a little and did the treadmill at 8 mph for .5 miles at 10:30 p.m., but I felt something slightly in my knee and stopped.
AUGUST 26  I did my 1.5 mile walk and partial jog but my knee started to hurt so I quit (that was 9 hours earlier and my right knee is still bothering me- I'm wondering if I somehow agravated it a little with the 400 meter run yesterday after all of the other running and weights I had done- hard to know- seems like I can't win when it comes to these little nit picky nagging injuries!
AUGUST 28  I did my full training center routine today at about 90%. My knee seemed fine, but I still took it real easy on the running and just did two 80 meter runs by my house.
AUGUST 30  I've been tempted to go to the track yesterday and today, but I didn't do anything yesterday but a little walk with slight jog. Today I did a little warm up and three 20 second sprints in our clubhouse pool and enjoyed the spa. I feel good now including my right lower back which has been feeling just a little irritation on the sciatic nerve at certain time.
I plan to do my full routine tomorrow including track workout.

SEPT. 5 Well, I finally got back to doing a work out today. I have no idea why my knee didn't seem to get completely better. It would seem to be better and I'd plan on running, and then it would start to hurt. I didn't seem like anything serious but then it would actually hurt even to walk on it for a while like there was some little jagged edge or something.
Anyway, I finally did my work out at the training center (after a full 8 days off) and I ran for the first time at the track since Aug. 26th (10 days). What a waste of time. It really bothers me that I can never seem to get a full month or two of uninterupted training, and that whenever I feel like I can finally start doing some more serious training I get a ticky injury!
I just ran a jog into 50, 80 and 100 meter run. Then 1 stair in a slow 51 seconds to be sure on my knee (right knee- as in the past- probably from the very bad knee injury I had kicking the heavy bag about 15 years ago which I never had operated on).
SEPT. 10, Wednesday.
I did my full training center routine later at night and ran in front of my home (just 3 short sprints). My knee seemed fine (but still not fully confident with it).
SEPT. 13, Saturday  I walked my 1.5 mile course with small jog and ran the 320 meter run in just under 54 seconds. My knee felt fine.
SEPT. 14, Monday  I did my full training center routine and everything was good. I feel like I could be back to where I was on August 26th within a week in speed (but I may not run the corners). I might just end up running the 100 meter this time (at least in practice I'lll just run that without doing curves but I'll run back the other way after the 100 meter in order to get some more stamina to possibly just chance running the 200 meter also in the competition in October).
I ran three 70 to 100 meters and 2 stair in 54 and 51 seconds (wanted to do more but I restrained myself).

SEPT. 16, Wednesday. I walked 1.5 mile course with jog and 320 meter run in 53.5 seconds.

SEPT. 18, Thursday, I've been very busy with my new real estate business (I've gathered a team of 2 more people I've hired and with percentages). It's been a lot of work in getting everything going, training, research etc. So I haven't done much on the running and may be minimal the next week or so. 
However, today, although I was very tired and REALLY didn't want to train, I just went and started riding the stationary bike which I thought I would quit after 5 minutes as I had very little energy and just REALLY didn't want to train. I kept going, and although it was a little slower rpm's that usual, I finished the full 15 minutes. Then I pushed myself to do the next and the next excercises. About 10 minutes into that I finally got myself up some more and it became easier until I ended up finishing my whole routine including all that I do at home. I didn't do the track as usual recently (no time), but I ran some sprints in front of our house.
Sept. 20, Saturday, I did the 1.5  mile course, jog and 320 meter run in 52 seconds.
Sept. 21, Monday, I did my full training center routine and ran the usual 3 short sprints in front of our home.
Sept. 23, Wednesday, 1.5 mile course, jog, 320 meters in 53 seconds seconds (was relatively easy).
Sept. 24, Thursday, 1.5 mile course, jog, 320 meters in 50.3 seconds (I pushed hard). Then in the evening, I did my full training center routine, but not the usual sprints in front of my home as I thought I shouldn't do too much in one day (but I did want to do more- but I have to discipline myself to hold back in order not to get the same old knee injury). 
Sept. 26 Saturday, 1.5 mile course, jog, 320 meters in 49.5 seconds (best yet), but I ran hard.
Sept. 28 Monday, I went to the track and ran three 100 meters and practiced 2 standing starts. Then 2 stairs in 40.2 seconds and 41.8 seconds. My legs and everything feels good. I wanted to do alot more but I refrained. 

SEPT. 30, In the morning I did my 1.5 mile walk with 600 meter jog and 320 meter run (51 seconds). In the evening I did my full training center routine and just a couple of sprints in front of my home. My right knee and right quad feel fine (although I don't dare quite go all out).
OCT. 2, I just walked the 1.5 mile couse with a 300 meter jog. In the afternoon, on the track, with my lite shoes, I plan on running a few sprints (and maybe a 300 meter equivalent up and down the straightaway to avoid the curves for my knee). I haven't even worked out with my liter short distance shoes let a lone with spikes. So I really am quite unprepared for the Huntsman International Games this coming Tuesday and Wednesday (just 3 and 4 days). Today should be my last real work out before the track meet.

OCT. 3, Saturday, I went over to the track to do some sprints and a possible 300 meter for a little stamina. I planned on only running in the Wednesday 100 and 400 meter dashes. So today was to be my last fairly hard workout and then take if easy for 4 days. However, when I got to the track they were starting a game and I had to rush my workout and ended up pulling my left quad. So that pretty well ended my training for the upcoming meet. These darn little injuries and not having set times to be able to run on the track (and maybe lack of dedication as I suppose I could have come back a few hours later after the game and done a better warm up etc).
OCT. 10, It's 1 week later now. I was a little disappointed last week after pulling my quad muscle (but as usual, I very quickly got over it). I'm not sure if there was a lesson learned, except maybe that you can't control everything and the only thing that you have complete control over (and that can't be injured or fail like a business etc., is your own inner growth). 
Well, at least I didn't force myself to run even with the slightly pulled quad (before I certainly would have still entered the race anyway and kind of sacrifised my leg hoping that it could hold up for the event). It's Saturday night, one week later as I'm writing this, and because I let my leg heal, it is basically better now. So I can look forward to the ski season now (and playing a little tennis and maybe some basketball).
OCT. 12, Monday, I did my usual full training at the training center and ran a few short sprints on the road in front of my house.
OCT. 14, I did my 1.5 mile walk, 600 meter jog, and 320 meter slightly uphill 320 meters in 53 seconds.
OCT. 15, The same in the morning with 320 meters in 52.5 seconds. Then full training center routine and 3 short sprints.
OCT. 17, 1.5 mile walk, jog and 320 meters in 52 seconds.
OCT. 19, 1.5 mile routine, 320 in 51 seconds. Full training center routine with 3 short sprints.
OCT. 21, 1.5 mile routine, 50.5 seconds. 
OCT. 22, 1.5 mile routine, 49.8 seconds. Full training center routine (and I did the 400 toe ups with jumps at a considerably higher level, higher jumping). I am really feeling good and seem to be concistently improving. 
OCT. 26, Monday. 1.5 mile routine, walk, jog, 320 meters in 50.5 seconds (I wanted to do this routine and run this last Saturday and Sunday but I've just been too busy and was tired. I also did my full training center routine workout today.
OCT 28, Wednesday 1.5 mile routine, 320 meters in 50.2 seconds.
OCT. 29, 1.5 mile routine, 320 meters in 50 seconds. I did my full training center routine and also ran 3 sprints in front of our home.
OCT. 31, 1.5 mile routine, 320 meters in 49.8 seconds.
NOV. 1, 1.5 mile routine, 320 meters in 49.5 seconds.(Note: I'm always running these in the morning with just jogging shoes and I'm not at all warmed up-- and I run hard but I would run harder in an actual race). If my calculations are correct, I should now be able to run about a 62 second 400 meter on the track just in practice with these jogging shoes (and probably a 58-59 second 400 meter with spikes and an actual race with the extra adrenalin and the 3 day rest before a competition).
Nov. 2, Monday, I did my full training routines and 3 short sprints in front of our house. I feel great. No pulls or strains etc. at all in my legs. Just a little something with my left shoulder (from my injury 13 years ago).
Nov. 4, Wed. I did the 1.5 mile walk, jog routine. 49.3 seconds on the 320 meters.
Nov. 5, Thurs. 1.5 mile routine. Ran the 320 meters in my best time yet of 48.7 seconds. It's really surprising that my times are going down like this with just the 3-4 times of running just this 320 meters (and only 1 time each). Also, it's first thing in the morning when I'm not warmed up at all and it's on the hard road/pavement. Yet it doesn't seem to bother my legs and I'm not having any injuries despite the basically total lack of warm up and not doing any other running (except the little 5-600 meter jog I do just before running it). I think I would be at 57 seconds or better now in a 400 meter competition which would rank me probably easily in the top 16 in America like I was 3 years ago with a 57.1 second time. And if I just maintain this seemingly easy pace, I should be in the top 10 in 6 months when I move into the 55-59 year olds. And I'll be the youngest in that age group which will make me even more competitive. Barring injuries, I really feel I should be able to run a world record in that age group next year (but somehow injuries have always seemed to stop my training before it progressed anywhere close to what I felt was nearing my limits)....It seems like less is more (even more than I may have thought.
I'm curious to see how much further I can push these times with just these minimal maintenance type workouts. 
I know I need to get a coach when I start to get serious about my training in about the begginning of February so that I won't get any injuries (and to maximize my training). This time maybe I will really find and pay for one.
NOV. 7, Saturday  I did my usual 1.5 mile MORNING routine and ran the 320 meters up slope in a personal best again of 48.5 seconds (even though I didn't feel as energetic as on Thursday).
NOV. 9, Monday  Did usual training center routine and ran 3 short sprints in front of home.

NOV. 11, I did my 1.5 mile morning walk, with the 500 meter jog to run for warm up, and then ran the 320 meters at my best time yet (again) of 48.4 seconds (and I was wearing a jacket). At least I'm quite consistent now in this 48-49 second range. This appears to kind of be my maintenance time (the time I can run with just minimal workouts and maintain). I'll probably just try and maintain this speed until the begginning of January and then start some more serious training in preparation for my 55th birthday in the beginning of May and then run in a competitive race in my new 55-59 year old age group.
The world record for the 55-59 year olds is 52.24 seconds. I'm probably at just under 57 seconds now with a competition, 3 days rest and spikes (which would actually put me in the top 15 in the world as per 2008 rankings). 
I'd kind of like to run an actual race now just to make sure my interpolations are correct about my probably 400 meter times, but there aren't any outdoor races going on for the next few months. I will at least try and run a sub 60 second 400 meter in the next few weeks just in my jogging shoes by myself. If I can run a sub 60 without competition, rest preparation and spikes, I'm reasonably certain I can cut at least 3 seconds off in actual competition with rest preparation and spikes (including a quicker start which I haven't been working on at all)- I've just been starting out slow as to not shock my legs since I'm not really warmed up and it's in the morning and rather cold.
NOV. 12, Thursday, Today, I went over to the track and did only a slight warm up and then ran my first 400 meters in many months. I tried to be careful as I haven't been running any curves. My time was just 65.5 seconds. I will try pushing it harder, and around the curves after 2 or 3 more times. Then I did my full training center routine.
NOV. 14, Saturday, I did the 1.5 course and ran the 320 meters in the same 48.4 seconds.
NOV. 15, Sunday, I went over to the track in the morning and did a few sprints and then ran the 400 meters again. My legs didn't feel warmed up and there was a fair amount of tightness. I ran about the same time, 65.8 seconds. This too is just in my street clothes and in jogging shoes. I'm quite sure I'll be able to run it at least around 3 seconds faster when I feel confident with my knees on the curves after 2 or 3 more times (but I'm not sure if there is 5-6 second difference in my level now even with full effort at this time). However, if I'm not running it at about 60 seconds by about the end of this week, I'll have to admit that I was off on my calculations of what I could do from my 320 meter runs.
NOV. 16, Monday, I did my full training center routine but didn't do any running as I ran out of time and also thought it might be better to lay off running since I just ran on the track yesterday (and started doing the curves which I hadn't been doing for a long time).
NOV. 18, Wednesday, I did my 1.5 mile routine, 320 meters in 49.5 seconds.
NOV. 19, Thursday, I did my training center routine and ran the 3 short sprints in front of our home.
NOV. 21, Saturday, 1.5 mile routine- 320 meters in 48.5 seconds. Everything feels good. I had wanted to go to the track twice this week and run the curves and find out where I really am on the 400 meter dash, but I've just been too busy. Preparing to do an Open House for a listing we have now.
NOV. 22, Sunday,  I went to the track and ran a couple of 100 yard sprints (just running into it without a stationary and quick start which is all I've been doing the last year or so). Then I ran a 400 meter in 64.5 seconds.
NOV. 23, Monday  Did training center routine and just ran a short sprint in front of our house.
NOV. 25, Wednesday. I did the 1.5 mile walk with 500 meter warm up jog and 320 meter run in 49.5 seconds 
NOV. 27, Friday, I did my training center routine and 3 sprints in front of our house.
NOV. 29, Sunday, I did just the 1.5 mile walk as I had done some martial arts etc. the day before and I felt a little stiff.
NOV. 30, Monday, I did my training center routine and just 2 sprints.
DEC. 6, Sunday,  I was just too busy this past week and I also kind of decided to take about a week off which I've heard is good to do every 2 or 3 months.
Anyway, I started up again today and did my full training center routine. Everything felt good and I was even able to do a little more than usual. I had an appointment, so I'll probably do my running tomorrow. 
Dec. 9, Wednesday, I did the 1.5 mile walk/jog with the 320 meters in 52 seconds.
Dec. 10, I did my full training routine and was surprised that I had even more energy and strength than usual. So I increased the repetitions and some weight on a few of my excercises. The 6 day rest not only didn't slow me down, it seems to have actually helped me as the extra strength wasn't just after the rest but this time too.
Dec. 12, Saturday, I did the 1.5 mile walk/jog and easily ran 51 seconds in the 320 meters.
Dec. 13, I ran walk, jogged at the track and then ran a few sprints. They felt good and fairly good form. Then I did the 3 steps (up and down) in 42 seconds and 41 seconds.
Dec. 14, Monday, I went on my first hike with the Outback hiker's club (orientation hike). It was supposed to be 4.5- 5 miles, but ended up being closer to 7 miles. It was interesting and relatively easy. However, I haven't walked any longer than the 1.5 miles walk, jog, run routine I do, so I did start to feel it a little towards the end. But I think it was more from walking over many rocky areas on various angels etc. that I wasn't quite used to.
Dec. 15, Tuesday, I felt a little stiff today, but I did my usual training center routine and ran just 1 short sprints in front of our home.
Dec. 17, I walked the 1.5 miles, but didn't do the jog and run.
Dec. 18, Friday, I did my usual training center routine, but no running as I ran out of time.
Dec. 21, Monday, I've been very busy and not able to do any walking at all. Today, I did my usual training center routine but again ran out of time and didn't do the sprints.
Dec. 27, Sunday. We were down in Las Vegas for a day and a half on Dec. 20th and 21st, and picked up our daughter who came in from Tokyo for the holidays. Then on the 22nd we ran up to Provo for an appointment and stayed at our friends. Then from Dec. 23rd til last night, the 26th, we stayed at my brother's place in Ogden and celebrated with all of our family who were up there during the week. Today, Sunday, I went over and did the full training routine, but didn't do any of the sprints as my back felt slightly off (a slight tightness on the left side that seemed to be slightly impinging on the sciatic nerve when I tried to run).
Dec. 31, Thursday  I did my full training routine and 3 sprints in front of house.

Jan. 2, 2010 Did 1.5 mile walk but only a little 400 meter jog (no real sprinting).
Jan. 4, 2010, Monday, I did my full training center routine and 3 sprints (I felt very good and strong). I also did a little workout with kicking and punches on the heavy bag (actually called Century Bob with life like upper torso).
Jan. 7, Thursday, I actually haven't done anything this week (and as you can see, little last week too). I've just been too busy with work to even do a morning walk. I was supposed to do my training routine today but I'll have to do it tomorrow morning.
Jan. 8, Friday, I did my full training center routine, but just 2 short sprints.
Jan. 12, Tuesday, I did training center routine, but only about 80% of normal as I felt quite tired (I really didn't had to fight to push myself to even go tonight, but at least I did all the excercises even if at a lesser level). No running.
Jan. 14, Thursday, I did the 1.5 mile mile walk with 300 meters only jogging and then after a 5 minute rest I ran the 320 meters in a slow 60 seconds.
Jan. 15, Friday, Tonight, I did the full training center routine at about 90% level, but no time to even sprint again tonight.
Jan. 16, Saturday, this morning I did the 1.5 mile course, 600 meter jog, and 320 meters in 55 seconds (starting to get back my running a little, and hope to have it back under 50 seconds by the end of the month.
Jan. 18, Just 1 mile with slight jog....The fact that I'm even including this shows how little I actually even go for a walk or get any excercise besides just what I'm publishing. It's rather amazing, but the body can maintain a relatively high level from just 2 excercize routines a week and hardly anything else...Though, having said this, I really would like to get out and use my legs more in playing tennis, basketball, skiing etc. (but just walking for walking's sake has never really appealed to me; and I don't really consider it excercise at all-- it seems far too low stress to really be doing much).
....Later today, I forced myself to do my usual training center routine (no sprints).

HEALTH and DIET (Jan.18): The fact that I've even including my little 1 mile walk (above) shows how little I actually even go for a walk or get any excercise besides just what I'm publishing on this blog. It's rather amazing, but the body can maintain a relatively high level from just 2 excercize routines a week and hardly anything else. Though, having said this, I really would like to get out and use my legs more in playing tennis, basketball, skiing etc.
This may not be fully backed up by science (yet?), but the following is my experience and conclusion concerning shorter, more intense training as opposed to endurance type of training: 
To me, just walking has never really seemed like any excercise at all-- it seems far too low stress to really be doing much to improve the body's fitness (unless you're really in terrible shape). As I'd mentioned, in a previous post last month, I went on a 6 mile plus hike for the first time in about 6 months (having never walked more than 1.5 miles during that time, and usually only once or twice a week), and yet, I was able to easily out do all of the other hikers in speed and ease (admittedly, most of them were older than me, but all were seasoned hikers and a few were younger than me too). The only thing that I eventually felt at all was from the uneven path and rocks etc. that we traversed where my legs weren't quite use to the angles.
But what is important here, is that higher, short intensity workouts will not only increase your muscle strength and speed, it will also make it much easier for you to do long endurance type of walks, jogs etc. (even thought you may never do any long endurance training). In fact, I believe my short, but relatively intense 2 time per week training center excercise and weight training do much more for me in easily accomplishing a long hike (or jog) than actually training by doing long hikes or jogs 2 or 3 times a week.
Another example of this is when I trained and only worked on 400 meters and less (seldom ever running more than a 400 meter and usually just running 100 to 200 meters). One day, out of curiousity, I just ran a practise 800 meter by myself and ran and broke my personal best time (and this was during practice without the benefit of the adrenalin and competition that an actual race provides-- I probably could have cut off another 2 or 3 seconds at a track meet).
So just running the shorter, more muscle quickening workouts had actually done more for me than the longer months of training I had done 2 of the training years before when working out for the 800 meter and the mile (and in all 3 of these occasions, I had only worked out a total of about 2 months AND this last time, I was probably spending less overall training time.
So, in conclusion, once you get in somewhat reasonable shape, I would suggest that even in preparation for hikes, and longer distance running, you should do a lot more of the short, quick intensity training than the long, slower endurance type. Basically, your legs get used to running at faster speeds and so jogging and longer distance runs seem slow and easy to your legs (which is the reason you don't necessarily have to even practise walk or run the full distance of your eventual goal).
Of course, if you are into some more serious running competition, I would advise you do a little of the distances you'll actually be running, but just put alot more emphasis on the shorter, quicker, more intense training.

Jan. 20, Wednesday, I did the 1.5 mile course with jog and 320 meters in 54.5 seconds.
Jan. 21, Thursday, I did my usual training center routine and ran 2 short springs (60 meters and about 100 from a running start as usual).
Jan. 23, Saturday, I did the 1.5 mile with a 52.5 second 320 meter.
Jan. 25, Monday, Usual training center routine.
Jan 26, Tuesday, just walked the 1.5 miles with a little jog (no 320 meter run as I felt some pain in my shoulder- and it was very cold).
Jan. 28, Thursday, I did my full training center routine and 2 short sprints in front of our home.
Jan. 30, Saturday morning, I did 1.5 miles, jog, and 320 meters in 51.5 seconds (not quite the 50 seconds I hoped for). But I feel good, so maybe I'll run it again tomorrow morning and possibly get close to the goal I set 12 days ago of 50 seconds which I feel is just a bare minimum starting time for the gradual transition into a little more serious training- more like a baseline time that I should be able to run at any time I'm feeling good- like I could always easily run a sub 60 second 400 meter without any training when I was in my twenties (and in 57 seconds if I really pushed it even not having trained for months).
Jan. 31, Sunday. I walked the 1.5 mile, course, jog and 320 meters in 50.8 seconds  (fairly close to my 50 second goal).
Feb. 1, Monday   Did full training center and 2 sprints.
Feb. 3 Wednesday, I did the 1.5 mile and 320 meters in 51.3 seconds
Feb. 4, Thursday, Full train center routine with 2 short sprints 
Feb. 5, Friday  Finally after 10 p.m. I decided to listen to some energetic music which got me in the mood to excercise a little. So I walked a mile and about 1/2 mile jog on our stationary running machine. Then I worked out on the heavy bag (Century Bob) for about 10 minutes. I felt very good and would have done more but realized I shouldn't over do it and it was getting late.
Feb. 6, Saturday morning, I did the 1.5 mile course with 320 meters in same 51.3 seconds. I didn't feel that energetic when running but I think I will soon be under the 50 second mark after a good rest. 
Feb. 8 Monday, Did training center routine but no time for home excercizes or sprints.
Feb. 10, Wednesday I did 1.5 mile course, with jog and 320 meter in 50.8 seconds.
Feb. 12, Friday, I've been too busy to do much, but did full training center routine, sprints and home excercizes (which I always do but just don't write on this blog- like back, stomach excercizes and pushups, back pushups and squat thrusts). 
Feb. 13, Saturday  I did 1.5 mile with 320 meter in 50.9 seconds.
Feb. 15, Monday  Full training center and home routine with 3 short sprints.
Feb. 17, Wed. 1.5 miles, 320 meter in 50.3 seconds.
Feb. 19, Friday  1.5 miles, run in 52 seconds (there was a fairly strong headwind). Then later in the afternoon I did my full training center and home excercise routine.
Feb. 21, Sunday, 1 mile walk with just a little jog-- the reason I even put in such minimal excercise in these entries is because I literally don't even get out for walks with my busy schedule (and later when I look back on these entries it will remind me of how sedentary I really was as compared to most baby 50 plus people's younger years when we were all out walking, running around and playing for hours and miles every day).
I really do want to start walking around a few miles daily (along with a mile or two of running on our stationary running machine) and maybe getting in a little tennis and basketball once or twice a week. I imagine that my times would also improve just from building up a little more of a base from the extra daily movement (although it is interesting that I can at least maintain my current fitness level with such minimal excercise time-- and that I'm also always in good enough shape enough to easily go on a 6 mile plus hike with no problem, like the one I did at the end of  December with the hiking club, and Angels landing in September with my daughter, easily moving past everyone else).
Feb. 22, Monday, I did the 1.5 miles w/jog and 320m. in 50.8 seconds. Later in early evening, I did my full training center and home routine with the typical 3 short sprints.
Feb. 24, Wed. I did the 1.5 miles and 320m. in 50.5 seconds (can't seem to get under the 50 second mark like I was a few months ago (I'm wondering if it has any relation to not doing the set of single foot toe ups I was doing then- about 100 with each foot including some jumping). Also, I suppose I have to admit that my body has slowed down somewhat as in my 20's I was easily able to just go out and run a sub 60 second 400 meter even when I was only doing the 3 time a week training center routine without doing any running training. Right now, my aprox. 50 second 320 meter would probably translate into about a 63-64 second 400 meter. So I quess I have probably lost about a second per decade on the 400. 
Feb. 25 Thursday morning I did the 1.5 miles routine again with the 320 meters in 50.6 seconds. In the evening I did my usual training center and home excercise routine but no sprints.

Feb. 28, Sunday, I did the 1.5 mile walk, jog with 320 meter run in 51.2 seconds. One thing I can defintely say, is that I'm hardly warmed up at all when I run this 320 meters (being first thing in the morning right after I wake up and still rather cold outside). So I often actually feel like I could run a 2nd 320 meters (with 5 minutes of rest) at a second or two faster time. I think I'll test this out within the next week or so (the only problem might be that I just don't have that much actually running time for my legs yet and they may not be ready for the 2nd run). At any rate, I'm almost certain I could run it faster if warmed up (which, of course,  is why runners always warm up and stretch before doing their actual runs)....

At any rate, IF I'm at all serious about accomplishing some of my running goals by the end of May, I need to start doing a lot more training and running soon (right now I'm only doing minimal maintenance training/running with just the 2 training center routines and usually just three total 320 meter runs a week.
I really do feel great though, and if it weren't for those goals I would be perfectly fine at this fitness level where I never get tired during the day and am able to basically do anything I want (including sudden 6 mile hikes, a little tennis or basketball etc.) without any problem.

March 1, 2010 Monday, I did my 1.5 mile routine w/320 meters at 50.6 seconds. In the evening I did my usual trainingMarch 3, Wednesday, I did my 1.5 mile walk, w/500 meter jog and 320 meters at 51 seconds. In the evening I did my usual training center and home routine and 3 short sprints.
March 4, Thursday, I walked on my treadmill for 1 mile and jogged 1 mile at slow 7 mph pace (it was raining outside and I decided that also, while I'm thinking some things through, or watching the news, I could be walking or slow jogging on the treadmill with very little effort- but it should give my legs a better base than my zero walking besides my actual training).
In the evening I did my usual training, I was feeling uncharacteristically legargic and really lacking motivation, but as usual, I just did one after the other (telling myself I could quit at any time). Also, did my home routine but no sprints.

March 6. 2010 Saturday,  I woke up hungry and remembered that I was hungry too late last night (about 1:30 a.m.) and only having a glass of apple juice before I went to be a little after 2 a.m.
Up at 8:40 a.m. and waited for my sister, her daughter and my mom to come on my 1.5 mile walk, jog, run.
They walked with me to the point where I did my 500 meter jog with 5 minute rest and then ran the 320 meters. Because of the motivation to run fast with people watching, I ran faster than usual. In fact, my time was just 47.5 seconds. 3 seconds off my recent times and 1 second faster than my best last year. So it does seem to prove how big the motivation factor is and my contention that I will probably run at least 3 seconds faster in an actual race-- especially with the spikes, longer rest before the race day and the motivation AND adrenalin of competition. 
So with this 47.5 second 320, I should be able to normally run close to a 60- 61 second now just in practice (maybe with a friend or family member watching), which should translate into a 57-58 seconds in a real competition with all of the additional positive factors. 
And I haven't begun any real training yet. So I hope to be able to knock 3 or 4 more seconds off that and get down to my goal of 53.9 seconds which would be within less than 2 seconds of the world record for the 55- 59 year old group I'll be in as of May.

March 8, Monday,  I walked 1 mile and jogged 1 mile at just 7mph on the treadmill (very easy).
In the early evening I did my full training center routine and home excerize, but only did 2 of the sprints (because I had done 90 reps of 400 pounds on the leg press machine for the first time in about a month of just doing 300 lbs.-- my first set was just 300 lbs. of 70 reps).
March 10, Wed., I did the 2 mile course (added a little) with 1,000 meters of jogging and 320 meter in 50.5 seconds.
March 11, Thursday, I did just a mile walk in the morning. In the evening I did the usual training center routine etc. and the 3 sprints which were fairly quick and my legs felt very good.

March 13- March 31--
I can't believe 20 days have passed since my last entry. I've been so busy I really haven't made the time to write here. And I've only done marginal training. Just my minimal 2 times a week at the training center (and one week I only made it over once, another 2 times I didn't have time to do my sprints afterwards). The once or twice a week when I did the 1.5 miles with jog and 320 meters, the times were relatively slow at around 50.5- 52 seconds.
I'll just start from this week. 
March 29- Training center with everything except the leg presses (because I did them last time and with the 400 pounds for 100 times also, so I felt I could let them go and because of limited time and my motivation being low).
March 31- I did the 1.5 mile routine with jog and 50 second 320 meter-- actually at the end of the jog I was able to ran quite fast for the last 100 meters because I felt pretty good energy and a car was coming up behind me.

It's been 17 days since my last entry and I can't exactly remember all I did.
I do know that I took off 1 full week because I was so busy.
Other than that I did the twice a week training center routine (but even slacked a little twice there from lack of time and didn't do the full weight routine.
I've basically gotten back on schedule this week with 2 training center routines (but not time for the sprints after.).
However I have done the 1.5 mile routine 3 times this week. 1st time was a slower 51.5 seconds for the 320 run, while last time was 50.9 seconds.
Today, April 17- I did the 1.5 mile routine with 49.8 second 320 meter run in the middle.
April 18, Monday, I did the 1.5 mile routine again with 51 second 320 meter. Later I did the usual training center routine but no sprints after.
April 20, Wed. 1.5 mile w/52 seconds.
Apri 21, Thursday, 1.5 mile w/51 seconds. Later, full training center routine and 3 short sprints.
April 23, Saturday, 1.5 mile w/52 seconds.
April 26, Monday, just a 1.5 mile walk (not worth mentioning).
April 28, Wednesday, I did the full training center routine and 3 sprints. It had been 6 days, but I felt 100%.
I've been very busy and just couldn't do training on Monday or Tuesday.
April 30, Friday, 1.5 mile, 320 meter 49.8 seconds. Also, began stretching/yoga somewhat on Thursday and about 30 minutes tonight, as I realized I was very unflexible.

May 1, Saturday, spent almost an hour figuring out and doing yoga routine (3rd day of a month routine from a book).
May 2, Sunday Full training center routine, home excercises and 3 sprints.
May 4, Tuesday, 1.5 miles with 49.8 second 320 meters.
May 5, Wed.  Full training center routine and did some running out at Beaver Dam over our properties.
May 7, Friday  1.5 miles with 49.5 second 320 meters.
Note: I've continued now for 8 days on the Yoga book routine and am starting to see some definite results.
May 9, Sunday   Full training center routine, home excercises and 3 sprints.
May 11, Tuesday  Since I'm now 55 years old, I went to attend the 55 year old plus soft ball at the city soft ball fields. Because it had rained alot, only one other person showed up. We through the ball back and forth for about an hour and then took turns hitting balls to each other for about 30 minutes. 
I probably did too much throwing and batting as I haven't played baseball or softball for a full 40 years (the last time I remember was as an 8th grader where I got pressured into playing catcher and a large 9th grader ran right over me and I broke my left arm)...That was a very bad year for me with a broken leg 6 months earlier in December skiing and then a hernia from weight training again in the following December (3 accidents in just 1 year).
I'm writing this on Friday and I feel fine and really didn't have much effect accept that I could tell I had thrown a little too much with my arm.
May 12, Wednesday 1.5 miles with just a slow 57 second 320 meter run.
May 13,   Thursday, 1.5 miles with slow 58 second run. Then later in the afternoon I did the full training center routine, home excercises and 1 sprint.
NOTE: I have continued doing the Yoga routine and finished my 15th day last night. I am seeing some definite differences in my flexibility. 

Well, it's been over 6 months since my last entry. I remember that I went to practise soft ball for several more times in May, but got a slight back injury when I dove for a ball, and also got busy so I didn't continue beyond May.
We have since moved from our main home that we've rented out, to our 2nd home more out in the country with acreage and views which has been great (and a good simplification and financial decision too).
I just started another periodic happiness/health/self-actualization class and as usual set some goal including health ones.
So I've begun doing a little more training. Of course, I always do my minimal 2 times a week training center routine, home floor excercises and a few short sprints, but I've now added running to it again.
About 3 weeks ago (aprox. Nov. 10th), I began doing some walking and short slow jogging on my tread mill (which is set up on our outside porch with million dollar views).
After a few days, I tried running a mile to see what kind of shape I was in after not having done any running (and hardly even any walking) for over 6 months. About the best I could do was a mile in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. During the next 2 weeks I ran about 3 times a week. 
The next week or Nov. 15 to Nov. 21st, I ran a mile in 6:00 minutes and 9 mph, 6:40 pace for 1.8 miles.
During the week of Nov. 22 to Nov. 28th, I ran a 9 mph pace for a full 3.2 miles (5 kilos). I believe this will soon be my jogging pace, but of course my goal is to quickly get to where 10 mph, 6:00 mile pace is my jogging speed. I consider jogging speed to be a pace that I could keep up for at least 5 miles or preferably to10 kilometers (6.2 miles).
On Nov. 29th, I also ran the 6:00 mile pace for 1.3 miles.
Today, Dec. 2nd, Thursday, I ran the 6 minute mile pace for 1.5 miles.
I, of course, have been doing my regular Tuesday and Friday workouts, consistion of about 45 minutes at the training center with weights like 2 sets up leg presses (400 pounds), 2 other legs excercises and including pullups and 400 toe ups with jumps etc.
Then I always drive home quickly and do the floor excercises (including the 70 back arches, 2 minutes of legs up, and 200 cycle bicycle type leg/stomach excercises as well as 56 push ups etc.). Then the 300 quick leg up walk with 3 short semi-sprints of 50, 70 and 100 meters.
Dec. 3, I did my training center routine but slightly pulled my right calve muscle doing my jumps. So I didn't do much more with leg excercises today, and no running.
Dec. 6, Monday, my calve muscle seemed completely healed, so I ran on the tread mill and did 6:00 mile pace for 1.8 miles (and it seemed less strenuous on my legs than it had when I first did it for 1 mile about 15 days ago.

Feb. 20, 2011
Well, it's been over 2 months have passed since I last wrote.
We have been very busy finishing up on a few small real estate projects and taking care of various problems caused by the bad economy.
I have, of course, continued to do my basic 2 times a week workout for maintaining my basic health and muscle strength etc.
Since the Mesquite Summer games are coming up in April, I'll probably start doing a little more running as I've only been doing the 2 short sprints twice a week. And I'll probably add another purely running workout to my weekly schedule.
I've become more and more of a minimalist over the years, and only like to do just the absolutely minimal effective  excercises to maintain a high level of health and good shape.
I've had remarkably good results from my short routines and even with a mostly sedentary life of sitting at my computer, or just minimal walking from the car to appointments, I am still able to run quickly, jump well, and even run longer distances when necessary as my legs are very strong and don't get at all tired even with longer slow running. The 15 minute stationary bicycle riding I do during my bi-weekly workouts is helpful for some of my endurance.
However, I think for a little better cardiovascular health, I will add a couple of miles, twice a week on the treadmill as I enjoy looking out at our great views above the Virgin river.
Look for my workouts in the near future (and maybe another new entry or two on "Health and Diet").

Feb. 22, 2011 I just did my usual training center routine, but didn't have time to do my usual floor routine when I got home.

Feb. 25, Friday  Usual training center routine. I am now fairly well established with my recent increased weight with the leg presses and leg curls (leg press 400 pounds X 60 reps and 500 pounds X 40 reps, the leg curls 160 and 175 pounds X 12 and back leg curl of 125 and 140 pounds X 12). Also, free weight 80 lb. over head press 12 times is relatively easy now. All other excercises are basically the same as for the past 5 years (like 10-12 pull ups X 2, 400 toe ups with 60 to 100 jumps etc.).
I've only been doing very minimal stretching about 3 times a week for 5 minutes or so.

March 1, Tuesday- Did my usual training center routine but I was literally so busy I couldn't do my usual floor excercises at home nor any stretching (lately just 3 times a week of about 5 minute stretching as I've been putting in 16 hours plus/day of work). Still not able to seriously start training for the April 9th, Mesquite summer games (and there's a chance I may have to go to Tokyo before that so my motivation has been diminished).

March 4, Friday, I did my full routine of training center and floor excercises.

May 3, 2011 Tuesday
I haven't written for a couple months as we've had a lot going on with try to get my happiness/business coaching going along with some problems like the flood that hit a couple of our properties by Mesquite and the earthquake in Japan which caused some financial difficulites with our apartments in Tokyo etc. But throughout it all, in accordance with my own happiness advice, I have kept myself surprisingly upbeat (happy) and healthy.
As always, I have continued doing my twice a week excercise routines (although not much time spent on running or any stretching or martial arts like I often did before).
I'm still in great shape and in fact, I've even increased a number of weights including the 100 leg presses that I now do at 500 pounds, along with about a 10% overall increase in other weight training excercises (my pullups have now easily increased to 2 sets up from 12 to 15 reps and I've easily increased my full pushups from 56 to 60). I've also noticed that I'm even faster running short sprints up the hills by our place as every morning for about 5 minutes I've been taking our dog out for a short walk beyond the hill we sit on in our backyard (and I'm usually in a hurry and quickly run up the steep hill coming back).
Now that my time has been freed up a little from yesterday, I just started doing a little more with stretching and working out on "Century Bob" (the heavy human torso punching stand).
So I should be able to make more regular entries from now.
May 10th, Tuesday: I did my full training center routine today as I did last friday too.
I have added some more repetitions on some of my excercises. I have also been doing a little more stretching which is gradually improving. I've had a few good workouts this past week on Century Bob. I seem to be making good progress and my punches and kicks in particular are becoming stronger and more fluid (I'm also adding some chokes and we'll soon be working on some other jiujitsu techniques and possibly start attend a martial arts class in Mesquite within a couple of weeks).
May 11th: I did some light kicking, punching and a few more sprints. I'm also gradually starting to work more seriously towards some jumping to begin stuffing at least a soft ball and then towards a basketball again within a few months.I've also been doing a little ball throwing with our dog instead of just using the ball thrower (already easily throwing over the 170 foot distance).
I should mention I've just turned 56 and although I felt great last year and the years before, I must say that I feel even better than a few years ago now (and, of course, mentally and emotionally I've continued to improve). I say this because I think so many people feel and act older because they buy into the belief that they are quickly getting older and that they should be significantly slower, less muscle mass etc. I don't beleive that and look to animals in the wild who are still very fast and in shape during middle age. I honestly don't think I've lost an ounce of muscle mass (other than just the difference of not doing as many sets of weights and longer workouts like I did in my twenties). I also seem to have retained my speed. The only real difference I notice is my flexibility, which was never my strong point (and I never really felt like I needed it that much to do all the sports and things I needed to do). But the only reason I am less flexible now seems to just be from a much more sedentary life style. Now that I've started stretching a little again, it seems to be coming back fairly quickly considering that I'm still only spending minimal time (but at least for over a week now I've been doing about 5 to 10 minutes of stretching every day and plan to continue daily until I get to my desired flexibility).
May 14, Saturday. I did my usual training center routine. The floor excercises and a few sprints at my parents home (which I usually do as I come in from our home 30 minutes away every Tuesday and Friday to use the training center in St. George and for classes etc. I have here).
I also continued my daily stretching and fight training every other day. 
And although I wouldn't really categorize it as excercise (at least for me), I've begun private dance lessons once or twice a week, and am practicing various swing steps about 5 minutes a night.
May 17, Tuesday. I did my usual training center routine and added 100 reps each for single leg toe ups and jumps (which I had been doing last year). I also tried an extra set of just 5 reps of increased weight (100 pounds) on the free weight military overhead press (it's great not having any uncomfortableness in my left shoulder like a few years ago, but I'll still just increase slowly). I'm also at a fairly easy 20 reps each at 175 pounds and 140 pounds on the leg extension and curl machines (quads and hamstrings)
May 19, Thursday, I observed a Tai Kwando class at the city training center but I wasn't impressed. I may have to find the former professional fighter I was going to take from last year for some personal lessons and practice. Afterwards, I practiced basketball for about an hour and was pleasantly surprised when a young kid who'll be playing for Utah Valley University was impressed enought that he asked me if I'd played college ball. I'll probably play with him and a group that meets there for games every Monday and Wednesday. This is another reason I've started to stretch more regularly and upping my workouts a little. 
May 20, Friday. I did usual training center routine with everything the same except I was feeling a little tired today. I think it may be from the basketball yesterday and upping my workouts a little to where I've actually gained a pound or two of muscle. As I'd mentioned before, I'm desiring to get back a little into the martial arts and also playing some basketball.
May 22, Sunday (yesterday I just relaxed after spending a few hours staining our deck in back). Today, I took our half lab half german shepherd dog out for his usual walk and ball throwing, and later ran a couple of aprox.100 yard sprints with him (guess who always wins ha). But I did feel like I was running a pretty fast pace especially considering it was a somewhat slippery gravel road.
NOTE: I just noticed that I'm getting close to 3,000 hits a month on my blog now. I'll try to include some information that might be more helpful.
One thing that I'll hint on now but write in more detail later, is that your mental has a powerful influence on your health, motivation and even the way your body responds.
I have long thought my body was only 60% of my age and I've been fortunate to have actually been largely able to accomplish that. But you can also sometimes seemingly reverse your age with a different mentality and increased vigor/efforts... I'm actually still believing that my body can actually improve for another 4 years until I'm 60. Even if there is a slight aging during these years, I feel I can in effect be younger (and definitely in much better shape) with some methods and mentality that I'm working on. We'll see how it works in the months and years to come as I plan to get more motivated-- and possibly start more seriously working towards some of my physical goals (especially running goals in the 100 meters through the mile- hoping for world records at all of them in the 60 to 64 years age group).
Since I also teach happiness and self-actualization lessons, I know a lot about motivation and how to shape one's life towards their goals. Sometimes I use rather unorthodox approaches, but they are almost always very effective.
May 24, Tuesday. I did my regular training center routine, but was too busy to do my usual floor routine when I get home (which consists of 20 squat thrusts, 2 minutes of stationary back arch laying on my stomach, 80 back flexes, 30 shoulder/neck arches, 400 bicycle steps on back, 50 small stomach crunches, 60 push ups, running excercises and 3 sprints)
Monday and Wednesday I went to the Mesquite recreation center and practiced basketball for about 45 minutes each time (still couldn't get anyone to play basketball with me-- either they were too tired, had an injury, or in the case of the Fire and Rescue workers who were actually playing full court basketball, they said the city wouldn't allow them to play with others because of insurance issues/potential law suits-- what a ridiculous world we live in!).
May 27, Friday. I did the full training center routine, usual at home floor excercise and sprints.
I should also mention that I've stretched every night for over 3 weeks now. I was only doing 5 minutes or so, but the last 3 nights I've increased it to about 15 minutes.
May 28, Saturday. Practiced basketball again- this time, no one of a level that I even wanted to play with. Also, I've been disappointed with the 3 different martial arts classes I've observed as they just don't seem to be realistically taught and the level of even the higher ones seems to be more just about particular techinques rather than the whole package of fighting etc. (for example, teaching particular kicks but no training on how to do them without telegraphing the kick to your opponent-- and no seeming concerned about where hands are for defense, over emphasis put on getting into exact stances etc. which are often unnecessary and even counter productive, or any type of realistic response back from their training after each movement etc.-- just a lot of practice with likely little effective results in the real world)...
Well, speaking about real world, I'm also starting to learn Spanish (just bought a dictionary and verb book, audio tapes, and a CD rom program). I'll start studying in earnest today. It will be interesting to see how well I've chosen my programs (buying the "Instant Immersion" program instead of Rosetta Stone), how I study and apply them (concentrating significantly on just recognizing the common words first and being able to hear them, and then on conversation and grammar) -- and finally how quickly my hearing and speaking improve from absolutely zero (never once having even tried speaking spanish to a native speaker- not even my "como usta usted?" mui bien, buenos dias, etu, and the numbers 1 through 7, which is all I remember from 6th grade- embarassing!). From listening to the audio in the car yesterday I did realize there are a fair number of spanish words that can probably be recognized that are similar to english like telephono, no comprendo, and the ones we always hear like seniorita, names of food, and close sounding words like concierto, intellihentia etc.
So I'll probably include a little update on my spanish progress with my entries (and maybe about my improvement in dance, singing, piano and martial arts which I'm also now working on). Hopefully, that will make this blog a little more interesting, and maybe inspire you to accomplish various personal goals including some you've always wanted to do.
May 31, Tuesday-- Just the usual training center routine etc. (felt a little tired and did less weight on some excercises). But have continued stretching daily.
June 3, Friday --- Same routine of training center, floor excercises and a few sprints (need to pick things up more in preparation for the 100 and 200 meter dashes in the Utah summer games in less than 3 weeks).
June 5, Sunday-- I ran 3 sprints. Monday I walked and jogged about a mile only.
June 7, Tuesday-- Did full routine but not enough time for sprints.. I've been quite busy and less motivated on my studying of spanish etc. so I must figure a way to motivate myself more. My daughter called from Tokyo and will begin studying in ernest (buy books etc.) from this week.
June 10, Friday-- Full routine including 3 short sprints.
June 13, Monday-- Practiced basketball shooting and a few routines (including working on my left hand skills)
June 14, Tuesday-- Full routine but only 2 short sprints.
June 16, Thursday-- Went to the high school track in Mesquite and ran a few hundred meter dashes (one of them mostly all out but a run into starts only).
June 17, Friday-- Fully routine but just 1 short, slow sprint.
June  19, Sunday-- I did about 3/4 mile walk with slight jogging in between (this just shows how little running I am actually doing yet I do feel great and my shape is as lean and shapely as it's ever been).
You really can get by on very minimal time spent for excercise if you're eating right and getting sufficient sleep.
June 21, Tuesday-- Just a partial training center routine as I plan on running the 100 meter and 200 meter dashes at the Utah Summer game this Friday. So I did my middle and upper body but much less on my legs.
June 22, Thursday, I just did a little walk and a few small 50 meters at jogging pace.
June 23, Friday, I ended up just running the 100 meter dash but ran so slow that I decided not to run the 200 meter dash. We had a very strong wind blowing against us and a 20 minute delay just before our heat which ended up throwing any benefit of the warm out the door from waiting. When I ran it felt like a warm up sprint with my legs not kicking into high gear, and I wasn't even tired when I ran across the finish line and felt I could have continued another 100 meters at that slow pace. Despite that, I did actually take 1st place out of the 5 of us who competed in the 55 to 59 year old group (and about the only thing that allowed me not to feel so bad was that I beat a African-American athlete who was a top former collegiate competitor in the long jump and triple jump which of course requires good speed-- and he still often wins national competitions in our age group). Both of us were very disappointed with our two top times.
The only other thing that made me not feel so bad was that everyone else was quite serious about the race and, of course, wore spikes; and some had sleek racing suits. I just came in my shorts and running shoes without spikes AND I just did a standing start as I hadn't had any time to practice them and I didn't want to chance an injury especially since I had a slight pull in my right leg (quad).
Afterwards, I did some shopping and then did my full training center routine as I wasn't at all tired.
I know I've got to do a lot more base running in order to really pick up my times, because I wasn't able to get nearly warmed up enough because I never do anything more than 2 or 3 short semi-sprints twice a week (at much slower than race speed). So even a  normal warm up leading up to a typical race would be much more than my actual training-- and of course, you have to get your legs trained at close to racing speed. I'll need to start going to the track rather than just running these on the gravel road by our home or the short incline road by my parents.
July 17, Sunday,  Well, it's been over 3 weeks. I've continued doing my twice a week workouts as usual. I haven't done anything extra as I've been writing my happiness book for America, giving some happiness speeches, working on an upcoming happiness course I'll be teaching in August (and gathering students) as well as my usual real estate work etc. 
I did start using the tread mill again tonight (walked .8 miles and ran .7 miles at a slow 8 mph pace). I'll probably quickly build that up to 10 mph pace for 2 or 3 miles a couple times a week (just for an average base)... I figure I CAN make the time as I do spend at least an hour a day on the patio enjoying the views (which I can also do from our treadmill that's set up out there facing the Virgin river view).
July 19, Tuesday. Did usual workout routine, but no sprinting as I seem to have a slightly pulled muscle again in my right quad muscle (very slight but I don't want to agravate it).
July 22, Friday, I just looked at the stats for my blog and was very surprised to find out I've had 31,038 direct hits in the past 12 months.
Today, I also did my regular routine but more of a fast jog with my sprints to be careful with the slightly pulled muscle.
August 2, Monday. I didn't workout for the past 11 days as I took my mother with me to a conference on the University of Utah campus for 5 days and also visited with my brother. There just wasn't enough time in each day with all that was going on and the many interesting talks etc. Also, I like to give my body about a 1 week rest every 2 or 3 months anyway.
Today I did my regular routine and actually had more energy them usual (I'm sure from the long rest), and was able to do almost all of my excercises at 100%. I really didn't lose anything.
I did just 2 semi-fast sprints but still want to be a little careful.
August 6, Saturday, I did my usual routine again, and I'm completely back to normal. It's even surprising to me that I don't seem to really decline at all even when taking off 11 days and then not doing my next routine until 4 days later.
August 24, Wednesday
I've been extremely busy and a lot of heavy difficulties I've been working through, but I did at least the minimal on my twice a week workouts (although I was too busy to do the floor routine and sprints for a few times, and I wanted to make sure a slightly pulled thigh muscle was completely healed). Also, I looked into starting up my real estate business in Las Vegas again last week so I didn't workout for a week until yesterday. 
Despite that, my workout yesterday went just fine and with all of the usual amounts of weights etc. A week off doesn't really seem to hurt me at all, and I always stay the same weight too. It's become amazingly easy to maintain my current level of fitness and muscle tone (which is very good not only for my own age, but even for someone in their 20's). 
I think a lot of this has to be attributable to my mentality of thinking of myself as 60% of my age as well as eating mostly organic foods and a good variety of vegetables and fruits daily as well as eating plain organic rice in place of breads over 1/2 the time. I also listen to my body so well that it is always full of energy and just plain functions extremely well all over.
I probably do other little subtle things that I don't even think about but I'll have to analyse that more. I do now try and get out first thing in the morning for at least 5 or 10 minutes of sunshine regardless of how busy I am, and I'm trying to make that into at least that long of a morning walk.
I might also mention that because of all I was trying to do, and my friend/business partner dropping down for a few days and going to Las Vegas etc., that I was running on about 4 hours of sleep for several days along with the stress of some things I'm working through right now which I might mention later so you'll know how comparatively well I'm actually going through this. 
Anyway, rare for me, I actually caught a cold and streph throat. I was quite disappointed that it actually caught hold as almost always, even when I feel something coming on, I can stop it. And especially this time I was hoping to not catch hold as I was planning on telling the participants in my 3 day Happiness course about how I hadn't had colds etc. for over 2 years and rarely over the past 12 years. Anyway, with the lack of sleep and extra stress and business, it did catch on. It was the kind that for most people really hurts in the throat and often goes into the ears as well as deep into the lungs and often lasts for a few weeks or longer. I'm familiar with it because I've had it before while others in my family and friends had it. But I get over it very quickly. It only took 3 days, from Thursday afternoon until Sunday evening when the last of the yellow/greenish flem was gone (while I know others had it for weeks).
So, apparently, I really have built up a strong immune system and some healthy habits that really lesson the impact if and when I rarely get sick.
Later, I'll probably talk in more detail about what I do in these instances every year or two when I do sometimes briefly get sick.

Sept. 6, Tuesday, As usual, I've continued doing my twice a week training routine. I am also making sure to do about a 10 minute walk (with a few jog/sprints along the way) every morning and almost every night.
I feel good, toned and healthy all over with great energy etc.

Jan. 1, 2012
I've continued being extremely busy the past few months taking care of finances (and a divorce).
I still have continued doing my regular workout twice a week, but not much else except my short daily morning walk and a few short sprints a couple times a week. However, physically I still feel great and haven't really lost anything. 
I just started adding a 1 mile plus run on my tread mill about once a week the past few weeks starting at 8 miles per hour for a mile or so. So tonight I wanted to see what basic aerobic shape I was in and ran over 2 miles at a 9 mile per hour pace (2 miles in 13 minutes and 20 seconds). It was quite easy and I could have ran over 3 mile but I had other things to do. I'll probably run 1 mile at 10 mph pace in the next several days to make sure I'm at least capable of a 6 minute mile pace even without having done any real running training. If it's as usual during the last 20 years I should be able to run under a 6 minute mile pace even not having trained.It's always been the case that without any real running that I can always at least run under a 6 minute mile and under a 60 second 400 meters. Of course, with a couple of months of training, without injuries, I should be able to take the mile down to under 5 minutes and the 400 meters to under 55 seconds. Last time I officially ran the 400 meters in a meet in 2006 I only ran 57 seconds but that was because I had a pulled thigh muscle, had to do a standing start and even ran without spikes to be easier on my legs- and on top of that there was an over 20 mph head wind that was strongest coming into the final turn which always makes for slower times. I feel I could have easily ran under 55 seconds or even 54 seconds that day had my leg and the wind been better (and with spikes). I may try again this year or just wait until I turn 60 and will really have a competitive advantage in my age group which would then be the 60 to 64 years old bracket. My goal then would definitely be for a world record and I would start training at least several months before. 
Well, we'll find out how easy the 6 minute mile is this week, and if my body has aged any (I really don't think it's any different now than in 2006 when I first started this blog and I was basically doing the same thing just starting to check my mile times then too, except this time I am more busy and haven't been doing as much training as then).

Jan. 14, 2012 Saturday
Well I've been very busy the past couple of weeks and only got 1 workout in this past week. Basically everything pretty much stays the same now even when I only do 1 workout which is quite surprising. But I'll try to always do 2 workouts if possible. I've continued doing my short half mile walk with my dog which I try to do every morning but only a few times a week the past 2 weeks. During this walk I do 3 sprints (actually more of just a fast run pace of two 50 meters and one 180 meters at about 30 second pace). The pace of these runs depends on how I feel that day.
I hadn't run on the treadmill again until tonight, but I was able to run 1.3 miles at 10 mph (6 minute mile pace) quite easily. I really don't notice any difference whatsoever from 6 years ago when I began this; and I'm doing less running. So I must be doing somethings very right having to do with my health and body condition. I feel I could easily get my mile down to under 5 mnutes in less than 2 months of relatively easy training (probably just 3 times a week of a mile or two on the tread mill and occasional run on the road or track). 





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